Revamped Awards & Reviews Site on

Revamped Awards & Reviews Site on


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Revamped Awards & Reviews Site on

It's clear from any number of studies out there that customers trust what they hear from friends, family members, or someone they consider and expert more than what they hear from a company. It's also clear that most folks use the Internet to research products quite a bit when they are ready to purchase something like a computer that will be used daily for quite some time.

Product reviews tend to be a source of information for customers when they are deciding between . Anne B. Camden just published a post to discuss two recent awards for the XPS 420 and XPS 730 desktops. Speaking of awards, yesterday we launched a new Awards & Reviews site on Of course, it features the latest third-party reviews of Dell products, but lots of folks worked to make it more than just a static page with links and logos. Hopefully, one thing you'll notice is that we tried to make it an intuitive visual experience. You can click on specific products if you have already narrowed your search or can see whole categories of systems.

Beyond that, we wanted to make it more interactive by doing a couple of things: integrating product reviews from customers who own the product and videos from Dell employees who share their opinions of products. Regular readers of Direct2Dell have heard me blog about user ratings and reviews. They are significant because in my mind it represents a small first step in integrating community elements into I've been a big believer in Jeremiah's concept of the Irrelevant Corporate Website. To me, it makes sense that companies that do the best job of blending  customer and community feedback with the traditional e-commerce functionality  that we've all grown accustomed to will have a significant edge over competitors. Though we're still in the early stages of things  and have much work to do, we'll keep working toward that goal.

Dell Awards & Reviews

I hope this site gives you a reason to spend some research time the next time you're looking to buy a system. You can check it out by clicking on the image above or by going to


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  • WOW!  Dell did a great job implimenting my idea.

    Your next task, if you choose to accept it....


  • Richard,

    I'm apologize for the experience you received at Dell. I have sent you an email requesting additional information so I can pass this along to another group.


  • Richard,

    I'm sorry to hear of your experience. I have sent you an email for additional information. Hopefully we can resolve this issue.


  • I have 4 Dell computers. Until resently everything was great. Now whenever I call either someone hangs up or ransfers me to Customer care who in return transfer me back to tech. support. I send about 2 hours and finally give up.

    Its time to send the computers back to Mr Dell, as for him customer have no meaning. Its a shame.

    Disappointed, (if any one cares)



  • Just recently i purchased two labtop computers, and dell shipped it Aug 10th. My husbands labtop froze up and so we called to return it after owning for two weeks, now they won't return his computer because they have a 21 day return policy from the time that they ship it. So everytime i call, i get hung up on or they send me to tech support which already helped me but computer still not working right. They don't help me when i call, they just say no return. I've never had such bad customer service in my life. Now i'm stuck w a credit card bill with dell that has over 1000 dollars on it and own a broken computer that i've had for only two weeks.