Dell Store Opens its Doors in Dallas

Dell Store Opens its Doors in Dallas


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Dell Store Opens its Doors in Dallas

Yesterday we opened the first pilot Dell retail store at NorthPark Center in Dallas, Texas.  It's not a departure from our direct model—it's simply an extension of our kiosk strategy.  Like the kiosks, we will not carry  inventory at this store.  Here, customers will be able to see Dell products up close.  They can also place an online order right from the store. What will we do with the extra space?  We'll use it to showcase different usage environments to help customers envision how they can use Dell technology in their home or office.  In this vlog, Jim Skelding, Director - Dell Stores, walks you through the Dallas store. 

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  • How is this supposed to impress me?  

    I can buy an Apple at the Apple store, I can buy a PC at Best Buy.  What's the point of having a store that lets me browse but not buy anything?

    I can do that from home.
  • Awesome! This is great. Hope to see such a store in Germany as well.
  • Sounds awesome, I like that they have a store but nowhere near the East Coast. Also that guy makes me want to punch him in the face. I think you should sell monitors and accessories at the store but computers I understand your philosphy on not selling them there.
  • Will customers be able to business line products on display at these stores (ie., Optiplex, Latitude, etc)?
  • Please learn a lesson from Gateway and make your stores more like Apple's!
  • It may be similiar to the Apple store just that the Dell stores do not carry any inventory.
    Nonetheless it provides some environments or situations for customers to see different setup. Like the kitchen, bedroom, or study.
  • OK, that video just made it 10 times worse that they have an XPS 700 on display in the Dallas store.

    What about me??!??!
  • Would it be possible for customers to bring in their PCs to these sites for trouble shooting?
  • This looks like it may be the ONLY place to see a working XPS 700 anytime soon.  Isn't 2 1/2 months too long to wait?
  • If you do not sell anything at your kiosks, then you should not be collecting taxes over the internet for Dell Home sales. One of the benefits of buying from Dell Home was offputting the sales tax until tax time. So far the only effect I see your Dell Store/Kiosks having is to add tax to the price of Dell Home sales online.  Hopefully, you'll have reps at your Stores/Kiosks that are better trained than the 5 seperate sales reps who told me over the phone that the E1505 has an upgradeable sound card to a (hardware) 5.1 Soundblaster Audigy.  They were all incorrect, just as the tech support rep who said the same thing was.  Make sure we can get competent, knowledgeable Sales, and  Support staff at these locations, or pack them up and write off the expense before dividends drop another 10 points.
  • Like Craig above, I am very curious if the store will carry any of the business product lines.  
  • Wow! A physical store with PC´s! What an idéa! How did Dell come up with that? No wait! Is this supposed to impress me? Agree Rod!
  • I would never purchase a DELL if they were the last computers on earth, your customer service stinks!
  • I was in Tokyo back in January, and there was a Dell store there in Akihabara.  It seemed to be some kind of partnership thingy with Dell and Intel.  They had laptops and desktops that you could play with, a Media Center setup in a phony living room, and Japanese girls handing out packages of kleenexes with Dell ads on them.... All very odd... There were  lots of people looking at stuff, but no one seemed to be ordering/buying....
  • Ian O'Sullivan posted a comment on 7.27 at 7:46am that said he would never purchase a Dell as your customer service "stinks".

    I do not agree with him, but it made me wonder - will his comment be removed when you see/catch it (assuming you did not already), or is it Dell's intention to allow free speech to this degree?

    Please let me know!
  • Gateway tried the exact same thing (including the "usage environments") and it was a complete failure.  can't see where it won't be the same for Dell.
  • Hi Craig, thanks for your note. We did the see this, and while negative, thought it was fair.
  • Better install some good smoke detectors.

    Commentary at:

    More coverage at:

    Is anyone else just a little afraid of this? I love my Inspiron 2200, it may be a little underpowered, but it does exactly what I need it to do. I also dislike hospitalization, though. Is it safer to get a (admittedly more hip) Macbook with a lithium-polymer battery?
  • All of these people that are leaving messages that Dell should carry inventory in their "stores", should look at the Dell philosophy.  They dont have any inverntory!  They apparently build these machines when you order them.  Not sure why they would stray from that model by building a store, but I guess we will see.  
  • pst pst: You might want to address this asap -
  • "Would it be possible for customers to bring in their PCs to these sites for trouble shooting?"

    It would be good if they did that..
  • "... not sure why they would stray from that model...."

    They don't build TV's, printers, monitors, etc. in a Build-To-Order manner.  Why not stock a few at the stores for impulse buys?

    The only products they customize are computers, laptops, servers, etc.  I can understand the direct model there, but a TV you buy from them is merely shipped from inventory.  They aren't building those in Austin, folks.
  • He makes a great sales person. No wonder he's the director of sales.
  • RC said: "If you do not sell anything at your kiosks, then you should not be collecting taxes over the internet for Dell Home sales."

    Dell collects tax in a lot of states where ther are no kioks.  All Dell has to do is petition the state legislature and have it approved to collect sales tax in a state.  Examples: New Mexico, North Dakota, Iowa, etc.
  • I appreciate the ‘early warning.’  We are aware of the incident described on the Tom's Hardware forum. I wanted you to know that my colleagues have been in contact with the customer.  We are confirming the details of the event and have been taking the appropriate actions.  I assure you that Dell takes any incident like this very seriously.