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There's been some chatter about a Latitude Tablet PC coming from Dell. Check out what Jeff Clarke has to say.

Update: 12/10—I just posted new details about the Latitude XT here. More information coming tomorrow.

Update: 12/11—Glenn just published his post—it features an almost 10-minute vlog discussing the capacitive touch capability and the concept of freestyle computing.

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  • woohoo! looks great!

  • This is exciting news! I have been waiting for a Dell tablet PC for years now and it looks like this one will be hitting the mark in terms of portability. Looking forward to the launch.
  • it's about freakin time!

    i hope its a decently priced 3LB convert tablet with educational discounts!!

  • I just hope it uses wacom technology for the screen/pen interface.
  • All these anon tips i've been getting at Aximsite are starting to materialize now. Thanks Dell. I have been hammering on on particular PR rep for 3-4 years to get this done!!!


  • My question is- Is this based on the D420?
  • Fantastic news! I've been waiting for a tablet offering from Dell for years. It was a tough move going with another brand for the last 2 years, but I'm seriously addicted to my tablet.

    There is just one request: Dell, PLEASE include an option to upgrade to an Nvidia chipset. The intel video that comes with most tablets doesn't run the 3D applications that I use. ATI is good, but their drivers aren't as good for 3D authoring as they are for games. Dell+tablet+Nvidia=me as a guaranteed customer. I will pay double!



  • So...will my Latitude certification cover me for these? Heheh. I've been waiting some time to be able to take apart a tablet without risk of voiding the warranty!
  • The slim factor definitly appeals to me.  I'll just have to wait and see.  I'm still a little ticked about the whole Axim discontinuation thing, but from the looks of things I may end up with another Dell before I know it.

  • Great to see information starting to come out about this - rumors of a Dell Tablet PC have been circulating for quite some time, and Dell's entry into the Tablet PC marketplace shows that Tablet PCs are a mature technology that are finally coming of age.  The fact that it's a convertible is important.

    Dan Jensen



  • Glad to see Dell finally joining in. Now, if Chrysler could make a hybrid electric car, we'll finally be in the 21st century!

    Looks like the convertible form factor is winning hands down over slate models. Most people I know are familiar with Dell. No one has yet seen the "Dude, you're getting a 'Motion Computing' or 'Electrovaya'" ads.

     Until now, if it weren't for Gateway or for HP's product placement on "Stargate: Atlantis," tablets would be pretty much dominated by Fujitsu and Toshiba.

  •    Nice Shirt!
  • Dell - Innovators in technology

    Dell is striving to be a front runner, and this new Latitude Tablet couple with the Dell Ultra HD Display Port, they are entering a new arena, as leaders in innovation and technology.

    Exciting times for Business and Consumer!

    -WebMaster Adam.

  • At, this weekend, I'm commenting on some of the gadgets coming out of this weeks WinHEC conference.

    The 6 keys things I think my next tablet should have:

    1. Windows Vista with Aero
    2. Convertible
    3. SideShow (that I can extend)
    4. LED-backlight widescreen
    5. Windows ReadyDrive HDD
    6. 6+ hours on a single battery with standby battery swap

    In the mean time I may purchase a Vista UMPC.


  • This is exciting news. I hope it comes out before the end of August, which is when I need to make a purchase. The ThinkPad is my current top choice, but if Dell can out-engineer Lenovo (no easy task), they'd have a customer right here.
  • forget about tablets, how about a Santa Rosa latitude with a decent graphics card!!!
  • I'd buy from a guy wearing a shirt like that.

    Do I see a single-frame peek at a pointing stick? Please? It's so much easier and quicker than having to pick up and move your hand, then re-find the keys, every blasted time.

    I'd be thrilled to return to my love-affair with Dell, but in addition to the pointing stick, you need an easier keyboard: super-soft-touch keys (think Toshiba-ish or better), with a very short stroke (1.5mm?), and a slightly-undersized pitch.

    Of course, that only helps with the small-and-light thing, and that can only be good, right?

    Even if you ignore me, ignore the Greying of America at your peril.

    Older people have increasing difficulty with their hands and fingers (arthritis and whatnot), so requiring minimal motion and pressure is key. If you make them aware of it, they'll be much more interested in your "comfort" keyboard than in the "great feedback" (read, "discomfort", even "pain") available from ThinkPad and the rest.

    (And Boomers are more likely to be touch-typists, so even if their hands aren't stiff yet, the pointing stick is preferable.) 

