When it comes to tech support issues, more and more customers are moving online, preferring virtual channels over phone support. To meet this changing demand and ensure we are engaged where our customers want us to be, we have made big investments in eSupport— enhancing capabilities like online diagnosticsdrivers & downloads and launching a program called Dell Web Content Support (DWCS) to further improve our customers’ experience on support.dell.com.

 We currently have proactive chat that provides sales assistance for customers shopping on Dell.com, but now with DWCS, we’re taking it one step further. DWCS provides proactive customer service assistance for those seeking online support so we can help them as quickly as possible. DWCS allows us to interact with customers in real-time and guide them to the quickest resolution while also educating them about features and capabilities of our site.

DWCS is improving our customer service in many ways:

  • It makes the overall eSupport experience better which translates into improved customer satisfaction.
  • We are implementing direct customer feedback and continuously making improvements to maintain the most up-to-date content on support.dell.com
  • The Web Failure Rate (customers who are unable to find a resolution from support.dell.com and consequently call Dell) is down

DWCS has already inspired some positive customer feedback:

  • “Everything is fine now and I liked that part where the website directed me to an agent.”
  • “It helped a great deal. I figured it was the hard drive that had gone bad, but wanted confirmation on what to do next. Very helpful!”
  • “Can you please provide the link on which we are chatting for future reference because I find this chat more suitable than calling the support phone numbers?”

DWCS is a great tool that is optimizing and improving the efficiency of Dell’s eSupport. Tell us what you think about DWCS and if you have other ideas to better improve the eSupport experience for our customers, please share them below.