Following our recent acquisition of Enstratius, Dell has announced a number of strategic changes to our global cloud strategy.  As leader of the Cloud Services team in EMEA, I want to explain what this change in strategy means in our region, where the Cloud Service market is naturally more complex than in the US. With more than forty countries potentially using Dell Cloud Services in our region, we are faced with a large range of local market preferences and regulatory restrictions.  Fundamentally, this strategy change better enables Dell to meet these requirements by offering increased flexibility in delivery models and cloud platform choices. 

Dell globally will phase out its current ‘in-house’ multi-tenant public cloud delivery capability.  Instead, Dell will deliver public cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through an ecosystem of strategic certified Global Service Delivery Partners.  Dell will also discontinue further development of an OpenStack public cloud and Storage as a Service (StaaS) public offering.  The decision to change the delivery model of public cloud is an expansion of our existing strategy in EMEA where - with the exception of the UK - Dell’s cloud delivery model already predominantly uses partners to deliver Dell public and private cloud services.  However, by solely focusing on partners to provide public cloud delivery infrastructure in EMEA, Dell can accelerate its cloud business more effectively geographically while lowering operating and capital costs.  In terms of its partner approach in EMEA, Dell will leverage the global cloud partners where relevant and we will establish partners through our newly announced Dell Global Services Provider Program in key countries. This program includes cloud providers that have selected Dell technology to build their own public clouds and using them in Dell’s Cloud Services supply chain will enhance our reach and increase the range of offerings.

As stated above, Dell’s newly acquired multi-cloud management platform Enstratius will help customers further by managing both single and multi-cloud environments and can help integrate partner offerings into Dell’s end-to-end cloud solutions. Enstratius currently supports more than 20 public and private cloud platforms including OpenStack, VMware, Rackspace and Windows Azure, with the additional flexibility to easily add new clouds.

Regarding Openstack development, Dell remains committed to the OpenStack platform and community with offerings such as the Dell OpenStack-Powered Cloud Solution and the Dell-led open source project, Crowbar.

As the number of cloud services providers grows, Dell continues to improve and develop its Cloud Services offerings especially in private cloud and leverage partner delivery models to ensure we are right at the centre of this fast growing market.