If you’re on the internet there’s a good chance you’re connected to some form of social media.  At any given time my Facebook feed is filled with pictures of babies, birthday parties, amazing travel adventures, and of course the occasional political rant.  While it’s become extremely easy to share media from your phone, sharing from your PC hasn't always been as easy.

A great example of this happened to me this past weekend.  Normally when I want to email a picture I had taken with my camera to a family member, I have to transfer the picture to my computer, save it to my pc, open up the browser, log into my email, compose the email, navigate to the file, upload the attachment, and then send.  With the new share charm and photo app in Windows 8 I simply plugged in the SD card, and Windows automatically launched the photo app and downloaded the pics.  Once I found the perfect picture of my puppy I clicked the share charm, chose "mail", entered in my mom’s email address, and clicked "send".  Easy, quick, and I was able to do it all in the photo app.

The share feature works differently across different Win8 apps; it can also be expanded by installing additional Win8 apps that support sharing.  For example, installing Evernote will allow you to share things to your Evernote notebooks.  The video below should give you a running start on understanding the feature, but I encourage you to try it out on all you apps to see how it can help.  What sorts of things did the share charm help you share more efficiently?