XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video

XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video


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XPS 700 Update, Keyghost Hoax and XPS M2010 Video

For Dell customers waiting patiently for your XPS 700, I have news.  We will begin shipping within a week from today.  Also, I can confirm that we'll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available.  Sorry for making you wait, but it's coming.

Keyghost just won't die.  Just so we're clear, Dell does not install keyloggers.  For third-party validation, check out Engadget or Snopes.

To one2one reader, Chris:  My apologies—I said I would post the link for the XPS M2010 video, and didn't get to it until now.


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  • Finally some good news: support for core 2 duo and a shipping week. (I was getting tired of checking my "order status" to see a blank in the estimated arrival date.
  • Does this mean that those who ordered a Pentium D processor won't have Conroe ready motherboards?

    I think we deserve an answer regarding this...
  • Thanks for the XPS 700 update, I really hope that it comes to fruition.  Now, we all know that the XPS 700's MLB will support all those processors.  For those of us "early adopters" that promptly plunked down several thousand dollars for a machine with a P-D back in May/June because that was the only option available at the time, will we be able to reconfigure to an E63/4/600 or X6800 processor "when they become available" (i.e. July 27), *without* losing our place in line?  What about cost?  In my opinion, you're going to have a lot of bad press, unhappy influential people, and cancellations should this situation not be handled with care.

    I realize this is probably something for the sales or CS departments to deal with, but I feel it's appropriate enough here.  I'll ask on the Community Forum site as well since I'm particulary active there.
  • Thanks, Lionel, for the update.  This is good news.  
  • i believe something has to be resolved for the people who ordered the xps700 with the pentium D over a month ago and still haven't gotten their computer...

    its not fair for a customer who paid $1000 extra for a pentium D 965 extreme edition while the BASE core 2 duo chip that will only costs $183 in the retail channels performs better
  • Will Michael Dell ever write a post?
  • While this is good news, it could of been provided long ago, or at least an official status saying what had to happen before Dell could give a solid answer. For being a high priority, Dell is stumbling out of the gate at improving their customer relations, but at least Dell has come out of the gate.

    Dell still seems to be ducking some of the questions and concerns from the customer forum.

    Why did it take so long to get a simple answer like that on the XPS 700?  The forum post opened July 3rd, and for the most part did not get a straight answer until 11 days and 600 posts were made, and only then it was finally announce that the XPS700 was going to be  Conroe compatible.

    There are still customers frustrated at waiting over 2 months who purchased a top of the line computer are now going to be receive a PC that is towards the bottom of the top end(at least it will be upgradeable).  Your customers still paid for a top of the line dollars, and now because of delays (who knows what caused the delays; nobody has provided an official explanation, but it wasn't Dell's customers).  The Pentium D processors are no longer the top of the line, and judging from recent Core Duo benchmarks they are fairly far from it. Granted you could say that the performance your customers paid for is still what they are going to get, or you could say this is the price of being an early adopter, but early adopters be definition have the parts shortly after they order them.  

    Taking this analogy to the extreme, it would be like selling a Pentium system ten years ago when they first came out, and delivering it today and still expecting the customer to pay market value from ten years ago.  Now this is extreme, but Dell is targeting in the enthusiast market, and having the top machine is why these customers want to buy this machine.  Having a top machine from 3 months ago is that much closer to being out of date, and we are in the process of passing a critical milestone with Intel's Core Duo processors.  

    Dell could be passive on this and just let these dissatisfied customers out there grumble and groan.  Perhaps they will cancel there pc's and get back in line for a new machine, or buy a similar machine from another supplier.  Either way, being passive is going to leave a bitter taste in some of the XPS 700 customers that have not received their machines.

    Dell could show that they are truly working on improving their customer image and reward those that already committed to purchasing the XPS 700.  Dell should come out with a plan for those that already purchased, perhaps an upgrade path without losing their place in line.  Some sort of plan or offer to your existing customers waiting for their XPS 700 would go along way to establishing goodwill with the enthusiast market.  Perhaps this is something Dell is already working on, and if you are, let people know, speculation by your current customers are only frustrating those waiting for a new machine.

    This isn't a post looking for freebies, just do the right thing, and I'm sure Dell will be recognized for it.  The XPS 700 is already getting good press for it technical prowess, now it's time to address that customer expectations. Customer service and support was the 5/10 on the CNET review, and it looks like all the customer reviews are all low becuase of disgruntled XPS 700 customers.

  • To make this really a blog from Dell - Michael needs to write some kind of update at least every other week (or once a month if he's really busy).  

    Let us know what he's up to - what plans he has for the future of the company and what he's doing to turn things around.  Honest, natural written words from Michael would be great - rather than corporate speak and marketing fluff.

    What say you Michael?
  • For all of us who purchesed the XPS 700 expecting the "XPS, Specialized Service and Support", please give us the option to modify our existing order from the Pentium Ds to the Core 2 Duo while they are still in the stage of "pre-production"...

    We all purchesed this system hoping to have the "most powerful gaming and high-performance PC we've (Dell) ever produced"; and since the Core 2 Duo is obviously going to be (much) better, why not provide your existing customers the option to be satisfied?

    This's not asking for a freebie, just modifying an existing order that's not in production yet... I'm sure your system is able to handle this kind of change.
  • There are some good points being made about the XPS 700 over at bit-tech forums. Mostly regarding the case design. Take a look when you get a momment.

