“Convergence” is getting quite a workout these days. “Dog and Car Wash,”  “Accounting and Auto Repair,” “Attorney-at-Law and Catering,” “Pizza and Wedding Chapel” combinations are popping up all over.  Seems like everyone is hanging out an “open” sign, promising to solve all my problems at once. 

These (real) retail combinations may sound funny on initial read, but if you’re too busy running errands in your all-too-brief “time off” to actually take time off, converged solutions like these could mean the difference between a weekend of work and a weekend of play.

In fact, convergence can help us do a lot more than get through errands. If your life is anything like mine, it  has a lot in common with sprawling, aging data centers and legacy communications silos: Too much to do, too little time and money and nothing fits like it used to.


Fortunately, Dell teams with Microsoft to provide converged solutions that help solve these data center and communications problems for both business and IT managers.

For Business Managers: Dell helps you save time and money and hone a competitive edge by simplifying, streamlining and enriching anytime, anywhere communications and information access for faster action, better responsiveness and more informed decisions.  

Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) solutions are flexible, secure, efficient and reliable and can help your workers quickly access people and information using a laptop or other mobile device. UC&C converges instant messaging; conferencing via audio/video/web; telephony, screen sharing; and document filtering, search and management capabilities.  While employees will be glad to have access to communications richness while carrying fewer devices, you should be able to reduce the number of invoices for separate communications services.

For IT Managers: Comprehensive, integrated UC&C solutions from Dell  help  you enhance communications  services delivery, quality, security and data access and governance, while lowering costs and preparing your data center for the future—by combining intelligent infrastructure building blocks,  powerful software tools and unmatched service expertise with Microsoft® Exchange, Lync® and SharePoint®.

To demonstrate these concepts, Dell engineers have published an innovative Design and Implementation Guide for Microsoft® Exchange, Lync® and SharePoint® Server 2010 on Dell™ Active System 800v, in which they detail  creative approaches used to consolidate server roles and components, while preserving application best practices and ensuring high availability.  This guide illustrates how Dell can help you deliver the tools that IT and business users demand to accomplish their work more efficiently, in a modern datacenter infrastructure that is agile, efficient and helps deliver high quality services.

P.S. With efficient UC&C solutions from Dell, you should have plenty of time to stop at the Bait and Ice Cream store on your way to the beach. It’s one of those places that everyone leaves happy.

Your chair is waiting. Enjoy!

Debra Slapak, Dell Enterprise Solutions