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XPS 700 + Conroe Now Shipping

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Lots of you are asking about the status of XPS 700.  Thanks for your patience.

Since last week, we continue to ship more XPS 700 units with Pentium D processors.  Today, we have begun shipping Core 2 Duo-based XPS 700 units to customers. We’re currently shipping these machines in the U.S., Europe, Canada and Mexico. We expect to begin shipping in Australia and Japan soon. Know there's other questons... more updates to come next week.

Update: We do have a considerable backlog to work through for all units, especially the Core 2 ones.  Current lead times still apply.  Please be patient—we're working to ship units as quickly as we can.

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  • Commented about this in the old "Ten Questions" blog post, but I'll repost it here since we've started a new one.

    Background:  Original order placed 6/12; cancelled/reordered 8/7 via "The Call".  At that time, my system went through Order Processing, and sat in Pre-Production through yesterday afternoon (8/17) sometime.

    Last night we saw a flurry of reports of Core 2 Duo XPS 700s being moved from Pre-Production to In Production - my own included.  Yet the date now listed for In Production is *also* 8/7.

    Why the backdating?

  • Hi Lionel.

    Unfortunately we XPS 700 customers are no longer able to believe a single word that comes from anyone with even the most tenuous connection to Dell regarding these systems.  Way to blow through your company's goodwill!  I would not have thought it possible, but that was before my XPS Experience.  Still waiting...
  • So you have started shipping today?  No Core 2 duo customers on the forums have receieved an updated order status - we all sit in 'In Production'

    Can you give us some proof that you started Shipping today?
  • What about the XPS 410? I ordered one on 7/31. Are they shipping yet?
  • I don't see my countery in that list!
    That dont make me happy please what about Chile?

    Latin-American customers count too!
  • yea, what's up with the funky order status page?

    Why are many, if not all, Canadian customers ordering the XPS700 not receiving calls like they were promised? Check out darknicht's story through this link (scroll down half-way):

    What about the "proprietary" Sound Blaster X-Fi sound card? Why would CSR's refer to Creative's site when it's not the same thing (no hardware DTS/Dolby capabilities)? Why must we be reliant on the software that'll eat away at our cpu performance?

    Why aren't orders being dealt with in order of when they were ordered? Quite a number of people are mentioning in the forum that they are being left in the dust.

    What about the promised nVidia 590 motherboard? Why is it not fully featured as orginally advertised? Can someone answer gbakmars's questions like "Will the XPS 700 motherboard be upgradable to a new board?"

    Also, why do official announcements often come at the END of the week and never address the main issues? Many relevant questions are thrown left and right and only a couple are cherry-picked to be answered on Friday's. Most of these questions generally ask for a real explanation for the delay, real compensation for it, and if we're buying what we thought we paid for). And to add gasoline to the fire, new orders are STILL being accepted adding further stress to the problem!
  • Currently it seems like all Pentium D with 7900GS video cards are shipping. I have not seen (according to people's orders) any Pentium D + 7900 GTX combos. Is there any truth to this? Are you planning on doing Core 2 + 7900GS's now, then follow with Pentium D + 7900 GTX?

    The reason I ask is because I obviously have the Pentium D + 7900 GTX's configuration. I took this option because I thought I would get my computer faster. If Core 2 Duos are now shipping, I'm starting to regret taking this route and I would have gladly taken the upgrade. Please provide more information on the status of orders with 7900 GTX cards.

    Thank you Lionel.
  • I think most of us are confused about the Core 2 Duo. My web page says im in production but the automated says in in build. Something is not reporting right. Just a little FYI
  • I already posted this comment on the "10 questions" post, but felt I should cross-post it here as it will get more exposure on a front page article.

    just got off the phone with my account executive at Dell Canada and it has confirmed my suspicions... regardless of what the Dell Blog says, Canadian customers are NOT getting equal treatment. I have a perfect example of why the offered "free upgrade" is anything but "free".

    I ordered the following system on June 16th from Dell Canada... XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2649cdn before tax.

    I have been pressing my Account Executive since the Dell blog announcement to let me know if Dell Canada would be honouring the promised upgrade. Today he finally called to say that "Yes, I can offer you an upgrade to the 'Core 2 Duo' E6300 processor but I will have to cancel your original order and create a new one for you." When asked if my place in the processing queue would be preserved on the new order or if it would cause a delay his response was "Your order would be considered a new order and would be given a shipping date based on that." To verify I understood him I asked "It would be the same as if I placed a new order on the web today? If I take the upgrade I would go to the back of the queue?" His response, "Yes."

    So that answered my question regarding shipping delays... strike one Dell

    Thinking perhaps that I might just want the computer sooner, rather than later I asked "What if I decide to keep my current configuration (with my current place in line)? Obviously the system would cost much less if I were to order it today. Would I be compensated for the price drop?" He replied "Yes. I can give you a rebate for $200cdn"

    Now, I did my homework before getting on this call and I can go on to the Dell Canada website as of today and order a machine with the exact same configuration that I ordered in June. Dell Canada still offers the Pentium D930 in the XPS700.

    This is what I come up with... XPS700 Red, PD930, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2409cdn before tax.

