The Dell Tech Concierge team is committed to a higher level of personalized service for you, your family or your business with our newest service, Dell Tech Concierge.

 Dell Tech Concierge

About a month ago I was given the opportunity to take Dell Tech Concierge for a test drive. I took advantage of the service a few times for routine maintenance and a couple pesky issues I wasn’t able to resolve on my own. (I mean heck, I wouldn’t be worth my salt as a Dell employee if I couldn’t maintain my machine at least a little.)

Dell Tech Concierge has some great features including one-on-one chat service, support for almost every PC brand, 24-7 proactive maintenance and protection, deep clean, a full suite of internet security, training, hints and tips and customized set-up. Everything is scheduled at predetermined intervals and provides reminders when it’s time to perform a tune up, set up backup, or perform maintenance. Once the diagnostic finishes you’re presented with a report that’s easy to read and helps you understand what actions are required. They’ll even help set up your home network.

This example of PC status shows where actions are required:

 Dell Tech Concierge report

And this example of checkup results shows how many issues were fixed and when the next checkup is scheduled:

 Dell Tech Concierge results

Dell Tech Concierge chatOne of the features of Dell Tech Concierge I took advantage of most throughout the last month was the Concierge chat service which for me was a major highlight. The individuals you chat with are some of the most friendly and knowledgeable people you’ve ever never actually met. Their response times are quick. Their answers are thorough. They make sure they fix what’s broken or they schedule time to work on it again. And I’ve said it already but I’ll say it again, they are so friendly I felt like sending a fruit basket after my chat was finished.


Check out our Dell Tech Concierge page to learn more or for a limited time start a 30-day free trial. 


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