With Mobile World Congress less than a week away, we are sure to hear a lot about edge computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), Network Function Virtualization (NFV), and 5G, among other trends this year. And rightfully so when you consider how communications service providers (CoSPs) are continually evolving their business models to add new products and services that bring additional revenue streams while also trying to:

  • Better compete with Web-based service providers
  • Deploy distributed infrastructure closer to the edge of the network
  • Ensure end-users receive instant access to applications and services


Next week at Mobile World Congress, Dell Technologies will be showing off how we can help CoSPs on their digital transformation journey. Our Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI) division will be there with our latest edge solutions, including our micro Modular Data Center (MDC). We’ll also have our DSS 9000 rack-scale infrastructure and we’ll be running a number of demos. Read on to get an inside look at what ESI has planned for the show.

What’s driving the edge computing trend?

The answer is simple…data. The huge amounts of data generated by IoT is accelerating interest in the edge. IDC estimates that by 2025 there will be 80 billion IoT connected endpoints and that the amount of data will exceed 162 zettabytes. When CoSPs need real-time data analysis, local solutions can respond faster than clouds or centralized data centers whose resources are utilized by a huge range of users spanning vast distances.

What is the Dell EMC micro Modular Data Center?