There are a very few companies in the world today that have the size and correspondingly massive compute and scalability requirements to warrant the “hyperscale” designation. But there is a growing group of not-quite-hyperscale customers— web tech, telecommunications service providers, hosting companies, oil and gas and research organizations—looking for data center architectures that can manage heavy loads, and scale quickly and efficiently as those loads fluctuate. 

Today, we are introducing Dell Datacenter Scalable Solutions (DSS), a new line of business within the Enterprise Solutions group designed to meet the specific needs of these large-scale customers and address a market with x86 server volumes growing three times faster than the traditional x86 server market. 

These companies often have high-volume technology needs and supply chain requirements in order to drive business innovation or keep up with demands. For example, at any time, they may require thousands of unanticipated servers by the end of a given week to meet business demands. So, just as they need to be fast, flexible and agile, so does their IT—and their IT partner. So we created a task force to better understand these customers and determine what capabilities we would need to meet their unique requirements. Just over a year ago we began operating in stealth mode, refining our operating model and picking up an increasing number of large customers in the process. Dell DSS is now one of the fastest growing businesses in the history of Dell Enterprise. In the video below, Pat Moorhead, President & Principal Analyst of Moor Insights & Strategy gives his take on how Dell is addressing this growing segment of the market: