A little over 5 years ago, Ryan Rugroden recognized the need to better leverage information technology to assist in the designing and redesigning of customers’ dream homes. Taking it upon himself to keep up with the latest in home design software, Ryan knew he could serve customers in a way that truly differentiated him from his competition. With this realization, Ryan founded Rugroden Drafting & Design.

“We don’t live in a 2D world, so why settle for a 2D house plan,” said Ryan. “I always tell my customers, you wouldn’t spend thousands of dollars on a car just by looking at the manufacturer’s plans, so why wouldn’t you also test drive your new home?” 

Rugroden Drafting & Design uses Softplan, architectural design software, to turn a customer’s requests, thoughts and ideas into a fully-rendered, 3D “virtual” home with detail right down to the interior design. Ryan and his customers can sit at his computer and take a virtual walk through their future home, provide and gather feedback and see instant modifications.

Because the average consumer finds traditional house plans to be extremely complex, Ryan found an unmet need in the custom home building market. “I have found over the past 16 years of designing peoples dream homes that 95 percent of them do not fully understand a floor plan.” With this insight, Ryan has capitalized on his tech-savvy skills to cater to customers in a unique way that helps him better meet their needs, compete and grow his business.

If you are in the construction industry and have questions for Ryan or are a consumer in the market for a home drafting and design firm specializing in 3-D design, please comment here or contact Ryan directly.