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Inspiron Notebook Product Delays

Thanks to all of our customers who  continue to wait for your orders despite the delays. We apologize for the frustration that they have caused all of you. I know that many of you have seen the blog posts about the XPS M1330 delays, but many customers are asking for details behind the Inspiron delays.  I wanted to spend a few minutes to try to address some of the fundamental issues we're dealing with.

Regardless of what product we're talking about, generally speaking there are two things that dictate when we will ship your order: 1) the order date and 2) parts availability. There are other variables that factor into this, but in general, we expect to ship products in the order they were received when we have the components to build your system.

Speaking of components, many of you have asked which ones are delaying your orders. The reason that's not a simple question to answer is that the supply picture changes frequently. Once we are aware that  a component is in short supply and will add time to your estimated ship date, we try to indicate that on the configurator in to give you an indication of further potential delays.  

To date, color options are the main source of delay on Inspiron notebooks. Basic colors like black are easier to produce. Premium colors and finishes like we use on the Inspiron models introduce complexity into the process, and that's holding things up. Just as Alex mentioned in his post about colors on the M1330, producing smaller quantities is not the issue—it's mainly an issue of scale. We'll continue to work directly with suppliers to ultimately increase our production on color notebooks. Besides scale, we are also focused on maintaining the levels of quality we established when we designed these notebooks. In other words, we're not going to relax our quality standards to ship more products.

While premium colors are the main reason for delay of our Inspiron notebooks, displays are a secondary reason—some screen sizes are in short supply.

As long as we have lots of customers waiting for systems like we do now, we have some tough work ahead of us. I can assure you that people at all levels in many departments across the company are working around the clock to resolve all the issues preventing us from shipping your systems. Beyond that, we have added dedicated sales and support resources in the United States and around the world specifically to address the customer experience issues that these delays cause. We also understand that shipping your system is key, and we'll continue to work to do that.

Thanks again to all of you who continue to wait for your orders. We appreciate your patience and your business.


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  • One color: Black. "You can order the automobile in any color you like, as long as it is black." -- usually attributed to Henry Ford.

    The design factor that was supposed to proudly enliven the new laptop lines is the culprit. How shameful.

    It took about 6 weeks of complaints after complaints before a Digital Media Manager (not a Senior Vice President) was authorized to post some vague words about the production problems regarding the Inspiron notebooks.

    Thanks, Lionel. But, no, thanks. 

  • I was not profane in my comment so POST IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • So, for months I was bombarded with mail, flyers, inserts in newspapers and you're ongoing tv commercials (still running) advertising the color laptops and every color will cause delays in shipment because Dell did not know how to pain them before they started selling the product? When I ordered, there was no notice of delays, as shown in your screen shot. I ordered two Inspiron 1520 on 7/30 and have been delayed until 8/28. I remember when Dell was the best. Maybe you're too focused on filling your Wal-Mart orders now.
  • I agree with frustrated supervisor. How about free overnight shipping once the units are completed?
  • Compensation would be great.


    I'm not just looking for free handouts. The people that have been waiting weeks upon weeks for a computer deserve something other than a pat on the back or kind words like thanks, or good going, or we love your money.

     If you are taking our money for a product, as far as we are concerned, doesn't exist we should be rewarded with some small gestures. A Timbuk2 bag would be great or any other small gift.

    Concerned about how much I'm valued at Dell,


  • I ordered a Dell Inspiron for my brother for college, I'm happy to report that it got here a few weeks earlier than expected which was great, otherwise I would have had to ship it off to him and he would have been in school a few weeks without his laptop. We've been extremely satisfied with it as well, runs great, and plays games better then my desktop ; D. Wonderful price as well. Dell continues to surprise me with its increasingly good quality and service, I can't believe how they manage to improve even though they were already very good.
  • Norway 25. August

    Thank you for the post about Inspiron notebooks at last.

    Don't apologize for the frustration you have caused all of us but for the miss of customer service and honesty about delivery time.

    I ordered two Inspion 1720 (blue and green) July 31. and have a estimated delivery date at September 13. Nothing have happend,  no production at all and no promises about delivering in that time. I still hope and wait but if the delivery is delayed to October I think I will give up. My money have been deduct my bank account  even if Dell say they will do this when they have a product for me... You don't have a product for me and I do not have the money to pay you mostly 2 month before I get my notebooks.

    The  compensation we have been offered is the same small amount as people who have ordered one so we are not earning something at all to have one order for all. May be it also make our delivery late?

    Still I got the weekly advertisement in my mailbox from Dell who is trying to sell more of what they don't have *|o|*

    I am very frustrated and insecure at this time but I still have a hope... Don't let me down any more.


  • Dell's problem is that they don't sympathize with the consumer at all. If you have companywide lag with your products, hold your head down low and compensate all your customers. Do you know that customers depreciate by the minute? If you're delaying orders for months, like mine, we deserve compensation and Dell is just sticking it up to its customers and telling them that they're not important. No wonder Dell's satisfaction rating dropped to its lowest point yet again, good job.
  • This has become the party line. Pretty much exactly what was posted about the 1330...So we are back to paint and displays causing these delays? Sorry, but it doesn't fly. No other manufacturer has trouble with display supply, why only Dell? As far as the painting, one would think that this would have been resolved long before actually selling these bloody things and if not then at least by now, months after release. A company with the resources and experience that Dell has is being stymied by something as basic as this?

