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  • Blog Post: New Category: Simplify IT

    I've made some changes to the category list on Direct2Dell. First off, I consolidated Servers, Storage and Enterprise into one new category called Simplify IT . The new category will serve as the home for the group blog that covers everything from corporate desktops, notebooks and workstations to...
  • Blog Post: Shine on U crazy diamond!

    DevCentral has an great post about the development of HA over the years. And he's a rocker too, which led me to a completely unrelated site that I liked . (this post was first made on my Storage @ Work blog)
  • Blog Post: What to Expect from the Inside IT Group Blog

    Welcome to Inside IT . It's a blog about a range of information technology topics that matter to today's large business customers: all kinds of hardware from corporate laptops, desktops and workstations through servers and storage and blades, software and systems management, IT services and more...