Earlier this week I had my car’s oil changed and 50K mile check-up and it occurred to me that now more than ever Dell’s products and the computer electronics industry are becoming more maintenance focused.  Heck, even my smart T.V. prompted me to approve an update when I turned it on last night. Ten years ago the primary reason to visit a support site was to address a broken or malfunctioning computer and back then most households had only one computer, if any. Fast forward to today, where your average household boasts multiple computers and smart devices. These versatile devices are now life style devices and afford us convenience, mobility and more, but they also require maintenance and updates.  That’s where the Dell Support Site comes in with its new tools and enhanced features, all designed to help you maintain your personal and business electronic inventory. I take great pride in the fact that Dell recognizes and embraces the importance of enabling customers to help themselves.

Visitors to the Dell Support Site are able to keep track of their purchased devices and quickly get information on warranties, recommended updates, and additional features and have convenient access to documentation.  Oh yes, and in the event you should need to use the support site to address an actual technical issue you will find troubleshooting tips online to get your system up and running again.  You will even find help from other Dell customers in the Dell Support Community Forum. If you still need help, you can easily initiate contact with a professional technical representative in a manner which best meets your needs whether that be by phone, email, chat or even Twitter.

Most of you have likely used at least one of the new or enhanced features available on Dell’s Support Site.  It may have been the brand new Dell PC Diagnostics  tool or the Care Service Request Status Tool - both of which are prime examples of the forward thinking support concepts, not available just a few short years ago.  Some of you may have utilized My Products and Services, which provides you a means to maintain a list of your Dell products as a starting point for linking you to product specific updates and documentation.  It also provides access to the most current updates on any issue involving your products.  This is all being delivered via a more intuitive and responsive site design.  Dell will continue to grow and enhance the Support Site’s capabilities to keep pace with the evolving needs of our customers.