Over the course of this blog series I have covered the need for converged and the principals you should keep in mind as you transform your IT environment, as well as what questions to ask when evaluating potential business partners to develop and support your converged environment. Today I look at the ROI for converged.

The economic driver for converged infrastructure is flexibility as much as management simplicity or cost savings. Most converged infrastructure offerings (especially those with built-in enterprise-class support) deliver on their promise of enabling IT to better meet business goals, ensure operational agility, efficiency and quality of IT service delivery well into the future. If your organization is evaluating converged systems, remember that converged offerings should have built-in best practices and should eliminate the management of multiple vendors, disparate systems and service contracts. Choose an industry expert that will help you get ahead of issues and increase the efficiency of your existing hardware and software, all of which allows you to focus on your core business. At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most?

To learn more about how Dell can support your IT business needs, please visit the Dell ProSupport Plushomepage. In addition, Check out the article, Enterprise-Class Support: Supporting Converged Environmentsby Doug Schmitt, VP Dell Services GSD, via Data Center Knowledge