XPS 700 Motherboard Exchange Program: Update #1


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XPS 700 Motherboard Exchange Program: Update #1

Update, 8/13:  The link for the XPS 700 Exchange Program is now live:


It’s been two weeks since we announced the exchange program. Wanted to clarify a few things:

  • In terms of hardware that Dell will be providing under the program, this motherboard exchange program will include Dell’s next-generation XPS gaming motherboard and necessary cables and connectors.
  • It will not include the H2C cooling system
  • XPS 710 and 710 H2C customers can purchase Dell’s next-generation XPS gaming board and on-site service. Pricing will be available later this year.
  • The updated XPS 700 BIOS (version 1.4.0) is now available for download. The updated version of the XPS 710 BIOS (that enables the same list of features) is also available today.

I’ve also received comments and emails from customers asking about specs for Dell’s next-generation XPS gaming motherboard. I can’t provide any kind of information about the product at this point. Will share more details later this year.

More update items:

  • XPS Mouse pads: We will ship an XPS mouse pad to XPS 700 customers at no cost when you schedule your motherboard exchange.
  • DTS functionality: DTS is a surround sound format that allows you to hear movies and music encoded in that format. It requires that you have at least 5 speakers and a subwoofer. If you own the Dell version of the Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card, Dell plans to make the DTS codec available to XPS 700 customers who want it. We’re still working through some details—I’ll provide more information soon.
  • $200 gift cards: Unfortunately, we will not be issuing any additional gift cards to XPS 700 customers.
  • Magazine subscriptions: Unfortunately, we will not be issuing any additional magazine subscriptions to XPS 700 customers.

Know that some of you will be upset about the gift cards and the magazine subscriptions, and I apologize for any frustration this causes. The lack of an upgrade path was far and away the most important issue for many of our XPS 700 customers. That’s why we focused our efforts on providing all XPS 700 customers worldwide the motherboard exchange program at no cost.

Next week, we’ll publish a survey on the Dell Community Forum to get additional feedback from you. More to come next week. Please submit questions and comments to this blog entry or this thread in the Dell Community Forum.

Finally, Bob D. and jsrder have asked if we have plans to notify customers via e-mails or letters. Though many of our customers who asked for an upgrade path spend lots of time in either Direct2Dell or DCF (or both places), we don’t want to require people to always track the updates on their own. Instead, we will give all XPS 700 customers a chance to tell us that they are interested in the exchange program. We still have to work out some logistics, but we remain focused on making this process as simple as we can for XPS 700 customers.

I've also created an XPS 700 Motherboard Exchange Program category so Direct2Dell readers can easily see all of these posts in one place. 


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  • gbakmars: We're happy to see that reaction as well. Thanks very much.
  • THANK YOU LIONEL ! Tonight while reading on the Dell Community Forum XPS 700 Thread, I saw for the first time in months a lot of excitement! It was all positive! XPS 700 users were sharing the FUN that they were having with their systems! GREAT JOB DELL!

  • Does the XPS 700 free motherboard exchange policy also apply to those that purchased from the Dell Outlet?
  • Lionel,

    Thank you so much for releasing to us a BIOS that we can be excited about.  I was thrilled to see my system boot up with SLI RAM.  I can already notice a HUGE improvement.  I also look forward to the future mobo.  I really hope Dell releases another product we can be proud to own.  I must tell you that I am disappointed about the giftcards and magazine subscriptions.  I didn't order the magazine, but I know many others did.  I would feel robbed if I were them.  As far as the giftcard goes, I was offered that by Kim(XPS phone Rep).  I choose the giftcard option.  I was told my processor wasn't available and I would be "upgraded" to a Core2Duo and a giftcard.  I thought this was justified since my order was cancelled 3 times and my system was downgraded to a lesser OS and a different security service(which I have NEVER used).  I think you forget what your customers went through during those 3 months at launch.  I stuck it out because I believed in the end, Dell would do the right thing.  Iwas only partially right.  Great move by releasing a solid BIOS, bad move by hosing a few customers on giftcards and many others on magazine subs.  I am olso glad to see everyone else will get a mousepad.  I still appreciate what you and your assistant did to send me a used one from the lab.  I know you went out of your way for me.  I will continue to support Dell.  I recently purchased a couple of digital cameras from Dell. to say thanks.  I could have paid less elsewhere, but it was my little way of saying thanks.  I really wish this post could have been all positives, but Dell did come up a little short today for a couple of poeple.  Still, thanks for what you have done.  I know it has been a HUGE step for Dell. 

