U.S. Mail Order Rule & My Order Status

U.S. Mail Order Rule & My Order Status


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U.S. Mail Order Rule & My Order Status

Understandably, I'm getting lots of comments and direct e-mails related to delays of XPS M1330 notebooks, Inspiron and Latitude notebooks, and some of our Vostro products.  I want to apologize to all of you for the frustration these delays are causing. I also want to assure you that we're doing everything we can to ship your orders. 

The My Order Status page shows your original (or adjusted if the date has slipped) estimated ship date of your order. It also shows factory progress after the build has started. The build status will not change if we are still waiting for parts to complete your order. 

Some of you have reported that your order was canceled by Dell. For customers in the United States, I wanted to share some details that may apply to many of you. The Federal Trade Commission (***) is an agency of the United States government that focuses on consumer protection. For more background on the ***, take a look at this link from their website, or the Wikipedia entry here.

One of the laws that the *** enforces is the Mail Order Rule, which requires us to obtain your permission to proceed with processing your order when it has been delayed more than once. If we do not obtain your permission to proceed, we must cancel the order to be in compliance with the law. Therefore, it is critical we receive your permission to continue processing your order or the Federal Trade Commission requires us to cancel it. If your order is canceled, you will lose your place in line.

What can you do if you want to continue your order? If you are a customer in the United States who has already received notice that your original ship date has slipped and that we require your consent to continue with your order, please send an e-mail to US_Dell_Notify@dell.com or call 1-877-868-3355. Here's the information we need:

  • Your first & last name
  • Your order number
  • A message that you are okay with the delay and revised estimated ship date provided in our last notice to you, and want to keep your order in place

Again, this only applies to you if you've receive an "Order Delayed" message from Dell that indicates your consent is required to avoid cancellation.

I know that many of you have waited weeks for your orders, and the last thing I'd want to happen is that your order gets canceled unintentionally. Since the Mail Order Rule only applies to customers in the United States, processes outside the United States may differ from what's described here.

Please continue to check your My Order Status page, as Dell is working to meet our estimated shipment commitments.


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  • No one contacted me regarding the delayed shipping, I had to contact Dell. After reading the dissatisfied posts and those who have cancelled and purchased elsewhere, I'm beginning to think they have the right idea! I'm going to hang in there [since I have THIS LONG] until my expected ship date of August 28. If it is delayed again, well guess it will be time to punt. It would seem to me that the delays are Dell's error, the customer should receive some type of discount. I would not be as outdone as I am had I been given notice that there could possibly be delays, actually I probably wouldn't have place the order which I'm sure you probably realized which is why I was given an unrealistic delivery date. My order was placed on July 17 with the ship date of August 3. On August 4, my order [I reiterate that I was not contaced] was changed to ship date of August 28. Let's see if I get some type of discount and if it does indeed ship August 28.
  • You might only be able to give info/advice to US based customers.. but as you are a multinational company, it simply isn't good enough.

     In a situation where there are global problems, one thing us customers hate more than a problem (even if its one Dell says is unavoidable) is poor information flow..

    Customer Service Reps that insist the situation is one way when it clearly isn't

    Customer Service Reps contradicting each other

    Customer Service Reps taking an unacceptable amount of time to reply to even the simplest query (and if you say they're snowed under with the unusually high demand?  HIRE MORE STAFF.. )

    Customers are reasonable people, we don't like being treated as idiots however.  And as CSRs are our only point of contact with the Dell behemoth, its upto the management team to ENSURE THEY ARE PROPERLY EQUIPPED TO DEAL WITH THE SITUATION... its not enough to just continue cutting corners, hoping the current CSR facilities/training/investment is enough.. even the comments posted on this site can tell you that what is in place is inadequate! 

    Basically, the problem with the M1330 was an extra-ordinary one, USE EXTRA ORDINARY MEASURES TO RECTIFY IT!)

