Recently Chris Brogan posted 50 Ideas on Using Twitter for Business and gave a lot of thought to the ways businesses use Twitter.

Idea #15 of his says: Follow interesting people. If you find someone who tweets interesting things, see who she follows, and follow her.

Here are a few interesting Small Business Tweeters worth following:

Stephen Baker's take on Why Twitter Matters also makes a great read.  He explains further why Twitter is a great tool for businesses: 

"Here's why I'm looking. In the last few months, the traffic on Twitter has exploded, growing far beyond its circles of bleeding-edge tech enthusiasts and hard-core social networkers."

So, whether you are a big business or a small business; Twitter is a tool that every business can benefit from. If you want to get updates on the Small Business Blog, follow @DellSmallBiz. You can also find Kara (@kara_atDELL) and I (@Robert_P_atDell) on Twitter, tweeting about Dell, Small Business and Social Media.