XPS 720 H2C is Here, Officially

XPS 720 H2C is Here, Officially


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XPS 720 H2C is Here, Officially

I'm sure many of you out there already saw the Engadget story last week. Today, we're officially taking orders for the 720 H2C here in the United States. Customers in Europe will be able to order soon. I know that a lot of you were waiting for details of our next-generation motherboard, and this is it. The 720 H2C utilizes the same motherboard we will ship in the XPS 720. In other words, it's the one that XPS 700 users can soon upgrade to for free, and the one XPS 710 customers can purchase.

The XPS 720 board is a Dell implementation of NVIDIA's 680i chipset. If you're familiar with the 680i chipset, you already know it brings several performance enhancements, like support for processors like Intel's QX6700 and QX6800 processors that support a 1066MHz front side bus, Corsair Dominator 800MHz Enhanced Performance Profile (EPP) memory overclocked to 1066MHz.

I've seen some of you asking if the memory runs at 1066MHz native speed. No, it does not. Corsair also makes it clear in this PDF that the Dominator EPP memory runs at 800MHz native and can be overclocked to 1066MHz.In the BIOS, customers who purchase Corsair memory with their system will have two options for the memory settings. Standard runs at the native clock speed of 800MHz, while SLI/EPP will run it at the overclocked 1066MHz speed.

The XPS 720 board provides more overclocking flexibility compared to our previous gaming systems. XPS 720 customers will have the ability to overclock the CPU, the memory, and the graphics processor. The board also allows CPU and memory overclocking in the BIOS and via NVIDIA's nTune software. Through nTune, users can modify systems clocks, voltages, memory timings, fans and more. One 680i feature that the XPS 720 board does not support is NVIDIA's dual Gigabit ethernet controllers. That also means that it doesn't support NVIDIA's DualNet or FirstPacket technology capability.

Note: You can click on the attached nTune screenshot below to open a larger version of the image. 

The XPS 720 H2C ships with the following components overclocked from the factory:

  • 2.66GHz QX6700 factory overclocked to 3.46GHz
  • 2.93GHz QX6800 factory overclocked to 3.73GHz
  • Corsair 800MHz EPP memory factory overclocked to 1066MHz

The H2C part is our liquid-cooled solution that we've been shipping in the XPS 710 H2C. In case you missed it, this blog entry features a video overview of how the cooling technology works from one of the lead engineers on the product, Chuck Hood. 

The 720 H2C also ships with a 2X Blu-ray optical drive. Those of you that have seen our XPS M1710 gaming notebook might already know about our LightFX toolkit. XPS 720 customers will now have more flexibility with 16 LED colors. Game developers can use LightFX to incoroporate LEDs into gameplay to simulate things like fire, damage, and life drain.

In this video, David McClintock, the platform design engineer, talks about how the XPS 720 H2C and the 720 board were designed for overclocking. He discusses how EPP memory works, and more.

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  • I am struck by one thought after reading this post. The 14,000 posts by the XPS 700 customers on the Dell Community Forum were not in vain . Dell listened and this post, Lionel, is a testament to a lot of customer hard work! Thanks!

  • Hey Lionel,

    I know I have been a pain in the rear end periodically banging on blu ray, 680i chipshet, and memory at 1066Mhz. Great to see that Dell has listened to voice of the customer.

     I am really hoping that Dell truly listens to the voice of the customer in Europe also, more specifically ireland:), in so far as the lack of a factory overclocked version of the system in XPS710H2C. I know, as you have mentioned in the past, possible to overclock the system on the BIOS especially when you have the H2C technology, but it really doesnt make sense not to roll out the factory overclocked chips under warranty in europe also does it? For people who dont want to go messin about with bios settings and possibly voiding warranties, its REALLY is an important factor in potentially departing from around €6000-€7000 in cash. So heres hoping that the Europe version of the XPS 720 will not be a watered down version like it has been throughout the lifetime of the XPS710H2C.

