Potential Vertical Line on Certain 17" Notebook Displays

Potential Vertical Line on Certain 17" Notebook Displays


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Potential Vertical Line on Certain 17" Notebook Displays

Update: January 16, 2008—Mike Bukowski, a Technical Analyst from our Dell Customer Advocate team recently published a post that discusses other potential causes of vertical lines on notebook displays.  

Earlier this year, members of our Customer Advocate team posted a message that still resides front and center on a site called dellverticalline.com. That note says we were aware of some user complaints about certain notebook displays. Since then, the Customer Advocate team has coordinated with other Dell groups to help figure out what was happening with some 17" notebook displays.

Here's what they found: on some 17” LCD displays shipped with Dell Inspiron 9200, 9300 and Dell XPS Gen 2 notebooks, a one pixel wide vertical line may develop across the LCD screen over time. Systems that may be affected by this issue shipped from Nov. 2004 through Oct 2006.

Here’s what we’re doing: for affected systems, Dell is offering to replace any LCD that develops a vertical line within three years of purchase, at no charge for parts and labor. Also, Dell will offer refunds to customers who paid Dell to replace defective LCDs with this issue.

Dell values our customers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

We will send letters to all potentially affected customers whose systems are out of warranty. We have already begun mailing them—letters will be sent to our customers at their last known address.

To summarize the key criteria:

  • This potential issue applies to Inspiron 9200, 9300 and XPS Gen 2 models only
  • Only these three systems shipped from Nov. 2004 to October 2006 are potentially affected

Not all systems are affected. U.S. customers who are experiencing this issue, or who have paid to replace an LCD for this issue can call 1-800-624-9896.

For customers outside the U.S., please contact Dell by phone:

  • Go to support.dell.com
  • Choose your country or region from the drop-down list
  • Choose Contact Us
  • Choose Technical Support
  • Choose Call Technical Support

Note: I've amended the previous two paragraphs with updated information. Rather than strikethroughs, I edited the original text to help eliminate any confusion.


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  • Just Wondering: Defective panels cause the issue in some Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XPS Gen 2 notebooks purchased between Nov. 2004 - Oct. 2006.
  • So what WAS the problem?  Defective panels? The way they were used?  There was a very good explanation of the delay shipping vista upgrades for certain models.  How about a good explanation of exactly what this problem was?
  • A nice gesture, but considering it also happens on Latitude's as well (in particular our  610m's which aren't covered - yet) I'm disappointed. In the latitude's case, I wouldn't be surprised if it is caused by the keyboard pressing on the screen when the case is closed
  • Bravo Dell,

    I think it is great that youare actively taking care of your customers when a problem develops.  Keep up the good work.

  • Still not Express Vista Upgrade though.
  • David: See my updated blog post confirming that Axim is no more.
  • Lionel, can you please shed some light on reports that the Dell Axim line of Pocket PCs has been discontinued. I looked for a press release that announced the decision, explained the rationale, and the plan for ongoing support -- but I found nothing on the Dell corporate website.

    For the record, my Axim X30 (and assorted accessories) is one of the most useful mobile computing products that I've owned, thus far. Granted, those of us that use Pocket PCs are early adopters, but I was hopeful that these devices would eventually become a mainstream product.



  • Great news! 

    We let everyone in the Dell sections at NotebookForums.com know.  They are going to be thrilled to hear the solution you are implementing. 



  • I read consumers stating that this is a great gesture on Dell's part, indicative of a company that cares about it's customers, when the fact of the matter is that there was a time only weeks ago when every single Dell employee ever asked about this issue denied ever having heard of the problem.

    It simply became too large for Dell to ignore, that's all.

    This solution is unacceptable for no other reason than that it restricts the coverage of LCD replacement panel costs solely to those who chose to have Dell replace their panels. When taking into consideration the facts that Dell chose to pretend this was not a problem to begin with, Dell's rather high price tag for a replacement LCD, and the fact that the replacement panel would be coming from the same source (Dell) as the faulty component, I must conclude that a rather significant portion of us customers chose to install panels from another source. Why the hell wouldn't we?

    ...But then, the good folks at Dell already knew that.

  • Dennis: Thanks for your comment. Obviously, I'm a bit biased on the topic, but I have a less cynical view of this than you do. Lots of people here are committed to doing what's right for our customers. Sometimes it may take us longer to get there than our customers would like. I agree and can tell you that we're working to shorten the time it takes for us to implement a solution in situations like this.

    In the meantime, I'll continue to publish the positive and negative comments that come along.

  • Well I'm glad Dell is finally owning up to their flaw in some systems but I don't think their scope is broad enough. Obviously based on the complaints from consumers this issue applies to other notebooks besides what is listed.

    I e-mailed and called Dell several times last year about this issue and just got the run around from them. I gave up for awhile until someone at work pointed on the ugly vertical line on my notebook screen. "Chris, what's wrong with your screen?" I replied "Oh, that's Dell's crappy workmanship Victor, don't ever buy a Dell!" Anyway he got me worked up about it so I decided to check out dellverticalline.com hoping that something had developed. To my surprise there was a "Response from Dell - 02/06/2007" so I shot off an e-mail to customer_advocate@dell.com. The next morning someone from Dell contacted me, I was actually quite surprised at the turn around time and that the agent was based in the US (kudos to you). I told her my sob story then she put me hold for what seemed like 10 minutes. When she came back she told me that my Inspiron 8600 was not part of the recall, ugh.

