Did you know that Dell was at the first OpenStack event in Austin from July 13-16, 2010 where OpenStack was created?

From the OpenStack press release:

An OpenStack Design Summit hosted by Rackspace was held July 13-16 in Austin, where more than 100 technical advisors, developers and founding members joined to validate the code and ratify the project roadmap.  More than 25 companies were represented at the Design Summit including AMD, Autonomic Resources, Citrix, Cloud.com, Cloudkick, Cloudscaling, CloudSwitch, Dell, enStratus, FathomDB, Intel, iomart Group, Limelight, Nicira, NTT DATA, Opscode, PEER 1, Puppet Labs, RightScale, Riptano, Scalr, SoftLayer, Sonian, Spiceworks, Zenoss and Zuora.

Barton George was there and did an outstanding job interviewing all the key players:

Lew Moorman of Rackspace at Summit (blog):

NASA’s chief cloud architect at Summit (blog):

Barton also interviewed Will Reese of Rackspace, Object Storage Lead; and interviewed Rick Clark of Rackspace, Compute Lead. (Just for fun, here is my first interview a few days after starting as the OpenStack Community Manager with Barton).  

Did you know that Dell and Rackspace jointly drove over 3,400 miles from San Antonio, TX to San Francisco, CA and back again with plenty of Stacker Stops for code sprints and OpenStack meetups in early 2012?

(Bonus if you can answer why Joseph George is always in a sport coat?)

Dell also was first in the community with several solutions:

“Service providers and enterprises wanting to build highly scalable, flexible cloud infrastructure can now deploy OpenStack-based clouds more quickly and confidently with the Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution and services from Rackspace Cloud Builders,” said Jim Curry, GM, Rackspace Cloud Builders. "Backed by the OpenStack experts at Dell and Rackspace, organizations will have access to tested reference architectures and ongoing support to optimize their OpenStack cloud environments."

“…The Dell OpenStack Cloud Solution and announced July 26—is part of the vendor’s effort to push the adoption of open-source technology for cloud offerings.– Jeff Burt, eWEEK 

If Dell had not developed Crowbar, we would have been forced to write a similar tool ourselves. It’s a fundamental goal that we have in the company: automate, automate, automate. That’s how we drive down prices.” Ben Cherian, DreamHost GM of Emerging Technologies

“The Crowbar installation tool is a key differentiator for Dell ….” – Timothy Pricket Morgan, The Register

  • Leadership Positions in the OpenStack Foundation 
    • 2 Members on Board of Directors - John Igoe and Rob Hirschfeld 

Dell is proud to be a founding member of the OpenStack community and actively supports community promotion, events, products, etc. Learn more about Dell's current OpenStack solutions at our website, visit our OpenStack technical resources in the Dell Cloud Community, or join us at a Dell sponsored OpenStack Meetup in Austin or Boston.