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New Latitude Notebooks Coming

Today we launched three notebooks in our Latitude corporate notebook line. The Latitude D630 and D830 are based on Intel’s new Santa Rosa (Centrino Pro) chipset. Beyond improved performance and battery life, these notebooks feature other enhancements like:

  • Hardware-level data encryption
  • Optional Solid State Disks offer improved reliability and reduced boot times vs. traditional mechanical hard drives.
  • Optional Turbo Memory cache card = A flash-based cache solution that helps improve application load and system wake times
  • Enhanced mobile broadband capabilities through integrated mini-card options like HSDPA and EV-DO Rev. A
  • Integrated 802.11n wireless connectivity which offers improved throughput and range over previous Wi-Fi options.

We also launched the Latitude D531, which is Dell’s first corporate notebook that supports AMD processors. Customers can order the D531 with a Turion 64 dual core processor. The D531 is also the first Latitude notebook that can be purchased with a brighter TrueLife LCD panel that we’ve offered on some Inspiron and XPS notebooks.

In this video, product manager Alison Gardner walks through features of these notebooks and discusses some of the new technologies they offer.

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  • Sounds great!  When is Dell going to update the webpages (Premier and public site)?  Is there any hope that we will see a quad core in the laptop line in the near future?


  • Craig: Can't talk about quad core at this point, but Premiere Pages Public and Federal Government sites will have these new notebooks will be happening soon. Several pages already include the new notebooks.

  • Disappointed the out of date Inspiron lineup is untouched and the "new" Santa Rosa notebooks, which I've been waiting for don't have DVI.  Products aren't even on the web site.  PR is not even on their web site.  Ridiculous.  Dell you missed the boat.  Hopefully your competition hasn't.  I've been saving my company notebook purchases up for this date and Dell ain't ready!  Time to check on HP and Toshiba....
  • Bobby: Thanks for your comment. What I can say is we're not sitting still here. If you have to buy right away, then sorry we won't get your business this time around.

  • Wow. I've been coming to your products page for days now trying to hear news about the Santa Rosa platform. Would you be able to post a link to the page where we can play around at customizing the new models when they get on? Thanks
  • Latitude user: Here's what we said about the Latitude D430 in yesterday's press release. Bold emphasis is mine.

    "The company said that it will offer the Latitude D430 ultra-mobile notebook and Dell PrecisionTM  M4300 both based on the Intel processors in the coming weeks. In the fall, Dell plans to announce the launch of the Latitude D630c based on Intel's CentrinoTM  Pro technology."

  • Is there a new Latitude 400 series on the way? If possible, don't forget Ubuntu for the Latitudes!
  • Can we expect Santa Rosa-based Inspirons by back-to-school time?
  • Hello,

    Wonderful to see improvement in battery life! 

    Can you tell a bit about if and when you plan to introduce LED backlit displays? ( ). I have a feeling that SSDs and LED backlight is a killer combination for business travelers.

  • I dont see any new inspirons? When do we expect their release?


  • I think the UK pages need rechecking:

    1) TurboCache isn't an available option (this would be a key driver for us to move from the D620)

    2) FDE drive is set as the default. Not a real problem, but an odd choice, seeing the low takeup of FDE

    3) It's cheaper to buy a second 9 cell battery (£54) vs upgrading the included battery (£81)!!

    4) D/Port is not an available option.

    We'll just go through our TAM and see if we can get it right, but the webpages look a bit too thrown together and reflect poorly on Dell at this time

  • Just wanting to ask here if DELL plans on loading Ubuntu on _any_ of their Latitudes.  I just think they feel so much more solid than the Inspiron.
  • I'd also like to know if there's an ETA for Inspirons with Santa Rosa platform? I don't like the Latitudes as long as they don't come with true life monitors (AND Intel processors).

    I can't believe Dell is so behind. Lenovo (R61, T61), HP, even Gateway already offer new Santa Rosa laptops. The customer service at Dell (live chat) had no idea about ANY Santa Rosa laptops (not even the D630). Very disappointing. Like Bobby Kay, I was waiting for the Santa Rosa launch to buy a new laptop and now.......nothing happens. 

    I believe that you guys at Dell don't sit still. However, it seems that you sat a lot more still than your competitors over the last few months. How else can you explain that they've launched their new lines while Dell hasn't. I like(d) Dell a lot and maybe that's why I'm so disappointed.

  • The order configuration pages for the Latitude D830 and D630 that I reach from do not work. The pages worked on May 9, today and yesterday they do not.
  • Dell embarassed itself by promoting the D630 and D830 yesterday - you click on the link and the product didn't exist.  You can locate incomplete product offerings at the medium business section, but as atlrob says it hasn't worked since Thursday.  I've decided to order two D830s loaded but am unable to do so.  I found that the D-Dock has a DVI port, solving my neurotic concern there.  Clearly, D630 and D830 are just new chips in the same old box.  Dell was not ready to introduce these new notebooks - if it is that apparent at the sales level....kinda scarey eh?