Continuing our 10-part video series, this clip is the last to specifically focus on CIOs. It features Jay Ferro, CIO, American Cancer Society and Barry Libenson, SVP and CIO, Safeway, discussing the CIO of the future and how the skillsets of that position will differ from today. Though in agreement about the role of the CIO evolving, the two disagree on how much technical knowledge he or she will need in order to achieve a high level of success. Take a listen. 

Business first

As Jay says, "I don't need to understand the nuance of the digestive system to know how to eat." Now and in the future, CIOs should be business people first, and technologists second. The same goes for other functions within an organization, whether you’re marketing, finance or HR, you need to be business-minded first.

Still to come

Next week, we’ll continue the series and shift focus to software and applications.

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