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Goodbye, Axim

First off, sorry for the delay on this. In addition to recent coverage by blogs like Engadget, jkOnTheRun and others, I’ve gotten a few e-mails and a comment from Direct2Dell reader David H. Deans who’ve asked me to confirm whether we’ve discontinued the Axim line or not. The answer is yes, we have.

I’d like to say thanks to all the folks like David and Chris Leckness for their interest in the products. For the 4 years we were in the handheld market, we made many friends and had a blast developing and shipping products to serve different needs.

Update: Just realized that I did not link to in my original post. It is the site that Chris created and administered since 2002. He did an awesome job building a community of folks that were passionate about Axims and Pocket PC devices in general. Thanks again, man.

Why did we make the decision? Because of a steadily declining market for pen-based PDAs and noted over the past several quarters by analyst firms like IDC and Gartner.

Even though we’re not selling them anymore, we still have plans to support our customers. Dell will provide technical and warranty support for Axim and Dell-branded Axim peripherals per the terms defined in the support agreement and limited warranty agreements at the time of purchase.

We also to offer batteries, power cables, AC adapters and sync cable customer kits for the Axim X51/X51v through 2009. All other Dell-branded Axim X51/X51v peripherals are expected to be available through mid-2007 or while supplies last.

Thanks again to all our customers who made the Axim line successful for the last few years.


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  • WhatsUpDell: Thanks for the kind words.

    Currently, I can say there's no plans for any kind of follow-on product using new technologies. Of course, if that changes, I'll blog about it here.

    Lots of us here within Dell really liked the Axim line and are also sad to see it go. Personally, I used an X30 for long time, also had a X50v for the VGA screen... would have been great to see an Axim with a hard drive.

  • I'm really sad to see this line discontinued.  The Axim x30 series has met my needs for the past few years. I use it for standard PDA functions, as well as playing mobile games, watching movies and tv shows I record and convert for ppc, wireless network troubleshooting, and so much more.

    Very few PDA-like Windows Mobile devices have affordably employed 624Mhz XScale processors, along with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, not to mention decent battery performance. I would have liked to see the post-X51 series very much. 

    Seeing as how sales were declining, and cellular mobile devices are obviously replacing the PDA, perhaps we can hope for a new line, based on the Axim fundamentals, which includes the newer technologies, without losing what makes the Axim line so useful. Any chance there Lionel?

    Dell, thanks for having brought the Axim line to us in the first place. I enjoyed it while it lasted.


  • Will an upgrade to Windows Mobile 6 be provided when it's released?

     Also, is there any hope of Dell releasing tech specs so the development community can get to developing a working Linux distribution for it? :)

  • So what is Jack Bauer going to use to stay in synch with Chloe?  In case you haven't noticed it, the CTU on the tv show 24 has made extensive use of Axims for it's agents in the field.

    I have had an X5 and and X51v and have loved their day to day practicality and performance.  Although I don't fight terrorists, everything I have done has been run through my Axim at some point.  From listening to interent radio, reading the paper in the local coffee shop, keeping up with my daughters and my favorite sports teams, and

    Thanks for the great run and here's to finding out how long the thing will run without support.  Thanks also to the folks at for all the great insights and problem solving.

  • Now you've mentioned Aximsite... say there won't be a WM6 so they won't argue about it for another month :)
  • Thanks for confirming this news, although it's sad news. By the way, could you confirm anything about the possibility of a WM6 update for the x51v? It's been the focus of a lot of rumoring, and it would be great to have an official version. I think it would be a good final update for the x51v. Also, I read somewhere that Microsoft gives free updates for hardware distributors for WM6, I don't know if that would apply in this case.

    Please, if possible, give us some kind of answer on this matter.


  • I would be interested in a WM6 upgrade for my Axim X51V... it is the mainstay of my diary management between personal and work pcs and while commuting (it's a lot easier to open up an Axim on a cramped long-haul commuter bus than a 15.4 inch screen laptop).

  • I can't for sure say yes or no on the WM6 upgrade, however Microsoft has stated that they are only offering a free WM6 ROM update to manufacturers of phone-based PDA devices. I'm not sure how much that would discourage Dell from acquiring the necessary licensing and providing the update to the end user. I don't have a link to a specific article regarding the free update, however they're quite abundant with a Google search.
  • I just bought an Axim 51V, i wonder if i coulp purchase acessories for my device after the buy? And the complete care? Can i buy an 3 years complete care?
  • I work for a university observatory, and we have been developing
    software to use the Axim as a smart, wireless hand control for
    our new telescope.  We are still in development, but so far the
    Axim has been a very useful tool for us.  Maybe we should
    buy a couple spares while we can.  I also use one myself for
    more ordinary purposes.

