Having to be wired up to print reminds me of when I was a kid and I could only wander as far away from the phone as the cord would allow. It made for some very embarrassing conversations as I tried to ask Lauren out to the 7th grade dance in front of my whole family. Printing out guitar sheet music for Extreme’s More Than Words is hardly that embarrassing (OK, bad example), but you get the point.

So whether you just got a new printer or you just haven’t gotten around to going wireless, let’s cut the cord (not literally, you might need that later). This gives you the freedom to print from almost anywhere in the house whether you’re at your desk in the home office, on the couch or in your music nook trying to figure out a song that is definitely not More Than Words. This video will walk you through some basic setup steps that work for most wireless printer, and while setups will differ you’ll get the basic idea and apply it to your specific make and model.*

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*Here’s the disclaimer: This video shows the setup of one particular printer. Whether you’re setting up a Dell printer or some other manufacturer’s printer, go to their website (support.dell.com in our case) and search for the latest setup info specific to your model.