For the past 17 years the procedure for shutting down your computer in Windows never really changed.  You go to "start", click "shutdown", confirm the type of shutdown you wanted, and clicked "ok".  During my first Windows 8 test experience I hit a wall when it was time to turn the computer off.  I didn’t just want to hold down the power button and risk messing up my files, but for the life of me, I couldn’t find the familiar shutdown button.

As I found out, like any good computer task there’s more than one way from A to B.  While the video below demonstrates the first way I learned by using the charms bar, there are other ways that could potentially be faster for you as well:

  • Hitting control-alt-delete and clicking the shutdown button in the lower right hand corner works.
  • If you’ve closed all programs and hit Alt-F4 it should also bring up the shutdown dialogue box.
  • If all those are too much for you there’s even a way to create a short cut key to the shutdown command…it’s a little complicated so I’ll save it for another video.

What way do you shutdown in Windows 8?  Let me know in the comments below.