Ubuntu 8.04 Offering—Technical Details

Ubuntu 8.04 Offering—Technical Details


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Ubuntu 8.04 Offering—Technical Details

I'd like to follow up our Ubuntu 8.04 post with a quick update on the technical details for what we have added with this release. We have continued to build and improve upon on what we did for our Ubuntu 7.10 offering, and here are some of the highlights:

  • We have added Fluendo GStreamer codecs for mp3, wma, and wmv playback. This will allow you to play media of those types in your favorite media player on the system. These codecs are in addition to the LinDVD DVD player application that we're continuing to offer as a standard part of every Ubuntu 8.04 system.
  • Biometric fingerprint readers are now supported on the XPS laptops. We have all of the necessary software installed and ready to use; you just have to easily configure the software to recognize your fingerprint.
  • ATI Graphics options are available on the Inspiron 530n, and will also be available on the Studio 15n. We're using the close-source fglrx driver to give full OpenGL support
  • HDMI audio output is now supported with NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards, so you'll now be able to output both audio and video to your home A/V equipment. As many of you know for HDMI, the audio output is directed out what is essentially an HDMI video port, so the graphics drivers need to know how to interact with the audio controller. We worked with both NVIDIA and ATI to get their graphics drivers to work with the HDMI ports on our systems, and we find HDMI to work well with both. Unfortunately, HDMI audio does not yet work with Intel graphics cards.

I'll add more in a few weeks once we start selling The XPS 1530n and Studio 15n with Ubuntu 8.04.


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  • Congratulations on shipping Hardy. 

    I chose to buy a Vostro because they are higher quality, and at the time cheaper than the Ubuntu Inspirons. The Vostros have largely the same hardware as the Inspirons, that I figured would be well supported with Ubuntu. 

    I didn't want Windows or its associated tax, but Dell doesn't offer a mechanism to opt out. As a consolation prize, will Dell offer Fluendo and LinDVD licenses for users of Ubuntu on other Dell laptops that didn't want Windows in the first place?

  • Colin, it's a hassle, but you can get a refund on the preinstalled Windows.  See http://www.linux.com/articles/59381

  • I like the codecs and the fingerprint scanner move (hope that doesn't require too much setup though), but the ATI graphics kind of sorry me.

  • I second colinnwn's comments. It would be really good if you could offer this in Australia.


  • The Open Source commitment by Dell Rocks! Thank you for supporting Ubuntu!

  • Why are there no discussions about Dell-made printers compatible with PCs loaded with Ubuntu? Since 2002 I've asked Dell to give us linux drivers so the AIO Photo 922 Printer could be used with a linux operating system. Sadly no one answered American International Unviersity's call. Now, it is only the Japanese universities that are being asked to tell about the fast downloads that are feasible using linux.

  • Today, We searched your inventory. no Dell printers are being sold with PCs loaded with ubuntu. Our American International University research significantly higher number of student lead versus teacher lead learning outcomes. The test performance in those schools where a need exists for every student has access to a computer is also significantly higher. Across the Nation, visits to such schools reveal the students  are excited  about their learning experiences.  It comes from a combination of community, teacher, parent, student and sponsers. Dell has fallen behind and recklessly failed to get involved in the "computer for every student thrills". Now that it has an OS on select PCs, it should be feasible to offer lower cost systems. Only if Dell commits itself to the efforts will it experience a return on investments from education.

  • The legal status of bundling and shipping proprietary drivers for NVIDIA and ATI graphics cards with the Linux kernel is uncertain due to the likelihood of infringing the GPL. It would therefore be best for DELL could convince the chip makers to develop open source drivers (as ATI has already started to do with the RadeonHD driver) that DELL can legally ship pre-installed on your systems.

  • Hi there. Have all the problems with recording sound been solved? I've had no end of trouble with recording on my Inspiron 9400.

    And I agree with the above post about lack of printer support. It has to be imporved.

  • Hi,

    Any particularly good reason why your not shipping in Australia? Your only making your market segment smaller but not doing so ..




