Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems With Ubuntu 7.04

Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems With Ubuntu 7.04


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Dell Offers Three Consumer Systems With Ubuntu 7.04

It’s finally here. Later today, Dell will offer U.S customers three different systems with Ubuntu 7.04 installed: the XPS 410n and Dimension E520n desktops and the Inspiron E1505n notebook. These systems are now available at today. Starting price for the E520n desktop and the E1505n notebook is $599; the XPS 410n starts at $899 $849. Note from Lionel:  My apologies, but I had included an incorrect starting price for the XPS 410n. It will be $849.

Hardware support will come from Dell. Beyond that, users can turn to the Linux section of the Dell Community Forum for help and also get the latest updates from our Linux team at Users also have fee-based options for operating system support through Canonical, including 30-day Get Started, One-year Basic and One-year Standard.

As John said in his post earlier this week, initially we will offer a subset of the component options we support on the three systems. We will continue to work with vendors to improve the stability of the associated Linux drivers moving forward. That’s part of our longer-term goal to increase the number of drivers that work at the kernel level—something Direct2Dell readers made very clear. We’ll get there, it just takes time.

Update 5-25: Beyond this first step of offering three platforms with Ubuntu pre-installed, another goal we have is to introduce Linux to a wider audience. If you're new to Linux or would like to understand more about open source, check out this StudioDell video: Linux 101: What's all the Fuss?

Dell is doing this because of your clear feedback in IdeaStorm. User dhart submitted this idea on February 16—the first day we launched IdeaStorm and it quickly became the #1 idea. Since then, about 30,000 community members weighed in to support it, and over 100,000 of you completed the Linux survey to tell us more.

In this vlog, I had the pleasure to interview John Hull and key members of his team that helped us get to this point today. In addition to John, you'll hear from Roger Noriega and Rezwanul Kabir, who were the desktop and notebook leads, respectively. You'll also hear perspective from Hatim Amro about work he did to get systems with Ubuntu through Dell's manufacturing process.

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To the worldwide Linux community, I wanted to thank you for all your support. Linux-related posts are the three most viewed posts since we launched the blog back in July 2006. The Linux survey post and the Ubuntu 7.04 post are also the top two most commented blog entries as well—both received well over 500 comments. That makes it hard to keep up with comment moderation, but it's a problem I love to have.

Thanks for giving us a chance to show what Dell 2.0 is about. While this is a milestone that a lot of us will remember, it’s just the beginning—plenty more to come.


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  • Great!! Any news on when systems will be available in the EU?
  • Thank you Dell! Great work!
  • Wow, great to hear that the Ubuntu systems are finally shipping, congratulations and much thanks to Dell! I'll definitely be recommending these to my friends, only thing is, shouldn't there technically be at least a slight discount for the Ubuntu machines compared to the Windows ones? After all, Ubuntu is a free OS, while Windows costs money; even with the OEM discounts Dell gets and the discounts from filling up the machines with AOL ads, wouldn't it cost Dell less per unit for Ubuntu, at least in the long term? It would be nice to see some slight price reductions once the initial costs of launching the program are done, though I guess they're acceptable right now to cover the costs of supporting a new platform...

    Anyhow, it's good to see that Dell is working with hardware vendors to have good linux-compatible, open-soruce drivers. Now, all I hope is that these Ubuntu machines will be available to the masses through local Best Buys, Circuit Cities, and other stores, as restricting these to an online-only program would severely limit their success; I'm certain that these Dell-Ubuntu machines have a massive market out there for non-technical users who simply want a stable, virus/spyware/malware-free, easy-to-use machine for web browsing, email, and productivity, and this market would be inaccessible if this were limited to an obscure webpage on Dell's site, like many previous "open-source" offerings were, rather than in the local electronics store...

  • Thank you, Dell!



  • To the first poster: Ununtu is of no cost to you, but the ammount of time and effort Dell's Engineers put into making this happen was not free.

    After years of frustration fighting with buggy ACPI and implementing various other hacks to get my "Designed for Windoze" laptops to work maybe 90% with GNU/Linux, I am more than happy to pay the same price for a laptop that I know will be open and "supported" running Ubuntu.  Buying one of these offerings saves me valuable time and money. 

    I have been using GNU/Linux for eight years, and I never thought I'd see this day.  This is just awesome!
    Thank you Dell!

  • Any chance we can get them sooner, its ok if you haven't finished the install I can take it from where ever you're at now?
  • Ben Watson beat me to it...
  • Great news for the US customers. What about Europe and other parts of the world? Are you planning to ship to anywhere else than the US as well?

    There are already vendors like System76 who provide GNU/Linux-ready laptops, but they also only ship to US and Canada. Shipping to Europe would make Dell's offer even more interesting.




  • Wonderful news! THANK YOU DELL! WE LOVE YOU!
  • Grazie Dell dall' Italia !!!

    (Thank Dell from Italy!!) 

  • Hello,

    in the first place thanks for your initiative.

    when he is available in Europe/Spain?

    Thank you Dell!

  • Great, when will we be able to buy Latitude notebooks here in Europe?
  • Wow, there sure are some really really tired looking guys in that video :)

    Thx for working so hard to make this effort possible. 

  • We need this computer also in Europe....

    Also in Europe!

    Plz, help me to have my next laptop branded DELL, giving this possibility available also in Europe.

    If I know that a laptop is fully supported under Linux, I'm going to choose it.

    It's that simple. :)


  • Come on guys! I'm waiting to buy a new Dell Laptop with Ubuntu Feisty inside.

    You could include a sticker of "designed for linux" like that

    Designed for Linux

  • Nothing but praise to Dell, you make a good start at version 2.0 ;-)
  • Any word on international availability??

    Thank you very much :)

  • Good stuff! I'll be waiting until Latitudes are shipped with Ubuntu though.
  • Thank you, Dell! But what about us, users living in Europe?
  • Congratulations to Dell with this great move. Europeans that can't wait could take a look at his list of companies selling systems with Linux pre-installed.

  • Hey Dell, good News. But when will we be able to get this option here in Europe? (Germany)
  • And to think I just bought a new Dell laptop a few weeks ago... strangely enough, once I picked the Intel wireless instead of the Broadcom/Dell chipset, it was more plug-n-play with an Ubuntu 7.04 livecd than Windows XP was on a new reinstall!
  • Great news! I hope to buy a new PC around october, and it would be really neat if it would be a Dell Ubuntu machine. I really hope they are available then in the Netherlands!
  • This is fabulous news - great to see Dell demonstrating technology leadership like this.
  • Adrian Kingsley-Hughes wrote the other day on ZDNet that

    Dell’s not really serious about Linux

    I posted it at one discussion site with the comment that being conservative shouldn't be treated as "bad".

    I can echo others' remarks:


     But, I also believe that if Dell continues to pursue this approach of LISTENING to both customers AND staff, Dell will not only create its own success, but provide an example to others.

    I'm happier about IdeaStorm than I am about Linux. Hopefully, many others (not just in business... government, anyone?) will CONTINUE to learn from this.