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Linux Discussion with Computerworld

Several of us here at Dell sat down last week with Todd Weiss from Computerworld to discuss our Ubuntu Linux program. Todd's article from that discussion can be found here.

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  • New markets, bring it on!

    Australia pleeeeaaaase. 

    How about a ultra-portable like the eeePC with Ubuntu pre-loaded or a product with Ubuntu Mobile. 

  • +1 for Australia.  Have recently purchased 3 XP desktops from Dell (for work - specific windows software) and want a lappie for home with Ubuntu.  Pioneer Computers in Australia offer it, why can't Dell.

  • I am another Australian who would like to buy a laptop with Ubuntu (without Windows and with legal DVD playback). Why is this not available here?


  • John,

    I'm purchasing a Vostro 1500 tomorrow, and I will immediately delete Windows and put Ubuntu on it.  I wouldn't buy this computer if it wasn't for Dell's support of Linux on the desktop, and that it is so well documented how to get everything working on this model.

    I feel bad this isn't giving credit (and a sale) directly where its due (your team), and instead it will go down as yet another Windows XP sale.  Hey, at least it is not a Vista sale, I'd have serious ethical issues about that.  But the Vostro hardware, while similar to Inspirons is also significantly better and a little cheaper, and the Ubuntu XPS is out of my price range.

    Is there anything else I can do to signal my support more accurately to the Dell Corporate Machine?


  • Any chance Hardy Heron will come preinstalled any time soon? 

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