Latitude XT Details

Latitude XT Details


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Latitude XT Details

Lots of folks have been waiting for us to release more details on the Latitude XT Tablet PC. My first brief post about it has received more than 400 comments and has gone on to become the #1 most viewed post in Direct2Dell's history. It's made some traction in the blogosphere too—almost 2,000 posts reference the product by name before we announced it.

Update: 12/11—Glenn just published his post. It has the capacitive touch vlog I mention in the last sentence of this post.  

And speaking of the blogosphere, many of you who are interested problably already have seen the updates from Engadget here and here.

We will begin taking orders and shipping the product by the end of the year.

The convertible tablet weighs in at 3.57lbs., making it is one of the lightest tablet PCs available. Pricing starts at $2,499. Now for some other specs...


  • Intel Core 2 Solo ULV processor U2100 (1.06GHz) or
  • Intel Core 2 Duo ULV processor U7600 (1.20GHz)

12.1" WXGA (1280 x 800) display:

  • Optional LED-backlit display
  • LCD Outdoor viewing display for increased brighness in outdoor use

Graphics: Integrated ATI Radeon X1250 UMA adapter


  • All configurations include 1GB of integrated 533MHz memory
  • optional 2GB or 3GB configurations available

Power/Battery Options:

  • 4-cell 28W/Hr Li-Ion primary or secondary
  • 6-cell 42W/Hr Li-Ion primary or secondary
  • 45W/Hr Li-Ion High Capacity Battery Slice
  • 45W (small form factor), 65W, Combo Auto/Air (90W test only)
  • 3-foot power cord standard, 6-foot optional

Hard Drive Options:

  • 40GB 1.8" 4200RPM hard drive
  • 80GB 1.8" 4200RPM hard drive
  • 120GB 1.8" 5400RPM hard drive
  • 32 or 64GB Solid State Disk (SSD) drives

Input Devices:

  • Finger Touch - Capacitive Touch Screen
  • Pen - EM Digitizer
    • Eraser functionality actuated via side switch
    • Optional tether
    • Interaction with display controlled by three different replaceable "tips" for user-selectable writing experiences
  • Full-size keyboard / full Latitude localization
  • Dual-pointing; rubber domes with leveling rods
  • Scroll Wheel with enter and back functionality (on display / slate)

Operating Systems:

  • Windows Vista Business (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista Ultimate (32-bit)
  • Windows XP Tablet Edition 2005

Connectivity Options:

  • Dell Wireless 1390 (802.11g)
  • Dell Wireless 1490 (802.11a/g)
  • Dell Wireless 1505 (802.11a/g/ Draft n)
  • Dell Wireless 360 Bluetooth Module
  • Dell Verizon Wireless 5720 Mobile Broadband3 (EV-DO Rev A)
  • Dell Wireless 5720 Sprint Mobile Broadband3 (EV-DO Rev A)
  • Dell Wireless 5720 Telus Mobile Broadband3 (EV-DO)

Tomorrow, we'll follow up this post with another that discusses functionality of the tablet with a nearly 10-minute vlog discussing the Latitude XT's capactive pen and touch capability. It's live now—see here.


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  • I am just wondering why the substantial premium over other tablets, the starting price seems to be substantialy higher then most other tablets on the market. 
  • 2499?!

    In the words of the great Garth Algar of Aurora, Illinois.... 

    "When did you become a nutbar?" 


  • Ya about time
  • Are you guys smoking crack? Okay, the Multi-touch is nice but it is not worth almost $600 over Lenovo's X61 which has a faster CPU, higher resolution and more memory capacity...


    You dropped the ball DeLL!



  • $2500?!?

    I'd like to add a few more question and exclamation marks there, but I'll refrain.

    Dell, you've come all this way, after continual delays and disappointments, and after so much smack talk (the whole sawing tablets in half business), you end the race by just shooting yourself in the foot.

     $2500 STARTING price... 

     What's that gonna get me? A 1GHz single core processor, a gig of RAM, 40GB 4200 RPM HDD, 802.11a/g, MAYBE bluetooth...

    I have a Dell 700M with 1.6GHz Pentium, 1GB RAM, 60GB HDD, 802.11 a/g, and I bought it 3 years ago for $999 (worth about $500 today). Are you telling me that 3 years later you're putting worse specs in a machine, and charging $2000 premium for tablet functionality?

    Give me a BREAK.

    This is on the heals of Toshiba, who announced today a tablet that is not only has better base and fully loaded specs, has pen and touch capabilities as well, but also is a full GRAND cheaper.

    Let me say it again just to emphasize: One THOUSAND dollars cheaper. It's slightly larger, and of course doesn't have multitouch, but is that extra cubic inch of volume and half pound of weight worth a thousand dollars to me Dell?

    Honestly, when I saw that price I literally laughed out loud. Honestly, I don't know who you think you are, but you're not HP because they're getting my money and you aren't.

  • $2499 sounds more like an ending price, not a starting price. Looks like there are several options that should be standard, like Bluetooth, Core 2 Duo, bigger hard drive, stronger battery, 2GB RAM with Vista that most people will want to include on a new PC that should last for years.

