Today marks an important milestone for Dell and our customers as we announce the launch of the PowerEdge FX2, a new technology that represents a revolutionary new approach to converged infrastructure. The FX2 is designed to help businesses easily and affordably grow their infrastructure while moving toward a software-defined data center.

Organizations today must rise to the challenge of dynamic IT trends that require complex and resource-intensive processes. IT organizations are expected to implement infrastructure that effectively checks all the boxes – mobility, virtualization, cloud computing, big data and the highly coveted software-defined enterprise – without disrupting the organization’s day-to-day business or requiring  extensive capital expenditure.

Meanwhile, what’s bleeding edge today quickly becomes legacy technology tomorrow, so it’s critical that IT decision makers establish an adaptable infrastructure that can keep pace with advances in computing technology. Simply put, to be effective, businesses have to find ways to make their IT as agile, efficient and scalable as possible.

We recently commissioned a global survey with Intel to better address the pressing issues facing IT decision makers in today’s market. The results showed that 75% of IT decision makers – regardless of company size – were interested in making their IT work like the hyperscale technologies of cloud providers.

In addition, 60% of teams said they were currently running a mixture of traditional and emerging applications, which can be an inefficient coupling without the right hardware to support it. All of the leaders who were surveyed recognized a critical need for optimizing these applications, and in fact, our conversations with IT teams have revealed a great deal of interest in moving toward the efficient application workload paradigms of web giants like Facebook and Google.

Of course, for most companies, these ambitions are difficult to achieve. Many IT organizations are currently operating on legacy-defined, proprietary platforms that don’t always integrate well with new technology. At the same time, it can be prohibitively expensive for companies to completely replace their existing systems with new, software-defined, scalable infrastructure.

That’s why we designed the FX2 to integrate with customers’ existing infrastructure, enabling them to grow without disrupting their current processes. The FX2 uses modular IT building blocks of compute, storage, and networking to precisely address evolving workloads. It enables IT teams to configure complete, workload-specific blocks of IT resources and focus processing resources wherever needed. For the first time, companies of all sizes will have the same growth and efficiency opportunities as the web-scale giants without having to overhaul their existing infrastructure.

The move to a software-defined infrastructure has, until now, been a long and sometimes challenging journey. Many companies are finding it difficult to balance the need to be more productive with the need stay competitive by investing in new workload-centric, scalable infrastructure. The FX2 converged infrastructure gives companies facing these challenges the opportunity to migrate to the future of IT today  and realize the benefits right away.  

We couldn’t be happier about what this new approach means for our customers, and we are eager to hear your stories over the coming months. Of course, we’re never done listening and innovating, so let us know what enhancements you’d like to see along the way. Reach out on Twitter, visit a Dell Solutions Center, or come and see us at Dell World this week. We look forward to speaking with you.