Yesterday, the first of three videos tackling the topic, “The Skills CIOs and IT Need for Success,” posted. Today’s video features Ranga Jayaraman, Associate Dean and CIO of the Graduate School of Business at Stanford, responding to the question: “How would you set up your IT environment today if you had the luxury of starting completely afresh?”

With regards to the people and skills he would assemble, Ranga talks about the importance of IT people who understand the business and can act quickly.  He also discusses the difference between developers in an IT shop and those in a product shop, and how open-source and reusable frameworks have served to make the IT developer much more powerful. Take a listen.

Ranga's right

Whether you’re starting from a Greenfield environment or improving your current setup, you need IT people who understand the business and not just the technology. It’s no longer okay to simply be a tech expert, it’s about what's most important for the customer and business, and being able to move and adapt quickly.

These messages will continue to crop up as we go through the rest of the videos.

Still to come

Tomorrow’s video, “What the CIO of the Future Must Do,” will wrap-up the series’ focus on CIOs, and next week we'll turn our attention to “Applications and Software Strategy.” The series will conclude with “Cloud and Infrastructure” the following week. 

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