Michael Joins the Conversation at Oracle OpenWorld

Michael Joins the Conversation at Oracle OpenWorld


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Michael Joins the Conversation at Oracle OpenWorld

Michael just made a surprise appearance at the Sun keynote. After inviting Sun CEO Jonathan Schwartz to join the ReGeneration, he stopped by the eco-innovation booth for a 1x1 with TreeHugger's Collin Dunn. Michael's contribution to the wall: "Join the ReGeneration."

UPDATE 11/15: In his sixth Oracle OpenWorld keynote address yesterday, Michael discussed how Dell is delivering on its mission to simplify IT. View the webcast through the link here.


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  • "Two billion dollars of energy savings" per year?  per decade?  per millenium?

    "Hundreds of millions of tons of CO2"...is that accurate? 

  • Is there anything stopping you guys from agreeing to resell their Niagara systems - they totally rock the world. And I'd love to consolidate all my purchasing through Dell...
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  • Good show Mike.....

    You need to be shelled with appreciation for all your "Green Initiatives"...

    I wish that in the days to come when people think or speak about a clean green environment....the name of Dell should strike their minds.

    Can anything equal to the hypnotizing charm of nature??

    Dell's contribution to a clean green environment needs to be much appreciated.

    Good show & keep moving ahead. Mike....

    Wish you all the very best


  • Fantastic Keynote!