I’ve had a love of computers ever since I got a hold of my family’s first PC. It was an old 486 that ran Windows 3.1, and while it had a learning curve I was able to get pretty comfortable in that OS. When Windows 95 came around with the new desktop and start button everyone had to give up using the experience they had become accustomed to in Windows 3.1. We gave up program manager, and eventually accepted the start menu.

While we’ve come a long way since Windows 95 released we haven’t really experienced a major shift in the Windows OS since the switch from Windows 3.1 to 95. For 17 years we’ve gotten used to clicking the start button to do things like access our programs, shutdown our computer, and other day-to-day tasks. For some people the start menu interface is the only computer experience they’ve ever known, so making a transition to something pretty different can definitely be a learning chore.

As a big believer in helping people learn how to use their technology I wanted to assist everyone interested in making the switch to Windows 8. I started using the new operating system this past summer to get more familiar with it, and it did have a learning curve. I learned to use search instead of hunting for my programs. I learned some new keyboard shortcuts to make navigating around much faster. I learned how to organize my start screen and use the live tiles to quickly display information that was important to me. In the end after a couple weeks I pretty much knew how to do everything I did in Windows 7 in Windows 8. I also realized I was able to get things done faster and was a lot more organized in Windows 8.

In an effort to help everyone get to the same point I am with my Windows 8 experience I worked with several people at Dell to develop some educational Windows 8 tutorial videos. The videos cover everything from getting your PC setup to shutting it down when you’re finished. While the videos cover a lot of the major topics, we know there’s going to be things you need help with down the road. As I write this we are continuing to take topics from our viewers and customers on things they’d like to learn how to do with their new Windows 8 machine. Continue to check back as we plan to release a new video every week featuring Windows 8 content. If you have any topics you think would make a great video you can either leave them in the comments below or contact me directly on Twitter @TravisatDell.