Today at Dell World, we unveiled one of the most important new enterprise technologies in Dell history, the PowerEdge FX2. The FX2 is our revolutionary approach to combining the best elements of blades and racks into one common, modular platform to help our customers and partners better manage, scale, and tailor infrastructure to meet their business needs.

Data centers have long been faced with the challenge of adjusting to rapid and constant technological changes on a limited budget. Even as the introduction of blades set the industry on a path toward convergence, many organizations continued to choose rack servers for a variety of reasons. Today, software defined infrastructure solutions are emerging as an alternative way to deliver IT solutions, and in those solutions the relationship between compute, storage and networking is different.  As we look to the future we look to software-defined – and recognize that the relationship between storage and compute is going to change.  The existing infrastructure solutions are, by definition, not optimized to work in a software-defined world. This introduces the opportunity for innovation.

We recognized the need to offer an option that was both highly dense and incrementally scalable to help enterprises overcome budgetary and management obstacles in their journey toward a software-defined data center. We knew that, ideally, this solution would also establish a completely flexible, hyperscalable foundation on which teams could build the data center of the future.

Introducing the PowerEdge FX2