    It's too bad that Dell has decided to leave me with a defective LCD. I am the "techie" of the family and because of me they have sold two Inspiron 6000s, one Inspiron 8600, and one desktop to my family/friends. In the future they can be sure that I will be buying Thinkpads from now on and that I will no longer recommend them. Word of mouth is what can make or break a company but what do they care... they are already a Fortune 100 company.

    Here's a pic of my screen: http://pub.ck84.ws/8600_vertical_line.jpg

    This is my last resort, 


  • Chris: Sorry to hear about the issue with the display on your Inspiron 8600. From the analysis we've done up to this point, this particular issue (which is a panel defect on some 17" displays) appears to be isolated to the Inspiron 9200, 9300, and XPS Gen 2 notebooks.

    That said, we are interested in looking at your specific issue. I've forwarded your e-mail and above comment to someone in Technical Support who can help.

    I agree with your view on word of mouth... I can say we're keenly aware of how its positive or negative comments affect us. In my view, word of mouth has an impact on a company of any size.

  • I have an Inspirion 9300 with the vertical line problem. I am glad to hear the Dell plans to address the issue.  However, to date, no one from Dell has got back to me.  I sent 2 emails to customer_advocate@dell.com with 'Dell Vertical Line outreach' in the subject, as requested by Dell.  First email was sent on 2/19/07 and the second was sent on 4/07/07.  Also, I have left a voice message at ext. 723-9429 yesterday as requested above.  I am hoping to hear from someone soon...

  • Todd: you will, indeed.
  • Well its about time! I have contacted Dell several times regarding this issue since Thanksgiving, and have recieved nothing but rudeness, claims that "we have never heard of such a thing!", and multiple promises to be called back which, of course, I never was. I just contacted the number in this post and also recieved a promise to be called back, which by now means nothing to me coming from Dell... since the customer advocate never emailed me back either, I'm losing hope with this company, completely. I've already been given the runaround enough over this, and the big beautiful (and still young!) 9300 17" screen I paid a lot extra for is so riddled with lines that using my computer is a complete headache. Hopefully this finally reaches a resolution.
  • Jesus: My apologies for this. Will have someone follow up with you soon.
  • I tried the contact number but it goes to voice machine which says that their office hours are 8.30 am - 6 pm Central standard time.   It is 4pm and i am receiving this recording.    I also left a voice message last evening.   No response yet.  
  • Frost: Sorry for the experience you've had up to this point. I'll have someone follow up with you soon.
  • Well, while I'm thrilled to finally get Dell to own up to a defective product, I wish the process wasn't so frustrating - I've tried calling all day to the number listed above and couldn't get a real person, then I tried not typing in the 723-9429 extension and I get India, someone takes all my info then tries to transfer me back to the states, only to lose the connection.  I call back, get another person who then asks for the same exact info I just gave to the first operator (even with the case ID#), who then transfers me again for a 40 minute wait !!! to connect to another operator who tells me I'm out of warranty (which doesn't even apply here), then needs info from my system I don't have at work.
  • I have been in dispute with Dell Europe over this issue for 3 months now. I spoke to the XPS technical team again yesterday and had to point them to this web page.....they knew nothing about it. They still seem to think it is a warranty issue and mine has run out. I have been waiting for calls for over 2 weeks on occasions and have had to fight to get an help at all. Does this cover Euorpean systems too?
  • I just got a response to my second email that was send to customer_advocate@dell.com.  They are going to replace my LCD.  They gave me the option of sending the PC to the DEPOT to have the LCD replaced, or sending me the LCD, so I could replace it myself.

    I have asked for them to send me the LCD(with directions). so I could do the replacement.  I can not do without my PC for any length of time, as I am a sofware engineer, and use it 8 to 10 hours a day.

    Looks like this will be resolved, and I will once again be a HAPPY Dell customer... 

  • I have an Inspiron 9300 purchased June 05, the vertical lines started appearing about 2 weeks ago so i was thrilled to find that this issue has been resolved but now i'm trying to call the number on the top of this page and all i get is a machine telling me to leave the name of the person i'm trying to reach and to call back during business hours but it's 3:00 pm here in Boston.....has anyone actually had any luck getting through to that 7 digit extension? thanks in advance :)
  • So, something about the screens has been done...


    What about the 100+Volts of AC on each screw???


    Just check out:




  • Hi All,

    I wanted to let everyone know that after posting my comment on April 11th someone has followed up with me and resolved my issue. I thank Dell and I want them to know that they've turned a really bad situation into a positive one. Good job, you've kept a customer!


  • Well I think its good for those with the 17" screens but i have a 6000. which is the 15.4" with the same problems. Ive been dealing with people at dell for too long on this issue. I am so unhappy with them right now. I have been calling for the last few months on this issue dell has repeated issues of saying they will call me and not doing so. I have also sent many emails to the customer advocate team without any response. I have called somany times that if i hear "your computer is out of warranty" ill explode. I spent almost two hours on the phone today with dell. I spoke to 4 people and 3 of them told me my my warranty is up on my computer. I also called the extension for you lucky 17 inch people and got the message every time. argh......