Solving the Cloud Client Computing Puzzle with Dell


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Solving the Cloud Client Computing Puzzle with Dell

Dell Client Cloud ComputingThe new mobile work style changes everything for your customers, your users and you. You want the ability to work anywhere, anytime, from any device. Who doesn’t? Sure, there’s direct pressure from your end users to enable mobility. All pressure aside, though, you likely want to do it. But delivering for every user everywhere on every device, maintaining your budget and all the while guaranteeing security is a puzzle of grand proportion: It’s massive, complex and ever-changing. They don’t call it the cloud for nothing. But this riddle is solvable. Dell’s cloud client computing brings to the table a combination of data center, clients, software and services to optimize desktop virtualization. And because it’s all customized to meet your specific needs, the puzzle pieces have finally begun to fit together.

What is cloud client computing?

The older generation of tech-savvy consumers has witnessed the move from the mainframe to the PC to the laptop to the handheld — too many devices to name them all. Cloud client computing is running desktops from a centralized location in the data center or the cloud to enable various endpoints, from cloud clients to full feature laptops, tablets or even workstations. It all depends on your people’s use cases and needs. Cloud client computing is the new model for providing users with the right computing environment for their use cases while providing IT leaders the genuine reliability and security required. Cloud client computing is how we put together all the pieces of the puzzle: hardware, software and services.

When considering your approach to the virtual client, consider how your customers perceive you. Your content, your apps, your OS — They’ve got to work well and look good. Your people need to access their sometimes sophisticated and mountainous data and share it with others anywhere, anytime, on any device without compromising security. And your IT department must manage all the possibilities and keep costs down.

Many organizations are discovering that desktop virtualization done right enables this new paradigm. With a little help, you can use the cloud to improve the user experience and simultaneously improve your position in the marketplace.

Refer to the infographic below to learn more about how you can use Dell Cloud Client Computing to empower your end users.

Puzzle solved

With Dell cloud client computing, you can navigate what was once a baffling maze. But many of us need help with the actual work. That’s where Dell comes in. With services and solutions that span end-to-end from the data center to the end-user device, Dell can help you regardless of where you are in your journey to the cloud and virtual desktops. Dell can manage everything for you or you can manage your virtual desktops on your own. It’s your choice. Select one or more of the following Dell offerings:

  • Flexible solutions tailored to fit your needs
  • Implementation and deployment services
  • Services to manage your environment after deployment
  • Support for key virtual desktop providers: Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Dell vWorkspace

Dell offers a holistic, end-to-end solution that enables the new mobile work style, lowers costs, is manageable from a single point and is secure. And Dell is accountable when you need support. Rise above the competition by empowering your people with Dell and cloud client computing. Puzzle solved.

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