New Inspiron Desktops, Widescreen Displays

New Inspiron Desktops, Widescreen Displays


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New Inspiron Desktops, Widescreen Displays

Today, we're launching four desktop models overall: two Intel-based ones and two AMD systems. The Inspiron 530 and 531 are the larger minitower versions. The 530 supports a variety of Intel processors up to the Core 2 Duo, and the 531 supports several AMD processors up to Athlon 64 X2 dual-core processors.

Both support optional wireless 802.11g internal network cards. Bluetooth 2.0 technology is integrated into the optional 13-in-1 card reader. With these add-ons, customers can use a wireless keyboard, mouse, have wireless Internet access and use other wireless devices.

Both support the optional 256MB GeForce 8600 GT from NVIDIA, dual hard drives up to 1TB total, and the optional ATI Theater 650 Pro analog/digital TV tuner cards. With all this hardware, customers can watch and record hours of HDTV content.

The Inspiron 530s and the 531s are the slim tower chassis versions of the desktop. Like their bigger counterparts, the 530s supports the same Intel processors while the 531s supports the same AMD processors. They both support the dual hard drives up to 1TB total, and lots of optional  hardware like ATI Theater 650 Pro analog/digital TV tuner, internal 802.11g network cards, and integrated Bluetooth 2.0.

In this video Mary Miller gives a good overview of the overall features that these two form factors provide. 

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 E198WFP Widescreen 19-inch Monitor

 The SE198WFP 19-inch widescreen monitor features some high-end specs—like a maximum resolution of 1400x900, a bright 1000:1 contrast ratio, and a 5ms response time—for a price of $189.


New 2407WFP-HC Display

For gamers, enthusiasts and photographer types, today we're now offering a new version of the 2407WFP. It now joins the 2707WFP and the 3000WFP-HC displays to feature a 92% color gamut—a technology we call TrueColor. What it means is that the new version of the 2407WFP-HC can now display a wider range of colors more accurately than its predecessor.


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  • Lionel, in a past post you mentioned that the systems for the Home Division would differ than what will be offered for the Small Business division.  Do you have any more details on that?  What will happen to the Dimension name?  Are the current Optiplexes being replaced anytime soon?

     On a side note, its sad to see the Dell engineers didn't listen to customers needs when designing the new Inspiron desktops - still only 4 USB ports on the back.  Its a big problem since the mouse and keyboard only connect via USB and therefore leave you with only 2 useable rear USB ports. 

    But oh well, I personally perfer the Optiplexes.  Anyway, please let me know what will be happening with the Optiplexes in the near future, and if anything is, will Windows XP still be offered.  Also, how long will it continue to be offered.  Thats the most important for me.


  • When will the new desktops be available in Europe, specifically Ireland?

  • Hi 

    will the New Inspiron Desktops come to UK???


    I would like to buy one in the UK.

     From Chris



  • Hi

    Will the Inspiron Desktops come with Windows Vista 64-bit? or Windows XP 64-bit


    From Chris 

  • Will Windowx XP be offered as an option on these new Inspiron desktops?  If not, I will have to look elsewhere, but would like to make Dell my first choice if it will be.
  • When will the new 2407WFP-HC be available in the UK.?

    Also, when are we to get the XPS 720 (without H2C) in the UK?

    Why the difference in product availability?

  • I read an article today from the American-Statesman  that says Dell has  eliminated the Dimension line/name in favor of the Inspiron desktop. I just went to Small Business and what do I see but Dimension and XPS desktops...where are the Inspiron desktops and the new colors for laptops? Where's Linux being offered at Small Business? I am a home user but I certainly know better than to buy a Dell from the Home division. I would never do that due to the extremely poor support for home users. I don't know anyone who buys from Dell home as all long term Dell customers who may be home users solely or home/business at home know to never buy from the Home Division.

    So, is Dell going to offer Ubuntu and Inspiron desktops at the Small Business site? Why hasn't that already been done? If you want users to buy from the Home Division you have a long way to go to convince your long time customers that the division has improved especially the support.

    I got far superior support from Small Business when I had Dimensions other than the XPS (which has its own support) than any Home Division buyer gets. Plus, even with the XPS it is better to buy from Small Business as REC for Small Business (if you ever get to that point) is far superior to REC for Home Division. 

    The pretty colors are intriguing but I'll take superior support any day to pretty colors. I would like though to have the choice of Ubuntu at the Small Business site.

    Off topic, but how come I cannot cut/paste anything? I can't even correct spelling. When I tried to select a sentence and delete it out of this comment, I got a strange popup about Fx not allowing cutting or copying. The popup asked if I wanted more information and I said yes and then I got a notice from Fx that I need to install a missing plugin! Geez...all I wanted was to know why I can't select text here and then delete it or copy/paste or spell check. Dell really needs to make its websites compatible with Firefox. No knowledgeable user these days uses IE. The first thing you should do to make people more interesting in buying from you is stop snubbing Fx and Opera and SeaMonkey.

  • For the Inspiron 531


    Inspiron 531

    UK configure.