    For me, the story is over.  I feel sorry for the poor Indian woman in Dell CSR who tried to help me but couldn't.. her hands were tied because she simply couldn't give me any info OR offerr any compensation (oh, why is it that US customers are offered "good will" gestures BEFORE their orders shipped, as a means to placate them but "Rest-of-World" get told to wait? Is our business not important enough?)

    I've gone Macbook.. I'll run Parallels and BootCamp.. so even though I was happy to stay 100% PC, this is a completely viable alternative.  Dell want the M1330 to steal market share from Apple?  Not a chance in hell...

    But yeah... you're job's safe mate.. so keep posting your little blog... it doesn't mean a thing.. ;-)

  • how could you guys have problems to produce all laptop "families"???

    It is not the case that all products are using top technology... thus it can not be the case that you guys are having problems with suppliers... so, what is going on?

  • bla bla bla bla bla bla bla
  • I'm frustrated that the estimated ship date for my 1520 still shows a date of 4 days ago, and noone at the service center (which is in India, a practice I don't particularly support) can tell me anything about my system or when it might ship.  Being offered free next-day shipping is nice, but has nothing to do with telling me when the laptop will ship.  I had decided on Dell based on 2 previous desktop system purchases and a good price-feature combination.  I anticipate canceling my order in the next day or two, as soon as I've secured (in hand!) another system.  Yes, I'll pay more for the same features, but I will have a system to work on rather than vaporware.  Sorry Dell, you blew it and it'll take some work to win me back.
  • I'm frustrated that the estimated ship date for my 1520 still shows a date of 4 days ago, and noone at the service center (which is in India, a practice I don't particularly support) can tell me anything about my system or when it might ship.  Being offered free next-day shipping is nice, but has nothing to do with telling me when the laptop will ship.  I had decided on Dell based on 2 previous desktop system purchases and a good price-feature combination.  I anticipate canceling my order in the next day or two, as soon as I've secured (in hand!) another system.  Yes, I'll pay more for the same features, but I will have a system to work on rather than vaporware.  Sorry Dell, you blew it and it'll take some work to win me back.
  • Thank you for FINALLY posting about the inspiron and vostro problems.I ordered Aug 6th and I'm still waiting( not that I'm complaining) for my 2 orders of the 1420 to be coming out of the building stage since the day i ordered ( ESD: 9/5)   People who have had their orders canceled unintentionally can now get their situation straightened out.


  • Oh! no. I just ordered THEN found these blogs. DOH! This is not good. I hope Dell steps up or I must go elsewhere. All I have is Dell products. I hate to change brands.

  • LOL first
  • The recent delays for Dell are more than just unfavourable. The amount of bad publicity generated could possibly be irreparable. As a go-to-person for anything computer related I have lost confidence in recommending Dell from this experience.


    I would not be representing myself honestly if I told them to go with Dell for their next purchase and I have to tell things as it is. That is not to say other competitors have not suffered similar problems, but based from my experience, the way it was handled was far more professional and the compensations for time lost and depreciation of the goods were accounted for fairly.


    Lionel, as Digital Media Manager, I’m not sure if you realise the implications but as a graduate in marketing we were taught not to underestimate the power of word of mouth. Last thing you want is potential Dell customers saying to another person: “I’ve just heard from a close friend of mine not to go with Dell because of bad experiences he had” - and this just flows on to the next person.

  • Dell's back to school sale has doomed from the beginning. Canceled all my 1520 (black) and ordered a HP DV6000t with a 20% off coupon. Eat that DELL!