    To end this comment on a good note, I think this is the best (and most cutting edge) system Dell has rolled out a very long time. Heres hoping you dont forget loyal irish, i mean european Dell customers too! :)



  • My brother the internet sensation!!!  Nice system!
  • This looks like a machine I would buy. However, I don't understand why there is no option for a 30" monitor or larger when there is 3 sections for monitors? I'm assuming most people are not going to spend $6k and only get a 20" monitor. Also why is there no hybrid or parallel drive options?  Why doesn't the help tell you which drive is better for what instead of just sizes? Is SATA 3Gb/s at 7.2k rpm faster than SATA 1.5Gb/s 10k RPM?
  • Will XPS 700 customers be able to buy the H2C liquid cooling systems...for our wonderful new MB?

    Thanks for offering this program. Dell and it's customers have done a great service for the XPS line.

  • Hi Lionel,

    Will the XPS 720 and 720 H2C be available in Australia soon also?

    Many thanks,


  • Awesome. I'm glad I've been waiting for the NVIDIA SLI drivers to come out so that the H2C will have Vista factory-installed. By the way Lionel, any idea when that will happen?
  • I would love to be able to purchase the H2C for XPS 700!!!!



  • Thanks awesome MoBo for  my XPS 700 i glad to see wi-fi included in the chipset...

    When will the "fixed" BIOS 1.4.0 be available for download?

  • SuriV: My apologies for not getting back to you. Got an update from the team earlier this morning—goal is to have the updated BIOS by the end of this month.
  • Can anyone at Dell shed light on the "less than" decisions made for the Dell version of NVIDIA's 680i motherboard / chipset in the new XPS 720?(http://www.nvidia.com/object/designed_by_nvidia_680i_sli.html)

     Mr Neil Hand indicated RAID 0+1 and RAID 5 in his 3/9/2007 communication; yet, that is not in the 720 H2C but is supported by Media Shield and the 680i chipset. The NVIDIA supports a faster 1333MHz FSB and SLI ready memory with EPP to 1200 MHz, not Dell's arbitrary(?) 1066; 2 PCIe slots on NVIDIA' s motherboard, 1 on the 720 plus an extra standard PCI slot #3 (hopefully now with correct PCI timing so a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi card might work); NVIDIA has 2 gigabit ports plus first packet and dual net not offered by Dell? Corsair offers faster "Domminator" 1GB memory chips to match the 680i SLI / EPP (http://www.corsair.com/corsair/dominator.html) and the cost is less at Newegg for the wounded version offered by Dell. How does a x64 bit customer obtain 8 GB of memory?? 

    I am simply confused by the PR statements and the end user product being a classic over-promise / under deliver scenerio yet again since the XPS 500!

  • Ok, someone explain this to me:

     After seeing that the XPS 720 was out I decided I had to buy one.  I configured a system that totaled around $6400, and then got to the financing portion of the transaction.

     At that point, the sales representative ran my credit, said you were approved for the maximum credit limit of $5000, and then paused unexpectedly.  Thinking that she was wanting to tell how how I would pay, I told her, "no problem I will give you my credit card for the balance."  She then explained that there was a problem...you have to finance the WHOLE system, or none.

    After running through various Dell representatives for over an hour, I discovered that:

    (1) Dell will not offer financing over $5000 unless you have had an account with them for over 6 months (which is truly pointless for anyone buying a brand new computer);

    (2) Dell prohibits you from paying any portion of your purchase price if you want to take advantage of their financing; and

    (3) The result of this is that Dell will not offer any financing whatsoever for the XPS 720 system, because it (even with everything possible stripped off of it) has a purchase price that exceeds $5000, and Dell won't let you pay for any portion of that amount.

    So let me get this straight?  I want to buy the most expensive computer Dell makes, and they won't sell it to me, even after I offered to pay a substantial portion of the purchase price?  They will, however, sell me a different, cheaper model that will make them less money?

  • BPryor: My apologies that we're giving you a problem trying to pay us $6K for a 720 H2C. I'll have someone contact you tomorrow.
  • I would also very much like to know: Will XPS 700 customers be able to buy the H2C liquid cooling systems...for our wonderful new MB?

    This would be nice, as the H2C cooling wasn't avaliable when i purchased my XPS 700.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Iam a big xps fan, have u considered an update to the xps 710 to make the lights flash like the new 729
  • I have been thinking about buying an XPS 710 but this puts my plans on hold. When will there be a non-H2C version for those of us that want the motherboard and memory improvements but don't care for liquid cooling? Will it be priced similar to the current 710?

