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There's been some chatter about a Latitude Tablet PC coming from Dell. Check out what Jeff Clarke has to say.

Update: 12/10β€”I just posted new details about the Latitude XT here. More information coming tomorrow.

Update: 12/11β€”Glenn just published his postβ€”it features an almost 10-minute vlog discussing the capacitive touch capability and the concept of freestyle computing.

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  • woohoo! looks great!

  • This is exciting news! I have been waiting for a Dell tablet PC for years now and it looks like this one will be hitting the mark in terms of portability. Looking forward to the launch.
  • it's about freakin time!

    i hope its a decently priced 3LB convert tablet with educational discounts!!

  • I just hope it uses wacom technology for the screen/pen interface.
  • All these anon tips i've been getting at Aximsite are starting to materialize now. Thanks Dell. I have been hammering on on particular PR rep for 3-4 years to get this done!!!


  • My question is- Is this based on the D420?
  • Fantastic news! I've been waiting for a tablet offering from Dell for years. It was a tough move going with another brand for the last 2 years, but I'm seriously addicted to my tablet.

    There is just one request: Dell, PLEASE include an option to upgrade to an Nvidia chipset. The intel video that comes with most tablets doesn't run the 3D applications that I use. ATI is good, but their drivers aren't as good for 3D authoring as they are for games. Dell+tablet+Nvidia=me as a guaranteed customer. I will pay double!



  • So...will my Latitude certification cover me for these? Heheh. I've been waiting some time to be able to take apart a tablet without risk of voiding the warranty!
  • The slim factor definitly appeals to me.  I'll just have to wait and see.  I'm still a little ticked about the whole Axim discontinuation thing, but from the looks of things I may end up with another Dell before I know it.

  • Great to see information starting to come out about this - rumors of a Dell Tablet PC have been circulating for quite some time, and Dell's entry into the Tablet PC marketplace shows that Tablet PCs are a mature technology that are finally coming of age.  The fact that it's a convertible is important.

    Dan Jensen



  • Glad to see Dell finally joining in. Now, if Chrysler could make a hybrid electric car, we'll finally be in the 21st century!

    Looks like the convertible form factor is winning hands down over slate models. Most people I know are familiar with Dell. No one has yet seen the "Dude, you're getting a 'Motion Computing' or 'Electrovaya'" ads.

     Until now, if it weren't for Gateway or for HP's product placement on "Stargate: Atlantis," tablets would be pretty much dominated by Fujitsu and Toshiba.

  •    Nice Shirt!
  • Dell - Innovators in technology

    Dell is striving to be a front runner, and this new Latitude Tablet couple with the Dell Ultra HD Display Port, they are entering a new arena, as leaders in innovation and technology.

    Exciting times for Business and Consumer!

    -WebMaster Adam.

  • At, this weekend, I'm commenting on some of the gadgets coming out of this weeks WinHEC conference.

    The 6 keys things I think my next tablet should have:

    1. Windows Vista with Aero
    2. Convertible
    3. SideShow (that I can extend)
    4. LED-backlight widescreen
    5. Windows ReadyDrive HDD
    6. 6+ hours on a single battery with standby battery swap

    In the mean time I may purchase a Vista UMPC.


  • This is exciting news. I hope it comes out before the end of August, which is when I need to make a purchase. The ThinkPad is my current top choice, but if Dell can out-engineer Lenovo (no easy task), they'd have a customer right here.