    I was ready to dive in at release, but $3000+ for a nicely equipped machine is going to make me rethink this a bit. Too bad, really. Let's hope that this is a typo!

  • I agree. My first reaction when I saw the pricetag, was,"yeeouch".

     Adunno how to tell you this guys, but finally putting something like this out in the market behind all of the other big guys, and right before Xmas with a price like that, don't make you guys look good for the season. I mean, even Toshiba has a "barebones" yet respectable version of the Convertible PC for around 1500.

    Putting your left foot out first, with a backbreaking pricetag like that puts you guys behind everyone else, even finally having the Convertible laptop.


    Ron  V.

  • DiretHerder: 256... it's in tomorrow's video.
  • Any idea how many levels of pressure sensitivity (ex: 512 or 1024 levels), this digitizer will have?
  • Well, I was going to buy one, but not for $2500.

    Nicely done. You still make crappy overpriced computers.

  • Hey... maybe it comes with the extra battery slice and docking station...

    and a Nintendo Wii :)

    and an Xbox 360 ...


    This release is a JOKE! 


  • $2500. Ouch! I love my samsung Q1 Ultra. Only paid $749.99 at Bestbuy for it. It goes on sale from time to time. Weighs only 1.5 lbs, decent touch screen (not multi touch), 40 GB drive, 1GB RAM, 4 hour standard battery, wifi. Did I mention - highly portable. I was hoping to see a Dell tablet under $1000.

  • Ronnie: The video is posted here.

  • Where is the video being posted?
  • DELL: 




  • David: The hardware does support multi-touch capability. It's the software side that will need to catch up to support multi-touch.
  • Does it support multitouch or not?
  • I'm kind of disappointed: that kind of price combined with currency hedging silliness means that if it even makes its way over to Australia it'll sell for over A$3000, at least based on other products in the Dell range with similar starting prices.

    I'm disappointed because I could really use a lightweight tablet in my job, but there's no way that I would be able to justify spending this much when an ASUS Eee PC will achieve the same result with a similar level of performance for around twenty percent of the price, albeit without the touch screen (which is merely a nice-to-have, and certainly not worth four times as much as the rest of the hardware to this user).

    I can totally understand not providing a fast CPU and so on in the name of battery consumption.  However a low-specced system such this is likely most useful for people as a second system; there's no way that anyone in Australia is likely to be able to justify A$3000 or so on a machine unusable as a primary workhorse.  And if they can, I want their job, but not for the reasons of this tablet. ;-)

    Having said that, do you want this little experiment to fail, Dell?  Because if so, this is surely the way to achieve exactly that result, thus "proving" that tablet systems have no utility.  I hope I'm wrong.

    While I recognise a need to recoup the considerable engineering costs involved in making a lightweight tablet with a decent battery life, there's always the approach of using volume, rather than unit margin, to achieve this.  I don't know what your margin on these units would be (obviously), but if it's small even over a few hundred thousand sales then I suggest you need to find alternative component vendors.

  • About time this came to market. But why doesn't it have Ubuntu as an OS option? If Linux can't run on it I won't buy it. Especially for that price which with a rough conversion is £1,220 (UK).

     I'm just not interested in Windows Vista. Period.

  • Ouch that price is high. I could get two Gateway tablets for that price! I'm  glad I gave up waiting on Dell and bought my C-120x.

  • Wow


    I am a BUSINESS owner, and waited patiently for months for the Dell tablet. I finally gave up and bought an X61t

     Lets see:

    The Lenovo had a faster processor

    1 GB Ram


    3 year onsite with 3 year protection

    100 GB 7200 RPM Drive

    and on and on..

    Price: $2,000

    Dudes, I dont need a Dell with that kind of pricing!

    Perhaps it is a bogus price so they can give big discounts to corporations and look like heroes.

    For a small business like mine, where I have to watch every penny, it is a JOKE.

  • No linux support?
  • I was ready to quit buying regular notebooks for my staff and only buy tablets. At this price point, if I want to do that, Lenovo, HP, or Toshiba will get all the business whereas we have been a Dell only shop


  • I bought a fully configured HP 2710p months ago for $1750.  Just for comparison.
  • Alot of different reviews out there are saying that this model does not have multi-touch, I'm sure todays expected vlog will help settle that for right now. They're saying it's coming out next year. Way to go, Dell. Your head honcho and major pitchman gets up at a conference to show off the tablet, you show off multi-touch capabilities on the tablet, and then you make no mention that it's actually NOT going to be on the tablet coming out in just a few weeks. It's like a Steve Jobs announcement, if Steve Jobs was mentally retarded.

    Given the price, I see one of three options now:

    1. Maybe you'll actually have a substantial discount for students on this tablet. $2499 is more than my housing costs for one semester. Bring it under $2000 for us. 

    2. I could easily snag an HP tablet in the next few weeks at my local CompUSA for under $1000 since the price will probably be liquidated into oblivion shortly. It's not multi-touch but it would be cheap since they're going out of business.

    3. I could wait for Macworld in mid-January, when it seems almost certain that Apple is going to be unveiling a 13.3 inch, ultraportable, potentially multi-touch tablet, that will most likely dual boot some form of Windows. I wouldn't be surprised if it sells for below $2499.