    USA configure.

    why we do not have a option for 1GB 2GB 4GB Memory in the UK but in the USA do a have option 1GB 2GB 4GB Memory.

    Why we do not a have option for Internal PCI 802.11g Wireless Network Card in the uk but in the usa do have a option for Internal PCI 802.11g Wireless Network Card.

    USA Internal PCI 802.11g Wireless Network Card do have

    no Internal PCI 802.11g Wireless Network Card for the uK.

    USA Memory for Inspiron 531
    1GB 2GB 4GB Memory
    UK Memory for Inspiron 531
    2048MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [2x1024] [Included in Price]
    4096MB 667MHz Dual Channel DDR2 SDRAM [4x1024] [add £94.00 or £3/month1]

  • why we not have the Inspiron slim 531s 530s in the Uk For???
  • For the Dell Inspiron 530 and 531, if you are buying in the UK; would it be possible to purchase the following wireless network card and install it into the machine, since it comes with two PCI ports?

    Either that card or any other internal PCI wireless network card should work, or so I would imagine. Or you can buy ones with a small external antennae for added performance.

    If anybody knows if this works or not then please email me asap!

  • I just ordered one.  But then I saw the black Vostro case.  Can I change my order to get my system in the black case?
  • Is Dell going to over different colors on the Inspiron Desktops, similiar to the laptops.  Like others have mentioned the current Inspiron Desktop color would not be my first color choice.  My choice would be to purchase the Dell - Vostro's in order to get another color.




  • I was on a lookout for Flat panel LCD monitor and I had heard about Dell monitors a lot. 2407WFP-HC looked like an ideal choice, however I was shocked to see a price tag of 40000 INR which is about 1000$.

     The same model is being sold at around 680$ in US and other places. So whats with the high price in India ?? I am sure dell hasn't taken into account the stronger rupee.

    Hoping for a price correction on this and the other models available in Dell India !!!

  • i think dell need to install the different wireless card on Inspiron 530 & Inspiron 531.

    Lost of people are having problem with the Broadcom 802.11g Wireless card.



  • I think Dell need to update driver for Broadcom 802.11g Wireless card on Inspiron 530 & Inspiron 531
  • i ordere my 530 on july 25 it has been delayed till the 20 of augst what dell cant put together other comps because they have to get every millimeter of paont right on the xps 1330-comeon
  • I ordered a 530 Inspiron on 8/9/2007.  ESD was 8/20/07

    Shipment was delayed on 8/20/07  New ESD is 8/27/07.

     Could you upgrade the shipping from UPS Ground to overnight for making me wait an extra week at no additional cost? 

     College is starting next week.  If I don't have a pc it will put me at a disadvantage.

  • Can someone tell me why the Inspiron 530 I ordered 2 weeks ago has been delayed?  I want specifics, not "difficulties in production".  I also want this to ship Next Day Air, due to the delay, and expect DELL to pick up the extra shipping charges.  I echo what someone else said in the blog, that the computer was ordered and expected to ship on the estimated ship date.  If you cannot ship on those dates, be honest and publish the true date, and surprise us the consumers with an early ship date.
  • So, I'm one of those that just ordered a 531 machine yesterday (8/27).  And, yes, I see a ship date of 8/31.  Am I to understand that this is not going to happen?  If not when wilI I be given a better idea of the ship date?  Not being pushy, I just want a better idea of when to expect the machine.


    Can you help?

  • I ordered an inspiron 530 on August 13th.  ESD was 22nd.  On the 20th I recieved a notice saying it was going to be delayed till the 29th.  On the 29th I recieved another email saying it was delayed until September 6th.  This is ridiculous.  Be honest with the delay time and dont withold the true shipping date and simply tell the consumer week by week. 
  • I also ordered the Inspiron 531.  Order placed on 8/3.  Have been delayed twice, now the edd is 9/6.  Somehow, I doubt this will happen.  School has already started a few weeks ago, my VAIO is hanging on by a thread.  I did everything to make my current computer last until August because I was waiting for the sales tax holiday.  Expected my Dell here by now, but no.  Now my computer is giving me a SMART failure every time I boot, so I know it will be dead.  Then how will I get online to okay any further delays so they won't cancel my order?  If it is canceled, there goes the sales tax break and probably my coupon code I used if I did decide to reorder.  Can the consumers get any kind of compensation for these more-than-just-inconvenient delays!!!

    I am feeling like I should have just bought the HP they had in a box on the shelf at a competitors store that long ago weekend...

  • The support for the inspiron is horrible. I should not have to look around on the internet for xp drivers. I am trying to support a number of these garbage machines for a university and its a joke. Dell knows damn well that Vista is still not being rolled out in large organization and should be putting out xp drivers for all their machines. This is stupid.

  • I also bought a Dell 531 and made no quams in purchasing it that Vista was not allowed in my household and that I would be having someone pull Vista off and put XP on as soon as it arrived.  Never did the salesperson tell me that they would not be suppling drivers for this.
  • Has anyone successfully installed xp on inspiron 530s? I couldn't find the video, nic, pci driver, please help.
  • Can anyone point me to the xp driver for inspiron 530s, thanks.