Slow, inefficient and error-prone are often the words that businesses use to describe their IT operations.  Unfortunately, that isn’t a surprise considering recent studies have shown that a mere 29% of business users consider IT to be distributed, agile and flexible. Contributing to the skepticism; 75% of downtime is caused by human error; and an overwhelming amount of IT budgets (72%) goes toward ongoing maintenance instead of innovation to drive positive business impact.

CIOs face a wide range of issues when trying to support their environments, which include:

  • Meeting demands for mobility (i.e. Corporate-Owned, Choose-Your-Own, and Bring-Your-Own Device [BYOD] management strategies to consider)
  • Implementing new trends
  • Managing individually supported products
  • Keeping compatibility lined up among connected components (like ensuring firmware levels are compatible when doing updates)
  • Support agreements expiring at different intervals
  • Knowing the right number to call for support of different types and different versions of equipment
  • Running on a mixture of legacy equipment and software

They do not typically have the budget, time, or expertise to solve all the issues that might arise in their environment.

The bad news – IT environments are only going to get more complex. And, with all of the IT variation, it gets even worse as data growth continues to increase (25% by 2015) and mobile devices continue to multiply.

The good news – converged solutions can help CIOs rapidly deliver IT services, maximize data center efficiency, and strengthen IT service quality.  In fact, Gartner estimates, “By 2015, one-third of all servers will ship as managed resources integrated in a converged infrastructure.” 

Over the next few weeks I will discuss the basics of converged solutions in a series that explains the process from ‘why,’ to planning, to support services. Stay tuned!

To learn more about how Dell can support your IT business needs, please visit the Dell ProSupport Plus homepage. In addition, Check out the article, Enterprise-Class Support: Supporting Converged Environments by Doug Schmitt, VP Dell Services GSD, via Data Center Knowledge