    You have to admit, it's a great marketing strategy. If you don't think so, well, when the next guy tries it, you're going to be pretty sad. (And if somebody already has, forgive me; I've been under the weather and out of the loop for the past few years. I kinda like that: under the weather and out of the loop... it has the ring of a country song.)

    And for the 2 in the 1-2 punch, attract another new market just by making the outside cool. No, not fan-cool; I mean aesthetic-cool. Dark black or colors will be much more attractive than dark grey. (That only worked when the inside technology provided the cool factor. Now great tech is expected, and you have to go that extra mile.) Shiny or matte is better than textured. Smooth edges are better than sharp corners (unless you're going to take a real permanent stand, like Apple has, and commit to all-bright-red and boxy or something -- although I don't advise that particular look!).

    You don't have to change the logo, but give it an interesting implementation. Careful, don't get tacky. But do make it shiny, or make it clear, or make it glow, or make it a cute contrasting color. You know, late-summer leaf green computer with teal logo, warm golden sunshine computer with orange-red logo, etc.. Even better, let people choose and you can just pop it in last-minute at the factory. (Just don't give them a way to pop it in themselves; in minutes there would be crazy and horrible other symbols for sale out there, and you don't need to be associated with that.) Or make it super-small -- that in itself would be a neat and very visible branding statement.

    Just don't make it big like Toshiba just did. Yuck.

    The list goes of possibilities goes on...

    Just think, not only would you be attracting a new market of cool-seekers (especially important among more creative, more forward-thinking tablet users), I might point out that you'd be making your current target markets happer, which is the same thing as larger, right? After all, students and healthcare workers and even businesspeople want to look nice, too.

    You have to stop thinking about a computer as equipment or a tool and start thinking about it as an accessory. If people are going to be carrying them around all the time, they want to be able to choose what suits their personality, just as they do with shoes and briefcases/backpacks/handbags. (If you need to be convinced of their interest, take a look at the amount of money spent on accessories each year. Nobody *needs* that many shoes or that many bags, it's just important to them.)

    Frankly, all of these tweaks are relatively inexpensive, and I personally guarantee sales and profits will go up, up, up...

    (As long as you take responsibility for making the things actually work. :)

    I'm picturing a Dell-branded wave of smiling, cool-looking grown-ups. Neat.

    I'll shut up now.

    But thanks for listening.
  • Awesome news!  Looks really nice too.  Thin and light.
  • I currently own a Gateway CX210X tablet PC, and love it because it is top-of-the line with regards to WIFI, HD, chipset, proc, and RAM.  The video card is an ATI X1400.  However, the tablet technology used by Finepoint Innovations does not match that of Wacom.

    I wish I had purchased the Toshiba Tecra M7 instead during the brief window when it was sold with an NVS Quadro 110.  This unit has all the same advantages of the Gateway (including 7 hrs of battery life with a secondary battery) and supports 1440x900 resolution.  Also, it has better compatibility with OS X (hacked) and OpenSUSE.

    Thus, good job Dell, but use Wacom, offer discrete graphics, (ideally next-gen DX10-compatible i.e. GeForce 8600 or RadeonHD 2600) and offer at least a 1440x900 resolution.  Personally, I don't care about weight.  Most geeks are guys, so either elbow grease is not an issue, or it shouldn't be. 

  • Looking forward to a Dell Tablet!

    Please, please, I hope you haven't overlooked in your infinite wisdom at Dell to include the items which will put this over-the-top ahead all other teblets, ever!

    I am a physician, these are the items I would want/need to work truly mobile:

    1. Camera(s) - for video calling/conferencing w/ other physicians/residents
    2. Wireless, of course, all modes, all available at the same time on the same tablet
    3. Monitor: UXGA and options for large screens - 15" or larger instead of just trying to make it tiny weeny - I'm not putting a 12 or 10" screen in my white coat pocket, so I would rather have the real estate to view data/labs/literature with the least amount of scrolling possible, PLEASE
    4. Separate Video controller - NOT shared! - not paultry, up to even 256 please so I can process those ultra sound video

    Thank you,

  • I would love to have one once it is available!
  • my wait is over
  • Looks cool, even got the active rotation thing like the X60t. Now only need to know the specs.
  • Very exciting.

    If they were to also confirm an availability date, I might wait for this. Otherwise, I will probably have to pull the trigger on either the Gateway e155c, the Lenovo x61 or the Fujitsu T4220.

    Man, if it was available right now I would not mind spending $2000 to order it right now.

  • Does anyone have any clue about the feature list/spec of these things? I think the offering is long overdue from Dell and I want to know more about what to expect.