  • Yes, you stated that Pent D, and the Dual Core 2 Duo will be offered on the XPS 700, but you were not clear as to if you purachased a XPS 700 with the Pent D chip, that you can upgrade the Pent D CPU later to a Dual Core 2 Duo without upgrading the motherboard as well.

    Please stop this confusion.  Yes, you can upgrade the Pent D motherboard on the XPS 700 with a Conroe CPU later, or no you cannot, unless you upgrade the motherboard.  Real easy to answer.
  • For all of the people wondering about being able to upgrade their XPS 700 to the Core 2 Duo, a bit of simple research is all that is required.  For one, Intel will be launching the new chips on July 27.  Second, the Core 2 Duo uses the 975X chipset (with Socket T, or LGA 775), just like the Pentium D.  

    If you really want a Core 2 Duo, why not just wait until they are released?  It doesn't make sense to berate Dell about a processor that hasn't been released yet.  Just cancel your order and place a new one with Core 2 when it becomes available.  Seems pretty simple to me.  Heh.
  • to help end the confusion:

    it states that the NVIDIA nForce 590 SLI MCP chipset for Intel (the one sent with the xps 700) is compatible with basically every chip.
  • I never even new there was a problem, nor did the Dell rep tell me that there was a delivery problem, even after calling back twice after the order to check why the delivery dat was showing in August for a June order.  But after waiting three weeks and the xps 700 unit I ordered had still not arrived I called Dell again, and after be routed through several call centers I learned they weren't shipping until July 17.  I hope it will be worth the wait.
  • So will there be an option for all the many open XPS 700 orders, dating from May 30th on, to upgrade to a Core 2 or will we have to cancel?
  • Your statment is not clear at all.  

    Will the customer be able to UPGRADE to Core 2 Duo (when released) if their system is shipped with a Pentium-D Processor?

  • Some of you have asked for the XPS 700 Build Your Own link.  Sorry for the delay.
  • The blog at the following address (http://www.dellone2one.com/default.aspx) states:

    "Also, I can confirm that we'll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available. Sorry for making you wait, but it's coming."

    The "we'll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo" statement above is ambiguous to me. I am comfortable with switching out processors and updating the BIOS--much more than that and I'm lost. Perhaps we should be asking "what will be involved in upgrading from the Pentium D to the Core 2 Duo?"
  • And here's another Cnet explanation.
  • Thanks for this, looks like this whole project is heading in the right direction.

    For those detractors, bear in mind the size of the organisation and the apparant shift in emphasis that's required to bring this blog to the World and keep it going.

    Give them some breathing space and watch with interest.

    Now if they could only lower the price of the XPS700 for us dedicated blog-watchers! :-)
  • " I can confirm that we'll support the Pentium D, Core 2 Duo and Core 2 Extreme processors when they are available.  Sorry for making you wait, but it's coming ".
    Answer is not good enough.  You must be more plain...

    Question :

    1.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing motherbords  ?

    2.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?.

    3.  Can you upgrade a Pent D XPS 700 cpu with the Conroe chip without changing the motherboard ?

    Had to ask three times on this post, since you guys at Dell do not get it when we ask a simple question, either on time or complete enough without being some what vague about it....  Now, answer the stupid darn question please.  Is it that hard to do for goodness sakes  ?

    Can you put in a Conroe cpu into an existing XPS 700 system, just by pulling out the Pent D cpu and replace it with the Conroe without changing the motherboard ?  Can you guarantee this  ?
  • You say in your comments that the 'We will begin shipping within a week from today' 14/7/06 Is this a Yarn as far as I can tell from my order and other Dell customers on your Forum Nobody's Orders has been changed from Pre-Production to Production.

    I suggest you look up the word 'Spin' as that is all that Dell seem to be doing and If you check your Forums You will see that Dell are actually losing a lot of Customers who are Cancelling their orders because of the Dell 'SPIN'
  • Its getting pretty bad around here.  Dell has been asked a few days ago, and even though this is their blog, they refuse to come back on to answer a few simple questions.  Sorry state of affairs.   ( Monday 17th of July and counting )
  • You're supporting 3 different Intel processor lines.  A search of your entire blog site doesn't return one hit on AMD.  Mr. Dell/Mr. Rollins says Dell listens to their customers.  A lot of us are shouting for a DELL/AMD desktop at a competitive price, yet Dell seems deaf to those cries.  For 3 years AMD has provided better price/performance.  Now you may say Intel is better next week, but that doesn't explain those last three years.  If Dell wonders why their market share is down while HP is up, guess what -- HP sells AMD solutions in addition to Intel solutions.  Customers voting with their feet and dollars when Dell isn't hearing their requests.  I'd like to know just who Dell has been listening too, because it sure isn't a lot of us out here.

    If you do want to hear what your customers (some to be former customers) do want, this will sail through moderation without a single comma changed.
  • I have been looking to buy a XPS 700, but have been waiting due to all of the uncertainty over delivery time, etc.  I have since decided to wait until the new generation Intel Duo processors are offered.  If I order a new XPS 700 with the new Core 2 Duo processor, will I have to wait forever to recieve it while you guys catch up with your production that has kept all of these other poor souls waiting for their PCs or will I be able to recieve it in a reasonable amount of time (ie. 3 weeks or so)?