  • The question remains: Now that everyone I know has been given the same backorder ship date of 8/28, will Dell deliver by that date or do you anticipate it will get delayed again?
  • I ordered an insprion 530 desktop on July 29. The original estimated ship date is Aug 13. On that day, from the My Order Status page, I found it was delayed to Aug 20, but I did not receive any email or call about this. Is this really a delay considered by Dell?  If  I find the second delay from the status page on Aug 20, but still receive no email or call about that, should I call Dell to continue my order?
  • I ordered on the 31st of July through Dell India, and I do not even have a ESD till date :-(. All the online tracking system shows is "Your order has been received".
  • It would be much more comforting if someone from dell would honestly say why computers are being delayed 5 weeks rather than just telling it consumers to blindly accept delay after delay.
  • I want my notebook like yesterday.
  • Why not provide a check-box to "Please process my order even if delayed" option to the order page? It seems like a no-brainer.
  • You're all talk and no game. This is a problem that you have known about while you continued to accept orders for these laptops. I kind of wonder too, how much the new Dells at Walmart are clogging the factory lines, preventing loyal Dell customers from receiving their orders on time. Anyway, I've canceled my $1500 order, and I'm proud to say I will never buy a Dell laptop again.

    What is most disgusting about the way Dell handled this is the lack of openness and honesty. This was a problem that Dell knew of when I placed my order, but they chose not to give me the slightest hint that there was a back order until the estimated ship date, when they pushed an already 3-week wait off another week, and I suspect it won't stop there. I understand that problems arise in production (although this appears to be a problem that should have been caught in testing), but what makes a company good or bad is the way it handles those problems. Dell has lied, deceived, and ignored its customers, and that is the biggest outrage.

    Not to mention the fact that your television commercials are still running for a product you know you can't produce at the moment. The commercials include images of a discontinued white laptop. I think the latter two problems constitute false advertising.

    Heads better role in the upper management because the ineptitude and ignorance shown in this fiasco demonstrate a company unable to deal with its customers, and the decision to rush an invisible product in a multi-million dollar ad campaign will ultimately lose money for the company. So Dell, have a good life in the same traps that claimed the IT industry in California. Dude, I'm getting an HP Pavilion!!!!!! 

  • I understand your explanation concerning the delays/cancellations, but that is NOT the way it has been working for me.  I originally ordered an XPS 720 a couple of weeks ago.  The estimated shipping date was 7 days after the order.  On the 8th day (1 day after the original estimated ship date) the status of my order was changed to cancelled.  This was not due to finances since my credit card had already been charged.  I never received any notification of delay or asked if a delay was OK.

    I then started the process over again and re-ordered the system.  The estimated ship date has now passed (My Order Status page still shows past date) and it still shows "in production" and I haven't been contacted about any delay.

  • Why is it on the "my order status" page I see no progress - it has been "in production" for five weeks!
  • What they also didnt mention is that you have to reply instantly. I received an email at 5:45pm on Saturday July 28th. Well I was not home when the email came, & didnt see it until the following morning at 8am. At that time I called & said I still wanted my order. But it was to late, already cancelled. You guys need to allow at least 24 hours for someone to respond, especialy if your sending the notification on a Saturday night. Most people are not at home waiting for emails from Dell on Satuday night...
  • Would it be possible to give a more detailed description for the causes of the delays?


  • I called Dell Customer Service about a week ago regarding the shipment of my Dell XPS m1330 laptop.

     After conveying my situation, informing the rep. that I needed this laptop before September, the rep. then transferred me to the manager.

     The manager told me that Dell will try to ship out many of it's XPS m1330 laptops before Labor Day.
    Hopefully, I will be among the lucky ones that will receive the product.


  • I second the motion by Michael above. This update really didn't cover the laptop at all. It didn't cover any computers for that matter.


    Elaborate on the shipping details. They better updated from the last update from weeks ago. Tell us what is being done about this company wide problem. It seems to be coming along at a snails pace and a kind update every few days would be greatly appreciated.

     -Thank You

  • Well, to me this all looks like a great fake.

    Here in germany, Dell is still promoting and selling the M1330 like there were no problems at all.

    And the best: I ordered 6 weeks ago and got my ESD delayed ANOTHER 7 WEEKS now! (Oct, 2.10.), while on the website during ordering there is a message "Shipping the M1330 can take up to six weeks!".

    So does this mean, cancelling my order now and ordering it again immediately will result in a quicker shipping?! Dell, you are cheating your customers and many of them won't forget this.

    I was thinking about ordering a desktop from you, too. Forget about it!