  • I definitely am not happy to hear about the $200 gift card denial.  How can you just deny something like that?  It was promised to us.  I am missing one.  I ordered 2 XPS 700s.  One had the P-D 930 and one had the E6300.  The E6300 and the gift card were BOTH offered to me in that order as concession for the 2 times my order mysteriously disappeared.  Why in the world would I take a $50 upgrade over a $200 gift card on only ONE of the 700s?  That doesn't make sense.  I stated before that the $200 gift card made me square with Dell.  When I saw that Dell was trying to show that they actually cared what we thought, I saw some hope.  It would be the end of this nightmare....so I thought.  You hardly have made up for the debacle that the XPS 700 launch ended up being.  Yes, the Mobo exchange is good.  But, I am not interested in that.  This is not going over easy with me and I will never forget it.  Please reconsider.
  • I'm very glad to have the new BIOS update downloaded and installed....I've been an owner of Dells for about 8 years now and will continue to buy Dell products...the motherboard exchange is also a very good move on Dell's part and I hope all XPS 700 owners are happy with the positive steps Dell has taken to keep thier customers appeased and loyal. A very special thanks to ALL the XPS owners who put in the time and effort to make sure Dell was made aware of the concerns we all have.
  • Negative comments

    "[...]we will not be issuing any additional gift cards[...]we will not be issuing any additional magazine subscriptions"

    (blissfully naiive comment) Great! We aren't asking for any additional stuff, so we must be getting the one's that were owed to us! Sweet!

    "Know that some of you will be upset about the gift cards and the magazine subscriptions, and I apologize for any frustration this causes[...]That’s why we focused our efforts on providing all XPS 700 customers worldwide the motherboard exchange program at no cost."

    By the way, rectifying a mistake and using it as a reason as to compensate for another isn't how you even the playing field.

    "[...]we don’t want to require people to always track the updates on their own. Instead, we will give all XPS 700 customers a chance to tell us that they are interested in the exchange program."

    I'm not finding an alternative to the first statement. How will "all XPS 700 customers" be notified of the exchange program? I see no other way for all of them to know of it without always tracking the updates; unless through word or mouth, but I think Dell may be giving us a little too much credit for that. We are/were good at spreading the XPS700 woes as mentioned on the forum, but we're not that good to be able to inform every single XPS700 owner of this chance.

    I also noticed the way some other statements are worded to give a positive spin in something that obviously isn't what we wanted; such as,

    "XPS 710 and 710 H2C customers can purchase"

    It's not that they wanted to know if they can purchase the next-gen/fixed(?) motherboard, but if those who were misinformed by the Dell sales people about the motherboard condition.


     "this motherboard exchange program will include Dell’s next-generation XPS gaming motherboard"

    Is it really next-gen? Even officially announcing this as an "exchange," which I'm glad it wasn't worded as an "upgrade" like the Pentium4 to C2D compensation, would seem to indicate that in terms of an upgradeable system, this is more like a first-gen revision.