  • You guys rock!

    I bought an inspiron 1420n, and I'm trying to do as much advertising for you guys as I can.

    Keep up the awesome work :)

  • Good work Dell. Having codecs and all hardware working out of the box is very important. I am waiting to buy one but can't. Release them in

    Australia..... please.

    Keep improving the Ubuntu PC's.





  • Well done, Dell and Ubuntu! The Inspiron 1525 with Ubuntu 8.04 I received recently for about €550 is hands down the best overall Linux experience I’ve ever had on a PC. Finally, this is a package that feels like a no-compromise end-user alternative to the standard Windows offerings. Literally everything is working out of the box, including wireless, hibernation, webcam, BIOS updates, 3D desktop, multimedia keys...

    The only gripes I have is the sound which is too low, and that I cannot throttle down the CPU (kernel module acpi-cpufreq does not load).

  • Thank you for supporting open source alternatives.

  • I bought a system 76 to support the little guy but I was definatly considering a dell.  I will be in the market for a desktop after I see a large technology shift like usb 3 or esata or something equally profound.

  • I bought a 1420n with Ubuntu, upon receipt a month ago I upgraded to 8.04 using Synaptic, I am extremely pleased with my purchase.

    Way to go Dell!


  • Will you be offerning the Studio 17 with Ubuntu anytime soon?

  • Please don't use Foxconn motherboards in any of you products, especially on laptops. Foxconn is deliberately sabotaging Linux by having the BIOS detect Linux at boot time and feed it bogus ACPI data that crashes the kernel:



  • I bought a Dell XPS M1330 with Windows Vista 6 months ago. I live in Sweden, and here we don't have the option to buy Dell computers with Ubuntu pre-installed. Fortunately, you provide Reinstallation media for download, so that's what I went for. I installed 7.10 and dist-upgrade to 8.04 when it was released. Hopefully you'll do the same with 8.04, but could you please clarify what differs between the Reinstallation media you provide for download, and the pre-installed version? I think it's reasonable to assume that LinDVD and Fluendos codecs won't be included. What else do I need to know?

  • Sounds like Dells Linux engineering team have come through again. All be it a little late. But late is better than never and the details provided here look good. Now is there an ISO I can down load?

    I've tried to update to Hardy twice now and it keeps getting stuck configuring some stupid language pack I don't actually nedd.

  • Hi Dell,

    please release them in Brazil !!!

    Best Regards,



  • I clicked over from a Computerworld article. Hope this is a good place for my comment.

    I bought a Inspiron 1420 in August of 2007. Other than the extreme heat it produces, I think it's a great laptop that has been crippled by Vista. I would love for Dell to have a truly user friendly Linix ready for my next laptop. One that would make my transition from Windows pretty smooth and not frustrating. Go Dell. Your my best hope. Otherwise, I'll have to take a long look at Apple. I just don't have much hope in Windows 7.

  • Well done on getting Hardy out there for Linux consumers.

  • hi,

    just two notes about my "dell studio 15 and debian linux" experience

    it's a long story i'll write on a web page some day.

    now, we need real support for the wireless card broadcom 4322

    0c:00.0 0280: 14e4:432b (rev 01)
        Subsystem: 1028:000d

    the ndiswrapper kludge is too crappy!

    Dell, tell broadcom to do it right and giveaway the specs!




  • mich said:

    Well done, Dell and Ubuntu! The Inspiron 1525 with Ubuntu 8.04 I received recently for about €550 is hands down the best overall Linux experience I’ve ever had on a PC. Finally, this is a package that feels like a no-compromise end-user alternative to the standard Windows offerings. Literally everything is working out of the box, including wireless, hibernation, webcam, BIOS updates, 3D desktop, multimedia keys...


    My laptop is also Dell Inspiron 1525 preloaded with windows vista home premium. I have installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my dell Lappy. Everything is working fine except WIRELESS. It is working well in windows vista.

    mich, can u please upload the wireless drivers for for Ubuntu 8.04.

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 came with Dell  Wireless card.

    Thanks in advance....