    Between 700 users getting a free MB update and this, 710 users are in a bit of a disadvantage aren't they?

    I don't understand how anybody in their right mind could place an order for a new 710 machine after seeing this. A non-H2C version to replace the regular 710 is needed ASAP.

  • Quick question that I'd like to get an answer on.  My XPS700 was shipped from Dell with a RAID 0+1 (mirror) configuration.  Obviously I've got a lot of data on these drives, and was wondering if the drives contained some of the array data on them, or if it was all onboard the motherboard. 

    If it is all onboard the motherboard, how will Dell work with the customer to ensure no data is lost in this upgrade process beyond just the physical upgrade itself?  Will I have to rebuild my mirrors myself?  Etc... just food for thought that i'd like to get answered.


  • Hi Lionel, I am excited about the new XPS720.

    I purchased a XPS710 in January which was once exchanged and then Dell took back the second one in April and credited me for.  Since I am a loyal Dell customer having purchased over a dozen PCs and Laptops for myself and my office, I told Dell to hold the money so I could buy another one.  Then the news leaked that the 720 was coming out.  I anxiously awaited the 720.  I do not have a need for the H2C.  I do need Vista and RAID which is available on the XPS720H2C and should be as well on the XPS720.  I am trying to find out when the air-cooled 720 will be out.  no one gives me a straight answer, having heard anywhere from this month (May 07) to 2-3 months.  Dell has had my $4400 since January and I want to order a Dell.  I also have a 10% coupon which expires May 30.  So I wish to be able to take advantage of it.

     Now, Dell has had my dollars since January interest free, and I need a PC.  Questions are:

    1.  When will the air-cooled XPS720 be available

    2.  Will Dell be willing to honor my coupon after it is expired

    3. If no to above, will Dell be willing to work with me on the price of the XPS720H2C model if I elect to purchase that instead?

    Please let me know ASAP as I would love to stay loyal to Dell.  I have been your customer since 1999.

  • As someone who has purchased a 710-H2C recently, when will we be offered the option to buy the motherboard upgrade?



  • I meant to say perpendicular not parallel drive earlier.
  • Lionel,

    It seems that this may be a popular item, that many would like to have an answer on.

    Is the lack of an answer because there is no definitive answer yet? 


    horsted said:

    I would also very much like to know: Will XPS 700 customers be able to buy the H2C liquid cooling systems...for our wonderful new MB?

    This would be nice, as the H2C cooling wasn't avaliable when i purchased my XPS 700.

    Thanks in advance!

  • Hi...I completely stumbled on this blog by accident. Just about 4 weeks ago I purchased a 710 H2C specifically for MS FSX. So after weeks of tweaking (I was in hardware deficiency denial), I finally concluded that the bottleneck was in my hardware.

    At this point I have paid $5400 for this system only to find out it's already maxed out on performance upgrade capability. The 590 SLI is maxed in the 710 H2C. You can't do any more to it! There was nothing on Dell's site and nothing mentioned by reps about the 720...had I known I would have waited 3 weeks for a far better system.

    I recieved this system the first week of May...what options do I have to exchange this system for a 720 under these circumstances? How soon will the 680i upgrade purchase be availble?

    Right now my H2C makes a great FSX slide show presentation and with no hope to upgrade the hardware for increased gaming experience I am now stuck with a really fast Internet and email system...this is foul...



  • Oh yes...in reference to my question about 710 support, I'm especially concerned considering that this is my second 710 this year. Earlier this year I purchased a 710 ForumulaRed...while I didn't expect much from it I certainly didn't expect the 720 H2C new addition 3 weeks after my 710 H2C purchase. In the last 5 months I have purchased about $8000 worth of Dell systems for personal use.

     What sort of support can I expect on my 710 H2C exchange or motherboard upgrade?



  • Hello Lionel

    I own a XPS 710 system i wondering if the lightfx tool kit will become available to XPS 700 and 710 systems

  • Hello Lionel,

    Good news! Hopefully the registration programme will be up and running in no time and the XPS 700 customers can finally be placated with a mobo that delivers what it should.

    W.r.t. the cooling question from other users - I am also curious if the cooling can be upgraded or not?

    Thanks again for the update and I hope the actual replacement programme is up and running very shortly.