Dell SonicWALL Email Security is actively protecting your email infrastructure from email threats including spam, phishing attacks and malware.  If your needs are evolving to include protection of confidential information, our new release, Email Security 8.0 adds an integrated email encryption cloud service that ensures mobile-ready, secure email exchange. In additional email encryption, 8.0 offers advanced anti-spoofing protection, IPv6 support, enhanced TLS support and many enhancements for our email security customers.

Compliance and Security with Dell SonicWALL Email Encryption Service

By encrypting email communication, organizations achieve regulatory and industry compliance when moving PII (Personally Identifiable Information), PHI (Protected Health Information), proprietary data or any other types of sensitive information. HIPAA/HITECH, GLBA, PCI and other regulations require sensitive data be encrypted when transferred over a public network like the Internet. Since most organizations use email as the preferred method for business communications, it’s imperative that these be secured when transmitting sensitive data. 

Figure 1: Email Flow with Dell SonicWALL Integrated Email Encryption Service

The Dell SonicWALL Email Compliance and Encryption service focuses on requirements surrounding the protection of data in motion, for example when sending messages and files to another person. This new service will be an add-on service to the Dell SonicWALL on-premise email security solution. One or more policy filters can setup on the Dell SonicWALL Email Security to route email securely to the Dell SonicWALL Email Encryption cloud. A notification is sent to the recipient about the email with a link to secure encryption portal. The recipient can use a browser including smart phones to login to the secure portal to read and respond to the email. The Email Security solution administrator can license, provision and manage the email encryption service from the same administrative UI as the email security solution seamlessly.

Brand protection with Advanced Anti-spoofing technology with DMARC

Figure 2: DMARC report sample

Email Security 8.0 offers advanced anti-spoofing technology with added support for domain authentication technology DMARC, which stands for "Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance".  DMARC is a new technical specification ( which sits on top of SPF and DKIM. Advanced anti-spoofing with DMARC helps protect your brand and ensures that the only emails your customers receive are the ones you send. Advanced anti-spoofing, lets you filter inbound email that fail authentication, but more importantly the DMARC reports feature lets you audit and analyze who/which system(s) are sending emails on behalf of your company including authorized, unauthorized senders and scammers. Finally with DMARC reports, you have visibility into emails your customers; partners and everyone else are receiving from your behalf allowing you to take corrective actions to protect your brand.

On top of Email Encryption service and advanced anti-spoofing support, Email Security 8.0 offers many enhancements including granular TLS support, new diagnostic tools, pdf reports and improved auditing engine. The 8.0 release also offers IPv6 support allowing organizations to accept and route email sent from IPv6 servers. I recently wrote an article on the significance of IPv6 on email “How iPv6 Impacts Email Management” for readers who want to understand more on this topic. Dell SonicWALL Email Security 8.0 is currently available as a beta build and with planned ship date first half of 2014. To sign up for beta click here or to learn more about Dell SonicWALL Email security click here.