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Lightning Rod: XPS, The Next Generation—Hard Drive Configurations

As you may have noticed, the masthead of IdeaStorm has changed again.  A new lightning rod is up today, thanks to Dell's gaming desktop team. 

The team is making decisions on what HDD configuration options to offer from the factory in our next-generation gaming desktop system. As you look at the options we have posted on Dell Community Forum, please share your thoughts on the configurations that interest you from a gaming perspective and why. The gaming desktop HDD survey will be live from Monday, February 18 to Monday, February 25.  Our gaming desktop development team will be joining the conversation on the comment threads, as necessary.

As a reminder, the purpose of the lightning rods is to get specific feedback from the entire community about current and future Dell products and services. This feature is how we propose our own ideas on issues we are facing or decisions we are making and, hear what the community has to say about them.

Lightning rods are intended to entice new IdeaStorm members, and produce higher participation rates in the community based on topics of interest. Defined deadlines are sometimes set to best capture the community's initial interest.  The lightning rods will always involve a specific issue for which Dell customer feedback. 

If you're new to IdeaStorm, be sure to read about how the site works, then get yourself registered and you can start voting and commenting on ideas.

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  • Good use of IdeaStorm. Well done Dell. 

  • Too bad it won't let me complete it!!!  It says it will be done by email, I click OK and nothing happens.

     I still think Dell needs to do focus groups with us on some of these things instead of surveys.  Building a better desktop has much more to it than just hard drives.

  • two 10k raptors in Raid/0, either 74 or 150gb, should be the base. Bump to 4X74 or 150 for the really speedneedy. Need I say more?

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