Hardware issues? Learn how to run through some brief hardware diagnostics for your Dell PC -- or any Windows PC.


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Hardware issues? Learn how to run through some brief hardware diagnostics for your Dell PC -- or any Windows PC.

We’ve all been there. You’re computer’s doing some crazy things and you’re just not sure where to start.  Before you start pulling out your hair let’s see if we can help.

Whether you’ve got a Dell or some other brand of PC, we've got you covered. Clint will walk you through step-by-step hardware diagnostics on your way to understanding what the heck is going on.

Hopefully this solved your issue. If not, don’t freak out. There’s additional self help on Support.Dell.com or you can visit the Dell Tech Concierge page to see how we can get you fixed up and keep your PC running smoothly.

  • I own a Dell XPS 17 (L702x) good luck. I purchased my laptop in march 2012 and it has been a pain. I teach technology classes and needed a laptop that could do animation, programming, and video/audio. I thought this unit would be perfect for what I needed to accomplish. I wanted to spend more time with my family but instead I now spend time trying to get the lemon either fixed or replaced.Since purchasing the laptop I have had to have the DVD R\W replaced 4/29/2012,  wireless adapter and motherboard 3/11/13, motherboard and wireless adapter again 4/2/13, motherboard(again), speakers, and power chord 5/22/13, motherboard(again), keyboard and god only knows next 5/23/13. So far I have had a grand total of 4 wireless adapters, 4 going on 5 motherboards, speakers, DVD writer/reader, power chord, and coming up keyboard replaced on this unit. Still Dell has not replaced the defective unit. I wonder how much money they are willing to sink into this project before they realize it would be cheaper just to replace the unit with a new one. I also hope when the service tech order my keyboard he knew it was back lit or they will be sending another one. I am sincerely upset about everything that has occurred and would like to know if anyone else has experienced. I sincerely doubt watching the above videos would do any good.

    Help me understand Dell.