Intermountain Healthcare is an internationally recognized, nonprofit, system of 22 hospitals with more than 185 physician clinics and 33,000 employees in Utah and southeastern Idaho. Its mission is to provide clinically excellent medical care at affordable rates in a healing environment that’s as close to home as possible.

Intermountain has a tradition in using medical data to provide better care; by aggregating medical data in a central archive, clinicians can quickly access that data for improved decision making leading to better care for patients.  As a fully digitized provider of medical services, Intermountain looked to Dell and Siemens to archive 14.7 million studies in the cloud as well as an additional 147 terabytes of historical data into that central application-neutral cloud store.  This single robust and reliable storage center of imaging data allows clinicians to provide better care to patients at a lower cost which helps achieve Internmountain's mission.

Intermountain's Marc Probst, CIO and VP, Tammy Madsen, Associate VP of Clinical Information Systems Operations,Dr. Keith White, Medical Director of Imaging, and Geoff Duke, Director of Imaging Information Systems, discuss the benefits a cloud-based imaging archive solution and why they chose Dell and Siemens:

For more information on Dell’s medical imaging services, please contact your Dell representative or a Dell healthcare specialist