    This is interesting (sort of like a car wreck is interesting): 

    "I can assure you that people at all levels in many departments across the company are working around the clock to resolve all the issues preventing us from shipping your systems."

    Wow...under those circumstances we should feel all warm and fuzzy that we are being taken care of and that Dell is seriously paying attention to our problems and frustrations. But if this were the truth then this problem would not exist at all...but it does exist. A company like Dell is throwing all of their mighty resources into this problem and still can't ship the products? Paint and displays indeed!

    Then I see this...

    "we have added dedicated sales and support resources in the United States and around the world specifically to address the customer experience issues that these delays cause"

    What? Where are these resources? My customer experience has not changed at all over the last 2 months. I still speak with the same characters every time I call to request information on my order and I receive the same lies and misdirection to the same questions, the same language barriers, the same frustrations waiting for someone to pick up and answer a simple question!

    I like the part about dedicated sales staff...just what Dell needs, more sales staff. Keep selling a product you cannot build...don't you folks see a small problem with that? It leads right back to the original problem...lot's of us waiting for our orders and orders simply not shipping. You continue to post excuses that we cannot even force ourselves to believe and the waiting continues as you sell mre and more of these ghost-products to unsuspecting folks all over the world.

    To correct the problem you simply need to ship these devices as promised. Stop bumping the shipping dates over and over again. Try an honest approach...stop selling them, start building them, tell us when you KNOW they will ship and stop throwing us shipping dates that you must by now know are completely fabricated. Since when has honesty ever hurt a company, especally a company who had such a huge loyal customer base?


  • I ordered a midnight blue Inspiron 1520 on July 7, and recieved it exactly when Dell said I would. So far, I've been very happy with it, except for the fact that the internal card reader seems to be faulty. I sent an email to customer service about a week ago, but haven't heard from them yet.

  • Thanks for the screen shot - too bad that's not what most of us were priviledged to see when we ordered our laptops!!!!!!!  Apparently you're problems with the laptop colors preceded ALOT of our orders and this is frankly too little too late.  You may have product delay problems - who doesn't experience that now and again.  But your problems excede that - your problems started when you started backordering peoples laptops without offering clear answers at the very onset. Not only that, but if you read this blog and see how very inept your customer service department it in explaining the situation to your customers - your problems go way beyond not being able to put paint on a laptop casing.  That is what will ultimately result in your loss of business.  There is NO excuse for withholding or going about your business as if nothing was wrong - when you should have been keeping your customers informed from the very beginning.  And to backorder customers on the DAY they are supposed to ship - what is that about? 

    I would be more than thrilled to get notification that my Laptop was shipping on the Magical August 28th date.  But since I order a Ruby Red, 17 inch 1721, I'm skeptical.  In fact you haven't addressed that magic date at all in your blog post.  That is exactly what I'm talking about.  Give us a little bit of info, try to appease us - and basically - I feel like you think I'm stupid enough to fall for that.  How long have the paint problems existed???  How long have the screen shortages existed???  Why wasn't the check out process we all went through at the time reflecting those situations????  How about addressing our direct questions???  Why can't Dell adopt an attitude of being up front with their customers????  And why does it take nearly a week of over 200 negative blog comments to get someone from Dell to actually say ANYTHING about the situation??

  • The "Issue Of Scale" rests with Dell the company, not the paint process. Stop your purchases. Cancel your orders. Dump your shares.
  • So is everyone receiving compensation?  I've been told to call QVC Customer Service and to go to Wal-Mart (by a Dell CSR Manager!) to purchase a different laptop and cancel my existing order?  This is how you treat customers.... telling them to go to a 'bargain basement' retailer who doesn't carry anything close to the system you need???
  • After several days of complaining and several hours on hold, I was told every excuse they can throw at you, and the final word last night was.

    Sir, we have the blue in stock, for the inspiron 1720, I don't know why you have not received your computer yet. they did have a slight shipping problem with the colors, there was an earth quake in Malaysia and that did delay the colors, but they are all in stock now.

    I am now starting to think that it was never a color problem for the inspirion,  but maybe they might have had to many people ordering the free memory and hard drive upgrade that they gave away for free. and the color option that was a free choice as well.

    You can't expect to run a sale with the shelves empty, I did email M. Dell last night and hopefully someone down the food channel replies to my email. 

  • Well, according to the notice my Midnight Blue Inspiron 1520 is on its way to me, next business day shipping. Like many of you my order got delayed a couple of times and I too had the ESD changed to the ever popular 8/28 however it supposedly shipped on 8/24. Total time from order to reciept (if it actually gets here on 8/27 like it is supposed to) will be six weeks and three days. Best of luck to all of you 8/28ers out there and this is hoping that yours ships early as well. Still no excuse for Dell to have these delays. Dell is still the one of the best PCs on the market, now lets hope their customer service returns to the level it was a few years ago.

    Take care out there!!