     Positive comments:

    I'm very glad there has been another update this quickly, at least in comparison to the span of these past months. I was going to say "few months," but that's not true...but I digress. I like that you've addressed nearly all of the major issues. It shows you guys are really trying to pay attention to our needs. Nice to see you guys explicitly label the Sound Blaster X-Fi as a "Dell version" rather than equivalence to retail garbage. I would say "it's too little too late," but since this is the positive comments section, "better late than never." I also thought it was admirable to post about decisions on issues Dell knew we wouldn't like to hear. Rather than dismissing it altogether, you guys bit the bullet and fessed up. In my opinion, that was a good decision (no matter how much you guys debated about it).


    • Even though I never made a master list of complaints about the XPS700, like you guys should have done, or been doing, I at least remember that there were also international customers who've face the same woes as those in America. Does this address them as well? And if so, is that included in the "logistics" for notifying customers?
    •  Will this DTS codec for the SB X-Fi be bundled up or somehow tied with Roxio Sonic player garbage like Dolby currently is? Are there any plans to allow us to ever be able to install retail Creative software for our cards?
    • (question out of frustration) How is it possible for us to not receive the promised gift cards and magazine subscriptions when they were supposedly guaranteed by the special XPS call team? Weren't they suppose to fix our orders?
  • Very true.  The blog says "we will not be issuing any additional gift cards[...]we will not be issuing any additional magazine subscriptions".  I am not asking for anything additional.  I am asking for the the gift card that was promised to me for the loooong wait and for my order being mysteriously canceled twice.  Otherwise, you have not made it up to me for that long wait.  The motherboard exchange is for the people unhappy with the motherboard and the false advertising behind it. You still have people waiting for compensation for the terrible XPS 700 launch.  Are you saying you no longer owe us anything for that?  I was promised something and will fight for it solely on principle.  As for the magazine subscription, I still have an order number for the subscription sitting in my account.  But, I am really only concerned with my $200 gift card. 
  • Thanks for the update! It's very refreshing to read so many positive and encouraging posts on the forum. All I can think is, if people are this excited about a BIOS update, just wait until we are in posession of the next gen mobo and a new quad core! Thanks for keeping us updated Dell, and keep the excitement going! 
  • I'm am happy to see this new BIOS update and I have downloaded and installed....I love my XPS700 and can't wait to see the motherboard exchange put into place and I will definatly opt for the exchange, it is a very good move from Dell to keep all XPS 700 owners happy, especially as they are the most loyal of pc owners, With doing this will inturn keep the XPS owners staying  loyal. A very special thanks to ALL the XPS owners who put in the time and effort to make sure Dell was made aware of the concerns we all have.

     I also feel very disappointed about the issue of not recieving the gift voucher, it would be nice after spending so much money on a top of the range PC to recieve something in return, I know we will be recieving a new mother board and as I said I am happy about that, but the gift voucher would be the icing on the cake, all these little things kepp us XPS owners happy, loyal and inturn spending money. 

  • I for one do not care about a gift card. I just want the MB and buy the processor. this by far would make me happy. I eagerly await my opratunity. Its funny how things can change in a month.. I was like very negitive about Dell and my computer.. I actually thought about taking parts out and building my own.. (very unhappy about the MB) All of the things you are doing for us has made me have renewed faith. Thanks. I will keep my eyes glued to this site so i can make sure I gett the board and proc.

    Thanks agian.. I have been Delled and it felt good!

  • How about issuing me a $22 gift card instead of MY magazines which I never received. Thanks for telling me that I cannot have something I paid for 7 months after placing the order. Seriously Dell... >: (
  • I'm not an XPS owner, but am looking forward to buying an XPS 710.  Right now I was waiting for Windows Vista to be supported on the XPS710.  Now I think I will wait until the new motherboard is available.  Any idea on how long these XPS 700 owners will have to wait for their upgrades?  I assume as soon as the upgrades roll out then it will be a standard component on the new XPS 710s.
  • I am very looking forward to have one.

  • How can you tell which SB card is in the system?  My invoice only shows cryptic info: CARD (CIRCUIT), MULTI-MEDIA, AUDIO, SB0467.