More Systems Now Part of Vertical Line Issue

More Systems Now Part of Vertical Line Issue


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More Systems Now Part of Vertical Line Issue

Update: January 16, 2008—Mike Bukowski, a Technical Analyst from our Dell Customer Advocate team recently published a post that discusses other potential causes of vertical lines on notebook displays.

In April, I blogged about vertical lines appearing on some of Dell’s notebook LCDs. At that time, we found that a small number of 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks may develop a one-pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time.

In the time since then, we have found that there are other systems that are potentially affected. All of these shipped between December 2004 and December 2006:

  • Inspiron 6000 and 8600
  • Latitude D800 and D810
  • Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70

The cause of the vertical lines has been traced to one specific component used on a small number of LCDs shipped on the potentially affected systems. Dell uses LCDs from several manufacturers and many notebook models are manufactured with screens of the same size from more than one vendor. We have confirmed that the component in question was not used on any other Dell notebook LCDs.

Even if you have one of the potentially affected systems with the confirmed component, it does not mean your LCD will develop a vertical line. This specific issue happens on a portion of the 9 systems we're calling out as potentially affected. If you have a notebook display with a vertical line that's not called out here, we will provide traditional technical support to try to resolve the issue.

So what are we doing with customers who are affected with this specific issue? The same thing we've done with affected 17” displays: We will replace any LCD that develops a vertical line associated with this specific issue within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor. Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace LCDs affected by this issue.

So what do you need to do next? Please contact us. For customers in the United States, there are two ways to reach us.

Via Phone Number:

U.S. customers who are experiencing this issue, or who have paid to replace an LCD for this issue can call the appropriate Technical Support phone number listed below:

  • U.S. Inspiron Technical Support: 1-800-624-9896
    • Say “Technical Support”
    • Enter your Express Service Code or say, “I don’t have it”
    • Is your system for Personal or Business use
    • Say “Notebook”
    • Is your system an Inspiron, XPS, Latitude or Precision

Via Dell Chat: This is an option for customers with systems that are still under warranty. If you are out of warranty, please contact the U.S. Inspiron Technical Support phone number: 1-800-624-9896.

For customers outside the U.S. Please contact Dell via phone for support:

Via Phone Number:

  • Go to
  • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
  • Choose Contact Us
  • Choose Technical Support
  • Choose Call Technical Support


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  • I am from Australia.  I have a 9300 (shipped June 05) that started developing the vertical lines issue since late last year. The slowly increasing number of lines got over me in March 07 so I got in contact with Technical Support.  They arranged for an support agent to come and replace the LCD, no hassles and quite pleased.

    However, within a month the lines start to appear again!  I have now got about 20 lines and have just lodged a request with Technical Support again.

     I hope that the article above means that Dell finally know what the root cause is and would not continue to send out parts with the same issue...

  • Does the DELL laptop Latitude D600 that displays a permanent color (red, green or yellow) vertical line warrant a replacement screen?




  • I sent an email in to on May 1st after having recieved a letter from Dell stating I could get a refund for the screen I replaced that developed this problem.

    I haven't recieved a reply yet...

    I also tried calling the number refered to in the letter about 4 times and gave up in frustration when they people on the other end had no idea what I was talking about, even after I had given them the DSN mentioned in the letter.


  • I have a Dell Inspiron 510 M with 30 vertical lines on the LCD. 

    That's 30 VERTICAL LINES !!!!


     So in April Dell admitted to Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, now in June they add Inspiron 6000 and 8600, Latitude D800 and D810 and Dell Precision Mobile Workstation M60 and M70.


    Maybe one day when I have no screen left and it's all a rainbow the Inspiron 510 M's will also be included.

     Or I could just give up and buy a computer that's not from Dell.

  • Lionel,

    Please address these serious concerns from these troubled customers, or at the very least make it known that their concerns have been met. It would be a shame to see more customers go because of faulty parts from bad suppliers. This obviously isn't the first time Dell has had trouble with faulty hardware from suppliers. Maybe the company should learn more from the experiences of the Sony battery recall and take ownership of these problems, even though it wasn't Dell who caused the faulty hardware in the first place.

    It is a sad day for Dell when a customer can't have confidence in what the company sells them, no matter the benefits in initial cost for a system. Both the customer and the company lose, but the comapny loses much more. It loses the customer.

    Remember: The customer experience is the most important!


  • I tried submitting my questions too and still have not heard back from Dell.
  • Hi Folks,

    I have an Inspiron 5000 from 02/2000 that first hat the line issue and then completely went black except for flickering pixels (in the line).

    I am actually surprised that the problem has been there for such a long time.

    Is there any chance that I get a replacement?


  • I am located in Singapore and my Inspirion 510m (bought sometime in June/July of 2005) developed 2 vertical lines within 2 years of use. I believe I am not the only one who has this problem, as I have seen other posts on 510m in this blog here previously. I am quite disappointed with the quality of Dell's product and their refusal to acknowledge the problem reflects their service level of their customer support.

