Since joining the team in July, I have typed these words hundreds of times, and I’ve always taken for granted the words would be believed by the recipient. Until a blogger voiced concern about my honesty several weeks ago, I didn’t realize people were placing a large amount of trust in me by merely responding when I contacted them.

When the blogger questioned my veracity, I was decidedly taken aback, but it did make me think. There really wasn’t any reason for this person to believe me other than evidence posted by other bloggers I’ve contacted; bloggers who were happy enough with the results I’d provided to chronicle the exchange on their blogs. For the first time, I felt it necessary to reach into my collection of success stories to provide a blogger I was contacting evidence of my authenticity.

In a previous post, Downs Deering introduced us as a team of Customer Advocates who were reaching out to customers in the blogosphere. Every day, we receive reports from a search string in Technorati and other blog search engines, and we meticulously analyze the results. When we find someone who has an unresolved issue with their Dell computer or our services, we reach out to offer assistance.

The job has been one of the most rewarding I’ve ever had. I’ve had an MP3 player named after me, was able to disclose my opinion about a Hasselhoff music video, worked with our European representatives to solve a problem for a customer halfway around the world, and even had the opportunity to try to reach out to Jeff Jarvis.

In this vlog, you’ll hear more from me and some of my counterparts on the team. If you need help with your Dell, let us know. If you don’t have a blog, you can send us an e-mail at"