Dell XPS 720 Red System; Details About the XPS 700 Exchange Program

Dell XPS 720 Red System; Details About the XPS 700 Exchange Program


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Dell XPS 720 Red System; Details About the XPS 700 Exchange Program

Today, we're launching the air-cooled version of the XPS 720 red chassis in the United States and Canada.

More importantly though, wanted to take a few minutes to shed some light on what customers can expect from the upcoming XPS 700 Exchange program. Lots of you are asking when we will launch it. Unfortunately, I can't have specific dates I can share at this point, but know that we're working as quickly as we can to ensure that the XPS 700 exchange program is a good experience for all of you.

Update, 8/13:  The link for the XPS 700 Exchange Program is now live: 

Now for the details: 

XPS 700 customers are entitled to the following:

  • Hardware Kit at no charge
  • Option for in-home installation service at no charge
  • Option to purchase the QX6700 quad-core processor at 25% off of the Electronics & Accessories price

XPS 710 customers are entitled to the following:

  • Option to purchase a hardware kit (price to be determined)
  • Option to purchase in-home installation service (price to be determined)

Hardware kit details:

  • XPS 720 motherboard
  • Front panel I/O assembly
  • All required cables and mechanical assemblies
  • XPS 720 Resource CD
  • XPS 720 Owner's Manual
  • XPS mouse pad
  • DTS solution
  • Installation techsheet

There will be much more information to come. Soon we will publish pictures of the parts in the hardware kit both on the blog and in the Dell Community Forum. We will also publish a vlog where we will walk you through the actual upgrade process, so you can see exactly what's required.

Lots of folks here know how important this is to many of you. The reality is that this is a very complex process for us to implement and we're taking the time to do this right. We'll keep pushing forward.

 In the meantime, thank you for your continued patience.


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  • it would be nice to distribute it in France with ubuntu...
  • Pat: To answer your question: weeks, not months.
  • Glad to see this getting closer to being implemented.  I know you can't give specific dates but are we talking weeks or months?

    I know some a really eager to get this, and will likely find a way to complain, but I'll be happy to get the upgrade, whenever it comes.  Considering the box I will have after the upgrade will be equivalent for the most part to what dell sells for mega-$$$, I think I can't complain too much! 

  • Why no option to purchase the Q6600 Quad Core?  That processor is much more reasonably priced...
  • Thanks for the update guys.  However here are some suggestions that you may want to look into:

    1) Allow us to purchase the H2C cooling unit and have it installed at the same time as the motherboard.  Provides us with another upgrade and provides Dell with some $.

    2) Allow us to have a choice between QX6700 and QX6800, it looks like we can only buy the 6700?

    3) Provide the improved power button in the upgrade kit, the power button included in the XPS 700 is pretty bad and I still need to call to get it replaced - replacing it at the same time as the motehrboard saves Dell from sending another tech out for this issue for people who call in for motherboard replacements.

  • Ok great!  Now how long until I can request a self install kit?

    BTW, Thanks for the update Lionel

  • Thanks Lionel for the update. Quick question, could we install an Dell H2C system upon the MOBO upgrade? If yes, what would be the best way to buy and could we also get a 25% discount on the chiller?

    Also, would we also be able to purchase the QX6800 Quad Core processor at full price if need be (if no discount availalbe)?

    XPS 700 X6800 Black Tower 



  • WOW, a whole 25% off. Hmm, just checked newegg's price and they still beat you even with the discount (along with several other vendors)! That 25% off discount is the same amount as the price of the 720 board we're suppose to receive for "free". Why not just have the 700 users trade-in for the 720 for free and you can reuse that hardware for the 730... The exchange program was promising when first announced, now its just rubbish...
  • Hi Dell,

    Thanks for the brief update.  I would like to request information regarding the i/o panel.  I have had to replace the i/o panel on my xps a couple times.  To do so, the i/o panel has to be separated from the adhesive shiny plate that has the glassy black effect, (the plate that surrounds the usb ports, headphone ports, and microphone ports).  Will the i/o panel come with this shiny adhesive plate or will we have to reuse ours?


  • Andrew: The kit will come with the shiny adhesive plate. You won't need to re-use yours.

  • Cool thanks for the update !



  • Thank you very much for the info, and it looks great! Im really excitied ^_^ The only thing I woud gripe about is that we only get 25 percent off the QX6700 processor, that thing will still be like 900 bucks+ Way outta my budget, is there anyway to get a discount on a lower quad CPU for us poor folks?
  • Lionel

    any plans for those of us in Europe to purchase a 720 on slightly more level playing field?

    Would be nice to get Vista as an option, and pay less than $1400 for an additional 2 MB of RAM! (based on spec).

    Looking forward to buying one as soon as Dell treat us a bit fairer on this side of the Atlantic.

  • This new information is welcomed, and I'm glad you are taking the time to do this right! I think you would help settle the anxiety of a lot of people here if you would set up the registration so we could just sign up for it, and not worry about it anymore. A lot of people are concerned that they will miss out on getting in on this. I would like to be able to know that I'm covered, and quit checking this board 5 times a day for updates.

     It doesn't seem like it would be a big deal to set up a registration where we could just sign up for it and wait till you are ready to implement, I also go along with the suggestion others have made about upgrading the video card while doing the upgrades. It could help pay for this with another source of profit for you, and we could get it all done at once. A little discount on the new card wouldn't hurt either.

     Please consider this option in addition to the quadcore option.

     Thanks for your attention!

  • The current QX6700 price from Dell E&A is about 25% higher them many popular online retailers.  I'm pleased this option is available and hope the price comes down a bit before the exchange program starts.

  • Lionel, thanks for the update. I'm looking forward to the new motherboard as I am sure many others are as well.


    Keep us posted

  • Thanks for the update Lionel. Honestly I was hoping for more information on when this program will begin. My power button has broken although it is still useable. I've been waiting on having it fixed as it would be via in home service and I would rather have both problems fixed at the same time. Hard to arrange time off work, etc.. Is there any truth to the theory on the forum that the priority for the XPS 700/710 upgraded motherboard is lower than that of filling the supply channel with the new XPS720? Is the long wait due to supply problems?
  • Yessssssssss i'm so excited i'm gonna be XPS 720 Owner soon

    Thanks Lionel for the update

  • Thxs Lionel, things are coming on nicely. One other thing, do we keep the old 700 mb or give it back (o ya exchange ((giveback)) ). Well keep up the good work and keep us updated :).
  • I love this! I am excited and can't wait to have a quad core machine soon! Along with cheaper RAM these days, I am psyched.

    Dell is taking care of their XPS customers really well here.  

  • Thanks for all the support!

    Keep coming the info!


    Thanks a lot! 

  • Not bad... thanks.
  • My Guess is because The Q6600 cant be over clocked*.  only the x6700  qx6700 and the qx6800 can be over clocked.

    Also do we know yet if the H2C unit will be available to us?

    and what if we have a mb problem in the future will we still get the 720MB or will we ghet the 700/710 motherboard?

  • Chris - That's a good question.. I am sure its 720 MB for sure.
  • Lionel,

    Thanks for the update, are dell technicians still going to be avaible to come onsite to out homes do the entire replacement.

    Plus will we have to completley reload windows from scratch for example "Windows XP Pro" of will we just have to re-activate our PC's since a major hardware component has been replaced?