  • I have a Latitude D420 that has just developed a problem where a single pixel vertical line is showing up about 2 inches from right side of display. I see that Dell are acknowledging issues with 17" LCD, has any one else had issues with the smaller displays
  • I had about 19 vertical lines on my Inspiron, which shipped in 8/05.  I followed the Dell Chat link above and in less than a week a tech came to my house to replace the screen free of charge.  It would've been even faster but the first screen that Dell sent was damaged in delivery.  I can't believe how fast and easy this was.  Dell really stepped up the the plate on this one.  Thanks, Dell.
  • Could you please post the part numbers of the faulty components? I have a Insp 6400 with this problem, and was just told today by some Indian that it was not part of the recall. I would like to compare my part numbers to those found to be faulty as I am sure this model also suffers from the same defects.
  • Well, a 3rd line just appeared on my Dell 510m... Now I have one orange line, one pink line and one green line. Soon, a rainbow is going to form...
  • I hope 9400 get included to list someday because now i got 2 more lines(a blue and a purple, in total 6 lines) showing up at any moment. I post a message at the blog of vertical line issue before this one and I post again letting you know that the problem got worse. Its been almost 1.5 month trying to notify about my problem to Dell but no one wont help me. Ill stay in touch with this blog at anything that would help me, Thanks.
  • I just wish Dell would acknowledge that this problem extends to the Inspiron 510m.  I guess all Dell is doing is waiting until they are out of the 3 year period and then they will say, "oh yeah, sorry there was a problem with the 510m but you should have let us know sooner"  I have had no luck with Dell so I guess the next option is to take it to consumer affairs.  I think the simlarities between what is happening to my 510m and other Dell laptops will be obvious enough to a magistrate.  Pity Dell couldn't settle this issue for all owners of faulty Dell computers before it has to go to court.............

    PS Have a look at the photos of the vertical lines see if the Dell Inspiron 510m isn't affected then

  • Hi have a look at my photos and see if you can honestly say, (without your nose getting longer) that the Inspiron 510m isn't affected by the vertical line issue
  • Same problem on my Precision M60, I'll let you know it they will answer to my email.


  • My Inspiron 9200 LCD panel developed vertical lines after 19 months but after many letters, e-mails & phone calls, I finally managed to persuade Dell to replace it FOC in September 2006 (as a 'one-time goodwill gesture', they said). Now, just 9 months on, 3 vertical lines have appeared on the new panel but Dell will not entertain any suggestions that their product is not fit for purpose, even though they acknowledge that there 'was an issue with some LCD panels shipped before Jan 2005'. All they are interested in is whether or not I took out an extended warranty (I did not, as a matter of principle). I have sent all the same letters and e-mails of complaint as before but a rather rude individual in India has since phoned twice to say that I could 'write as many letters as I liked', I would still get him phoning me back to tell me Dell would do nothing to sort the problem out.  I am completely disgusted with their attitude and when this screen finally gives up the ghost, as it surely will in a matter of weeks, the replacement laptop will most certainly not be coming from Dell.

  • I'm in Switzerland and I have an Inspiron 510m purchased January 05.
    The vertical lines started appearing about 1 week ago.  I have a 2 inch black dead band in my display and the display has a very strange color with a lot of colored lines flickering the whole time. I had to buy an external display as emergency solution because I need the computer every day.I contacted Dell some days ago but they said if I wanna to replace the LCD screen, I have to pay for it!!!! I'm wondering why they say that Inswpiron 510m is not affected...I hope that Dell will include Inspiron 510m in their list very soon!!!


    WJG / CEO
    WebTech Design Co.

  • I thought this was a direct to Dell Blog, I haven't heard too many replied from Dell yet on the 510m Vertical line issue.  I guess they are using the approach, ignore them for long enough and they will go away. 

    Feel free to respond Dell, after all you are the moderators of this site

  • I turned on my $2000 Dell Insprion 9300 today and saw a vertical line on the screen. I did live chat (had to try for quite a while to get in the que). The technician gave me instructions to run diagsnotics and said to let them if know if I need any more help. So I spend hours running the diagnostics (and some of the instructions for the tests are badly written--I'm pretty computer literate and couldn't figure out what they wanted me to do on some of the tests). Nothing shows up. I email them back saying "Now what?"

    And then I decide to do a little research, and find out Dell's been having this problem. What a waste of my time! As soon as I told the technician the problem, he should have started the process for sombody to fix this, instead of me wasting time on a Saturady afternoon running useless diagnostics.  Doesn't any company do business with integrity any more? Or are they all out to see if they can put one over on you?

  • Two more vertical lines just appeared on my 510m... Wonder how many more will come?
  • On Friday my Inspiron 9300 developed the purple vertical lines.  I called Dell around noon (the customer service rep knew exactly what I was talking about)...DHL was here by 2:00 and my laptop was back in my hands on Tuesday.  I was VERY satisfied with how quickly it was replaced and returned.
  • My Inspiron 9400 that shipped June 2006 (i.e. now 1 month out of warranty) has just developed a vertical line in the centre of the LCD.

    Clearly this defect is not limited to the models listed by Dell, otherwise how can the presence of a vertical line on my LCD be explained?

    Anybody else experiencing problems with LCD on the Inspiron 9400?

    I'll let you know if I get anywhere!

  • I bought a Dell Inspiron 510m in April 2005 for over $2000 from Dell Australia. Following occasional evening use, it recently developed an increasing number of vertical multi-coloured lines. Dell Australia support have confirmed that Dell is excluding the 510m from the 
    replacement program, and invited me to pay to fix the faulty item.

    This is clearly a wrong and ridiculous decision by Dell Customer Services. It's an unacceptably poor level of service. Of course, I will reject their offer to pay for a replacement screen myself. Such a decision could only be arrived 
    at by Dell having some quite stupid senior staff.

    I will never again purchase a Dell product.

    As an IT consultant who has a strong influence on purchasing decisions, I vow to prevent the purchase of all Dell products and services, both professionally and personally, including used items.

    The market is full of wonderful alternative choices, and it's only my laziness (or a slick Dell sales and marketing system?) which caused me to buy Dell in the first place. I've paid for that lesson now, and won't repeat it.

    To help Dell re-instate a level of respect for their customers, I urge you all to boycott Dell products.