  • My x51v was recently stolen; thank goodness I was able to get a new one before they were discontinued.  Boy, I think it was shortsighted to give up on the line, but I guess that's the way it goes some times.  Oh well...
  • There will be no such update. A Dutch site posted two weeks ago already on Dell leaving the PDA market and they had Dell in the Netherlands confirm this and also asked wether there was to be a WM6 update. Dell told them there wouldn´t be.
  • Thanks for making the x51v.  It still is the best pda in the world. I guess that it is good to retire when the axim x51v while it is the undisputed handheld champion of the world.

    The axim sets the standard for all the other brands...........

  • Sorry to see that the Axim is being discontinued. I have used various Pocket PC's and Palm devices over the years. Although I primarily used Ipaqs, I was quite impressed with the Axim.

    Does Dell plan on introducing any UMPC models or smartphones to remain in the mobile market? I know HP has struggled with it's Ipaq 6000 series phone and is finding it difficult to compete with Moto, Palm or HTC but I think there are still many opportunities. Is Dell going to enter this market as it continues to grow?


  • I hope you can clear up the windows mobile 6 upgrade. I would like to get if possible
  • This is horribly disappointing. I have been a very satisfied Axim X5 user for the past 3.5 years. If I were to ever need a replacement, I would go straight for the latest Axim. Now I see that is no longer an option. Dell is discarding a lot of customer loyalty here.
  • Lionel, I want to thank you for making this post and recognizing some of the folks that have helped Dell make this product a success. I appreciate the thanks. has helped millions wade through the Pocket PC learning curve with the Dell Axim. Aximsite has provided me with a great way to help others. By providing the site, I have also had my love and hobby open other doors for new technologies.

     Thanks for a great run and can't wait to see what is in store next.

  • Wow, that stinks.  Just bought my X51v in November after using Palm for last six years.  It's really an awesome PDA.  Hope mine lasts for awhile.
  • Is Dell planning to launch  something like a Smart Phone, wich is now the tendency? Axims were a winner product everywhere I read articles about them.


  • Terribly disappointed in the demise of the Axim! I’ve been using Pocket PCs for a long time. Went to Palm for a short time.  Never liked it. Needed to buy a new pocket pc and was looking at Dell. I’ve owned Dell desktops and laptops for years and have heard great things about the Axim.  If anyone has any suggestions where to turn to now (HP?), I’d love to hear from you.  Any opinion whether the pocket PC will survive?

  • Of course the PPC will survive!  Although I'm sure that they are becoming more rare, as the age of smartphones comes...  The PPC market is downsizing, yet there will always be one or two companies making them....

    I'm really bugged about Dell's decision (although I saw it coming).  I've had an X5 for 1/2 year and I was really thinking about getting an X51v.  Sure,, my the 600MHz overclocked CPU was fast, but I've always been anoyed by the small screen res. was.  And, duh, WM5 has signifigant changes, like the way the memory (RAM) is handled, and longer batt life.

    But now that Dell has stopped, I can't even think of going to another brand.

    Maybe a used X51v.... or a UMPC.



  • Sales are declining for PDA's? Probably true, but it's all in the hype. PDAs are the best mobile computer available, good size screen, reasonable text entry, sadly in general not the best for presentations, but over all the best mobile money could buy because they fit in a pocket and they don't ring!

    Phone based PDAs have and will always be a "nice try" the screens are too small due to the inherent design characteristics of a phone.  Plus there's the service drilling of the wallet to pay for the data transfers. Crackberry has its uses but is it really worth the price?

    For me the best PDA would be a PDA with an integrated headset for calls.  Extract the head set, stick it in your ear,  answer the call. It could be tethered or not, the key is that the screen would be visible and usable during the call. You could take notes, set appointments, read notes on the contact, etc. The device isn't a phone it's a conduit for communication, the headset is the phone. Add cheap GPS,  an FM radio (with timed record), and wireless 'g' and you've got perfection.

    Man, I so wanted to buy an Axim 51v with a Rhinoskin case. Least you guys could have done was announce the discontinuance!  Now I got nothing.  Asus makes a good motherboard, but I'm not trusting my life to their PDA, sorry.  Guess I'll look at HP again.   Meanwhile build what I described. (BTW. Sell replacement headsets, I'm sure they'll get lost.)

  • Really sorry to hear that! I was just about to purchase another Dell Axim x50v for my buddies just when Dell announcing discontinue the PDA line.

    I'm really into it and still using the entry-level Pocket PC of Dell Axim x50.

  • Well, I am the user of PDA phone (Dopxx). Honestly, I will buy Axim if it include dialing function, because my existing PDA is not stable.......

    Why Dell do not consider to add this function in the next ver. on PDA market? This is really truce with the PDA market dropping because the function on Phone is covered but I think it cannot fulfil my requirement.... at least I can use the Phone to reply email.

    (What are stupid on Nokxx- N95 though it have GPS, multi-media function, but no touch panel!!!)

  • Too bad, soo sad.  I will use my Axim 5 as long as I can.  I love it, wouldn't be caught waiting in a doctor's office without it.  I pass the time with the many games I have stored on it.  I keep it with me all the time.  I am glad to hear tha Dell will continue to support it.

    But, will it still work to sync with a Windows Vista computer?