    For the mathmatically challenged (like my Dell rep) that's a difference of $240cdn from my original order. Great deal Dell... you make me wait 64 days and counting for my order then you have the gall to tell me that you are not even planning to drop my price to at least MATCH the current price?!?! You want me to pay $40 MORE than someone walking in today and placing their order? Is that $40 some kind of charge to hold my place in line?  STEEERIIKE TWO!

    Paying $40 for the POSSIBILITY of an earlier shipping date doesn't really appeal to me, so I look into the E6300 "upgrade" option. Back to the website configurator and change the processor to an E6300 I get... XPS700 Red, E6300, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2509cdn before tax.

    HUH?!?! $2509? And they are charging me $2649? So they want to charge me $140 for my "free" upgrade.

    Thinking I must have mistakenly heard what he offered I check out the price of my system with an E6400... XPS700 Red, E6400, 2G DDR @ 667, 2x 160GB RAID1, 7900GS, Dual Drive DVD-ROM/DVD-RW, SB X-Fi, No Monitor, WinXP Pro, for a total of $2709cdn before tax.

    OK. That sounds like a fair deal. Dell takes a hit of $60 as compensation for making me wait 2+ months for the machine so far, and knowing that the price will fall at least that much before I will recieve it (remember I'm back at the end of the line if I take the upgrade).

    So I ask "Did you say the E6300 was the upgrade processor? That processor is only $100 more than the D930 and I am being charged $240 more than the current price for my order. Wouldn't the E6400 be the appropriate processor to offer me as an 'upgrade' as it is much closer to matching the price I am paying?" He response was "No. We are only swapping the E6300 for the D930. I'm not authorized to do any other exchange." Strike Three!

    It was at that point I suggested he had better figure out a way to come up with a REAL way of rewarding me as a loyal customer rather than punishing me for sticking with Dell over the last two months. He said he couldn't do anything without talking to his manager, and I graciously told him he had until Tuesday to get back to me with a REAL offer rather than the insult he already put in front of me.

    So, Dell Canada customers, I have one word of advice... Do your homework before you get your "call." That "free upgrade" could end up costing you a lot of money.

    If anyone from Dell is reading this, would you care to comment?
  • I have the same dilemma, the order status web page says in production and on the automated line it shows in build as well.  To piggyback HOJU statement: My computer is the Pentium D + 7900 GTX. Is this shipping later than the GS cards?? I have not recieved my computer and it was order on the JUNE 2ND. It is very frustrating waiting for this computer and not being able to get a clear answer from customer service or a solid ship date.....
  • Any information available for those of still awaiting "the call"?  

    It's great that some of these systems are finally making their way out to the cutomers, but there's still other aspects of the process to consider.
  • So, are we going to be able to upgrade the motherboard ourselves in the XPS 700 later on down the line, or is it Dell propietary? Gamers and enthusiasts want upgradeability, without having it to be propietary. Your subisdary Alienware allows that, I mean if you guys are building a gaming rig, let us upgrade it how we see fit, because after all upgrading doesn't mean buying a new PC every year.

    The average end user doesn't need to upgrade, so make your Dimension desktops and the lower end models propietary if you need to.

    So, please answer my question Lionel, is the motherboard propietary or not?
  • Kong57, it appears everyone's order says it is "in the build phase" when it first hits "In Production"; mine included.

    However, once it hit "Kitting", it changed on the phone status as well. Hope that helps.
  • Lionel,

    What gives? My original order was on June 4th. I received "THE UPGRADE CALL"from Rick on July 24th and elected to keep the Pentium D 950 in order to get my system sooner. Come to find out the order that Rick placed for me was canceled the same day he placed it. I tried calling and E-mailing him to get the order status but I guess he dropped off the face of the Earth along with my order (I wonder why? His phone extension has been canceled also.) I found out through the automated status system that the order he placed for me was was canceled ( that actually worked really well for DELL because it ended up connecting me to a sales rep to re-sell me my canceled system). Now some rep gets credit for my Web based order and tells me he will have his manager expedited this for me ( this means as much to me as someone telling me "Ferry's really do exist").Do I still get the $200.00 GC? I have been waiting 76 days ( my god has it been that long) for this system and now you tell me the Core 2's are shipping. What happened to the Pentium D's? The reason I did not upgrade to the Core 2 was because of the considerable delay for these. This system was actually a reward for my 14 year old son for getting all A's & B's for his last year of elementary. He was looking forward to a summer of "WoW" since our current Pentium 3 couldn't handle this. Now you tell me to be patient again ( I am really getting tired of hearing this ) "We do have a considerable backlog to work through for all units, especially the Core 2 ones". What's going on with the Pentium D's. I sent all my pertinent information to the Customer Advocate Team over 2 weeks ago to make sure I was still in line for a June 4 order date ( where the heck is Rick?) but they have chosen to ignore me. I have been lurking on the the Dell XPS 700 Forum for thousands of posts and this Blog since it came out and have heard all the excuses. How about a little honesty if not for me but my 14 year old son (he is after all the next generation Dell customer *** maybe ***)

    IWANTMYDELLPC (*** Really ***)
  • Hmmm if core 2 dou's are now shipping and I still havent gotten mine shipped...

    been waiting since june 6th..

    can i upgrade mine to core 2 dou because if i would have known it would take just as long for mine to ship as theirs i would have picked it!!