Survey after survey shows cloud computing is a top priority for enterprise IT organizations -- and those same surveys show that IT organizations wrestle with how to balance the enthusiasm for cloud computing’s agility with IT governance responsibilities like information security, application reliability, and effective cost management.

The Enstratius mission is to provide a cloud management product that enables agility while supporting governance, achieving both objectives without favoring one at the expense of the other. A solution that skews too much toward one objective or the other risks rejection by critical user constituencies like business units and IT operations.

The need to provide both agility and governance is made more challenging by the reality that enterprises will leverage multiple cloud computing environments, both on-premise and public offerings from cloud service providers. Enterprises must use a cloud management product that provides the same governance framework across all cloud environments, ensuring that access controls, security configuration, application monitoring, and cost tracking are managed consistently, all within one “pane of glass.”

The Enstratius mantra is “agility, governance, and choice,” recognizing that enabling all three makes our product the best solution for enterprise cloud computing management. We’ve achieved great success, but, inevitably, many enterprises have been cautious about committing their cloud computing future to a small startup, no matter how rich and innovative its technology is.

As a new part of the Dell Software Group, we at Enstratius feel our opportunity will vastly expand, given Dell’s resources and rich and deep relationships with enterprises throughout the world. Though our acquisition occurred only a few weeks ago, I’ve already seen enterprises renew their interest in our product now that they recognize our more substantial capability and greater global reach. I anticipate continued and accelerated success as part of the Dell family, and look forward to the future with high anticipation.

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