My mom still has boxes of photos underneath the stairs at my childhood home, but every year she scans more and more of those so we don’t lose those photos to age or a burst pipe. It makes me look at my own memories that have always been digital. I haven’t been as diligent as I should at backing up my own personal files which makes me worry what would happen if something would happen to my hard drive and all my newly acquired memories.


Dell and Gillware work together to service your data recovery needs. We strive to make every customer as happy as Neil C. Stories like his are far too many, but we're happy to have a company like Gillware to help us ensure they end positively:

In January of 2011 I was overseas temporarily, helping to take care of my father who was in the hospital undergoing chemotherapy.  As you can imagine it was a terrible situation and I didn't have a lot going for me at the time - my solace was my laptop, looking at Christmas pictures of my wife and daughter taken shortly before I’d departed, as well as my digital archive of photos which included almost all pictures from the first 3 years of my daughter’s life (which I had not yet gotten around to backing up). 

One day while very tired I dropped my laptop on the floor and bam, the hard drive was toast.  On top of everything that was going on, this was the last thing I needed - I was devastated.  If the hard drive was truly gone I'd be losing my daughter's photo history as well as many more of my father from years past.  While I was distraught that my laptop was now an overpriced paperweight, I was more worried about the permanent loss of what was on the hard drive.  A couple weeks later my father was well enough that he could get around on his own with my mom's help and I departed for home.

Upon arriving back to the U.S., per Dell's referral I immediately contacted Gillware and a few days later I got an image of my hard drive back with almost all of the pictures intact!  It's impossible to express how much this meant to me – I literally shed tears.  Without Gillware, I’d have lost not only the pictures I had of my daughter, but years’ worth of pictures my father and mother had sent me while we’d lived in different countries – and you simply can’t put a price on that. – Neil C., Dell and Gillware Customer

Our data and memories are more valuable than we realize. For more information about Gillware’s service options visit We hope you never need to use this service, but if you are in need we hope to make the process as positive as possible.  

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