Check out the photo taken yesterday of President Obama visiting the Red Cross Digital Operations Center, which is powered by Dell. During the President’s visit to the Red Cross Headquarters in D.C., he first toured the Social Media Command Center and then delivered a public announcement directed to the victims of the storm across the mid-Atlantic and the Northeast. The President even sent a Tweet encouraging his followers to volunteer and contribute monetary donations to those currently in need, which is all made possible by the American Red Cross

President Obama touring the Red Cross Digital Command Center (10/30/2012)

The American Red Cross Digital Operations Center has played an integral part within the online community by providing immediate disaster relief information to victims who have been affected by Hurricane #Sandy over the past two days. Micro-blogging sites like Twitter have enabled non-profit organizations like the Red Cross to not only provide real-time updates like data analytics and precise metrics reporting, but also lifesaving material that is essential in desperate times of need, especially natural disasters. The Red Cross Digital Command Center has enabled the non-profit organization to deliver pivotal information via Twitter such as nearby shelter locations, survival tips and tricks and how others can step in and help by getting involved. To add, as of yesterday morning the Red Cross tweeted that nearly 11,000 people spent Monday night in 258 shelters across 16 states. What is also fascinating about this instant form of seamless interaction is that some of the 795,314 people who follow @RedCross and have a number of followers of their own will Re-Tweet (RT) this important content, which helps further extend the message’s network outreach. Guess we have reached that period in time where the phrase “the news spreads quickly” is in its most literal form.